Books I Need to Read

This is a checklist for myself, when I need to read books, I'll put them on here.

Books You Want Me to Read

Want my to read your work? Put it here then! :D

Starwatcher Chronicles(series)by Star - Arti has read this book, given it 5 stars and applauds Star for writing it.

Ravens that Don't "Caw" by Foresty

A decisively mute cat and his life in RiverClan. He would of been a RiverClan cat but his mother was killed and RiverClan found him... *shrug* I really hope you like it! FP13 I loved this, it was great writing and a good plot. Great job Foresty!

First Meeting by Sunny

It's a story a bout a shy tom kit meeting an outgoing she-kit. There are a few sequels so if you liek it you can read the others. Hope you like it :) Read the whole series and LOVED it. Sunny must finish or Arti will eat her. XD

The Bravest by Clover

A she-cat tries to live and survive in a pretty ancient SkyClan. Follow her adventures through love, loss, and pain in this story of knowing to do what is right. (P.S. There are 3 sequels so far and a super edition :p) If U Seek Clover I like this series, a lot! Great idea Clover!

Fire Guardians (Series) by Leaf

A kit is born named Goldenkit, but she is one tom's fatal mistake. She has a strange power that she must learn to control, and in the end she must destroy the one she called father, or no cat will see daylight again. (So far I have two complete stories and two I'm working on. :D) -Goldenkit "Run, Fire Bringer. They are coming, they will hunt you down." 15:15, June 24, 2010 (UTC) I LOVE THIS SERIES! Such a great idea Leafy! Keep writing!

The friend within by Bidry

(How do you put it in a link, I put in one for you. :)) BirdstarTo the world I am one cat, but to Darkstar I am the world 15:25, June 24, 2010 (UTC) I've already read this, it's a GREAT story Birdpaw.

Got A Secret by Sunny

Story about four best friends - Shadowrose, Icepoppy, Sunnyfox and Muddypath- keeping a huge secret about another she-cat, Dovegaze. My first Sonfic :) Sunny ...Forever young...♥ 19:47, June 25, 2010 (UTC) So. Freaking. AWESOME!!!!!!

The Only Exception by Foresty

It's a songfic, and I'm figuring you'll like it since you love Finding a Dream. FP Coolr than you 23:26, June 25, 2010 (UTC) Aw, this is great Foresty. So sad and sweet. I love it.

Black Death by Stealthfire (S) - It's just a short story, but I want somebody besides Moss reading my style. This is great! Is it finished yet or are you still working? Couldn't tell. But it rocks so far!

The Forming of Lakeclan by --Aqua

It's about a clan and the dangers they face as they form! This was really interesting, it's a greaty plot and the characters are enjoyable. Keep working on the rest of the series so I can read more!

A warriors promise-By Birdy

The fourth book in The power of four series This series is really good, the plot is sweet too and I like how Bird mixed in some of the ThunderClan cats from the books and some that she made up. It makes things very interesting. :)

Not finished but hope you like it so far - The Arrival :) SnickersNo, Silverkit, you cannot hear NightClan snoring 18:53, August 26, 2010 (UTC) This story rocks! Keep working on it, it's awesome!

The story of Eclipse-I just started it but its with an awesome accent BirdstarYou infected me with mildew? 14:57, August 28, 2010 (UTC) I've actually already been reading this, love it so far!

Sparkling Stream by Icestorm

A cat, Icestorm, struggles to keep up with a prophecy that the leader, Honeystar itteruped. At the same time, a evil cat was made deputy and he is close to destroying the forest. It's up to Icestorm and her friends to stop it. SnowfrostDeck the Halls with boughs of Holly 15:12, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

Nothing left by Mistysun

Every year, skyclan grows bigger, and bigger, and bigger, as more cats join. Darkpaw only wants to fit in, but with a extremly fierce and strict leader, as well as some mixed emotions and big mistakes, she is finding it hard. And when war strikes, things ceratinly don't look good.--Halloweenness!!! I wish it was a word.... 22:24, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

Dark Sun by Sunny

My very first fanfic here and I'm very proud of it - contains my most original ideas with a twist xD about my main charrie: Hope ya like it :) Hidden Shriek Trick or Treat!Happy Halloween!!! 22:27, October 13, 2010 (UTC)
 :* Shimmering Lake by Spirit

This story is like a comedy drama romancey sorta thing. The drama's just warming up so... enjoy :D HALLOWEENHurry Up And Give Me Candy!Witch kitten by angelishi-d30gg0u.gif 06:39, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

DETTSAGHRC- a completely random THING by us. 3 Days To Christmas! 19:54, December 23, 2010 (UTC)

Nature Storms byLegend of Loveleaf!Dodongo Dislikes Smoke 01:17, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Larksong's Path by Larke

Enemy by Mistybird. - One cat. Four Clans. Four who stop it. Secret has ruled the Clans for a long time. For some cats, too long. Someone has to stop it! But who. . . Some Nights I. . . Go Insane Some Nights I. . . Am Normal

Release Me by Clever- A songfic about Bluestar and her struggles.

Icyflower´s Journey  by KajkaElina  Okay, so here is the summary: I worked an entire year on it (23 chappies), nobody read it. So I deleted most of the story and moved it onto a blog. Than I understood nobody read it, so I moved it back here. -KajkaElina (talk) 17:09, September 14, 2014 (UTC)

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