October, 2010 Diary enteries.

October 25, 2010

Well....morning was uneventful. I had smart people class (lol) and then went to Art where I surprised myself by actually having something good to show my teacher (Seriously. It freaking ROCKS). Then during the middle of class I'm called down to the office and I'm thinking, what'd I do? They can't do anything to me! I'm awesome! Then I remember:

Bottom braces.

  • sobs uncontrollably*

Getting them on didn't hurt so much and afterwords I got a strawberry smoothie. And I got back in time for Social Studies. Which I can't say I was happy to be back for. And apparently I missed a quiz in math....

Then I remember a writing club is meeting at lunch. My friends are all like, don't do it, you have too much, but it's during the school day and I happen to be excellent at multi tasking. So I went and it was fun. 3 class periods later I got out of school with minimal HW. *cheers*

I'm eating away at my jellybean collection that I got yesterday for therapy and to ease the pain of chewing. And writing this. I have a plan to make a wiki, but we'll see.....

October 26, 2010

Well today was a mix of awesome and crap.

In chior I sang a solo with one of meh besties in RL (Mossnight) and everyone was all like, 'Woah, you guys rock!'. Then in art I worked on my project which still looks AWESOME, thank you very much. Math was boring, we worked on a quiz from yesterday and proportions.

Social Studies SUCKED. We're doing D.A.R.E now and it's boring enough. But today we watched a great little movie called 'Kids Killing Kids' about gun violence. So I got to sit through half an hour of horrible acting, way to much blood, and stupid things that made me horribly paranoid.

So then was lunch where I went to play meeting with my crush. We had to try on some cotumes and mine is pretty awesome. It's a purple/mauve/lavender deep velvety dress with straps but no sleeves that I wear on top of a long sleeved white tee-shirt. With boots and a mermaid braid. :D

RICA was boring, we did some Science stuff that I can't remember...oh yah, water quiz! Except I couldn't get into my locker, so I had nothing to write with but a pen, no paper, no science book, nada.

In Languge Arts it was pretty fun, and I was able to get my stuff, so whoppdedodah.

In Science we did a fun paper and then....

Then the tornado sirens went off.

We were in lockdown for 30 minutes-1 hour. Luckily I brought my backpack with book and writing stuff with paper, so I kept about 1/2 of the class amused. Then they let us go, but they told us to stay in the school. Finally we were let out.

Then there was a fight on the bus. Right next to me.

So now I'm home, writing this. I guess I'll see ya later.

October 29, 2010

This is mostly about yesterday, since I was so busy I couldn't write.

Well yesterday at school I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppyyyyyy. :( It was awful.

Then the final bells rang and I went off to play practice.

We were mostly reciting our parts, so for almost all the 2 hours I was reading. My part was the second to last to come up, and when me and the other person who plays my sister came up, everyone started chatting excitiably. One guy in the black started pointing at me and shouted, "She's a beast! She's a beast!" (in a good way I hope. :P)

So we preformed, both of us rmembered all of our lines. And at the end, the teacher asked us to do the last scene with the movements we have to do. She didn't ask anyone else to do that. But we did, and everyone was laughing and cheering and clapping and I felt all warm and fuzzy.

Then I hurried home adn dresses up in my black cat costume. A black bodysuit with a black velvet skirt, a choker with a spider on it (coller), a tail (IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!), ears on a headband, and nose and whiskers painted on.

It was awesome.

My crush came to my house first and he hung out for a while, then remembered he had to go change into the rest of his costume. The rest of my friends joined us.

Once we were all ready to go, I saw that with my sis's friends, we had like 15 kids going with us. It would be SO SLOW! And 2 parents were coming to! GAH!

Me and my crusb and two BFFs were talking about ditching them. We didn't have to. They actually got ahead of us and we managed to stay behind.

So then we met up with my other friend who goes to another school now. And we trick-or-treated together, went through two haunted houses, adn finally gathered at my house for trading.

It was awesome.

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