Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Fave Stories

  • His Loss- This inspired Goldenflower's Pain, great story Leopardkit!
  • Sonya and Spottedstripe- My sister's first book! I am really proud of her for writing it, she absoluty adores horses so if your wondering.....
  • Foxpaw's Guide to Being Reasonably Insane- SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!
  • Mousefur's Leave- Oh....Mistystar is aweosme but evil in this.
  • His Escape- I like it!!! Icy did a GREAT job on this, can't wait to read more!
  • Love- Oh, so sad but so good!!
  • Blue- Scared the crud out of me. 0_0
  • Moonlight- So sad...awesome Holly! It reminds me a little of Bluestar....
  • Moon light-AMAZING Icy!!!!!
  • Electrifying-Original idea, awesome plot, GREAT author! Go Wetty!
  • The Warriors Chat Room - ROFLcopter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDDDD
  • Ashes, Ashes - A GREAT idea, written extremely well by a great author. :D
  • Let Him Go - Love it
  • Amnesia - Probably my favorite story by Bird. Although Cold HEart is great...
  • Dovepaw's Troubles - AMAZING poem, it's short but sweet and totally makes you slightly less annoyed with Dovepaw. :)
  • A new Crow x Leaf theory - ORiginal, well-written, and it totally blew my mind. AWESOME.

Fave Series

Fave Songfics

Fave Charecters

  • Antionette - Ancient Powers
  • Foxpaw - Foxpaw's Guide to being Reasonably Insane (xD)
  • Mistystar - Mousefur's Leave
  • Brindlepaw - The Life of Brindlestar
  • Yellowfang- Let Him Go
  • Breezerunner- Deputy of Evil
  • Harestar- Deputyof Evil

Fave Couples

Antionette|x|Tigerstar - AP
Bramblepath|x|Brightshadow - NG
Dark|x|Cloud - The Life of Brindlestar