Bunch of random warriors/RL/other stuff I will give my opinion on where no one will care. LOL, enjoy!

Warriors Related (SPOILERS!)

  • The First Apprentice was a cheap knockoff of New Phropecy. Dangerous quest to find something needed, cats from each Clan, huge beast killing one of the cats from RiverClan accompanied by tragic death scene, heroes(except for said dead cat) return triumphant (except for the death of said dead cat).
  • As long as there are books after The Sight.....they will all suck.
  • Despite what you have heard, Firestar will live for another series or five.
  • Hollyleaf is alive!
  • Leafpool will die a tragic death (and I will bide my time until then...>:) )
  • Lion|x|Cinder will happen, then Heather will want Lion back, and thus, everyone ends up single. Except for Jayfeather who's off partying with his stick and a bunch of dead cats....
  • Jayfeather has finally suffered from the ThunderClan curse that all TC med. cats will fall in love in horribly tragic ways and will now spend the rest of his life pining for Half-Moon.
  • Sooner or later the Erins will forget Jayfeather is blind and will write an entire book where he can see and publish it without realizing their mistake.
  • Hollyleaf has started a Dovepaw hate club underground in the tunnels. Don't ask me how I know. (i'm in it. lol) Well she's started a secret Clan or something.
  • The fourth cat is Foxheart. (way to be subtle about it Erins....NOT.)
  • Okay, I just realized this....when Bluestar's kits (Mosskit, Stonekit, and Mistykit for those of you who don't know) went 'missing' and they really went to RiverClan, they still had the same names right? So imagine the Gathering when ThunderClan announced three kits missing and RiverClan announced two new kits with the EXACT SAME NAMES. Would it go something like this?:
Sunstar: We are very sad to report that Bluefur's kits, Mistykit, Stonekit, and Mosskit, are missing. We believe a fox took them.
Hailstar: What a crazy koinkadink! We just go two new kits named Mistykit and Stonekit out of the blue from a :she-cat who wasn't even expecting kits! And they look a heck of a lot like Bluefur!
Everyone: o.0
Bluefur: Crap.


Real Life

  • All holiday joy is gone after St. Patrick's day and won't start back up again until next Halloween.
  • 2012 is goverment propaganda. LOL, jk. But it's not true.
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