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Half- Formely by Sparrowsong

Feathertail's Kits- Formely by Dawn

Rainwhisker and Swallowtail: I won't ever forget- Formely by Silverfire


When BloodClan Took Over - Formely by Sunny- working on second book

Neverending - Formely by Star

Upcoming Stories/Story Ideas

No stealing mai ideas. Or (as many of my IRC buds can tell you) will cream you with a bat and send you packing into Canada (hi Bird! XD) lol, you get the idea. Noooo copying.

Sister Spirits - Two apprentice aged sisters are seperated by death. When one of them dies, the other has to live their life alone. But then the other dies. Now the two sisters must complete a series of tests to prove they can be welcomed into StarClan with the sister they hardly even knew.

Three - Three totally different cats with totally different lives. But when they are brought together by a mysterious force, they need to work together to save each of their homes....or loose them to a fate worse then Death.

The Hunger Games - Based off the best book series ever. Combine HG with Warriors and you've got to have the best thing ever. Coming soon!

Tribal Warfare - The Tribe has chased away their enemies-with the help of the Clan cats. But when the rogues come back more organized and deadly then ever, the Tribe must fight them alone, and risk losing their home.

Same Story - What if you found out that your life was mirrored in some other place? In this story, two cats meet eachother and discover they are the same, but different. War between their two worlds makes them unsuspecting heroes and as their worlds threaten to collide, they find safety in one another.

Captured - Many years before Fireheart set foot in the forest, before even Purdy was born, WindClan and RiverClan are at war in the Old Forest. Reedpaw of RiverClan just wants to help his Clan. But when he's caught in WindClan territory, he's torn away from his Clan.

Cinders - Cinderpaw's life changed when she wandered into the trap meant for Bluestar. But what would've happened if she hadn't? Cinderpaw's life may be on track....but can the forest survive it?

Mates - For Lilypaw and her friends, life in RiverClan is all about looking your best. Because they're 10 moons old, and now is the time for tom's to start noticing them. But when Lilypaw is the first to fall in love with a charismatic tom, she has to question how much love is worth....

This Dark Endeavor - Based off a book I read, the prequel to Frankenstein. Part of the Broadway cats.

Coma - When Fernpaw is knocked unconcious after a monster strikes her, she realizes that she can't wake up. Stuck in a coma, she overhears things she shouldn't....and she must overcome her condition in order to save her father and the entire Clan. This is a great story about finding courage and heroes in the strangest places...

My Song - This is my story, told through Bramblepaw. :)

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