November 3, 2010

Well today was actually pretty good. In chior I sang a few solos and everyone clapped and stuff and in art I saw that my painting wasn't half as bad as I thought it was. And that the toilet paper (ask on takl page. xD) wouldn't show through once I painted over it.

Math was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome. Keep in mind, I loath math. So we went over HW VERY quickly, and thne our teacher took us down to the compoper lab. She showed us how to logon to these new sites where we could answer math questions she gave us. But there was something that made it awesome.

It was a CHAT ROOM.

Holy crud, it was so sweet! We spent all period laughing and typing on computers and replying and submitting and it was so GREAT.

Social studies was boring, when isn't it?

Lunch was kinda weird.

RICA was fun, we just worked on our projects.

LA was cool b/c Mrs. Case was in (the GT specialist) so it was kinda a free-for-all (not really) fun class.

Science was EVER so boring.

And now I'm at home typing in stuff. So....bye.

November 11, 2010

Well today was pretty good. Chior was solo tryouts adn I think I did ok....still kinda shaky on if my singing is ok or not...In art we're woprking on our instrument colleauges and mine is turning out good.

Math was ok....we were mostly doing worksheets the whole time and we were reveiwing the customary system of measurement.

Social Studies was BORING. Like I expected anything else.

Rica was fine, we were working on our projects the whole time. Library was fine, we spent the time talking about bullies....but I got 2 books and another 4 free to keep. :D

In science we did a worksheet, and then 3 at a time did a pretty cool experament while the rest of us basically read and worked on homework and projects.

I rode the bus home and talked to my crush a lot. We walked home together and another girl jumped him on her bike (they hate eachother). It was funneh. xD

I just recieved some good news a few days ago (and some money! XD) so that's making me happy inside...

I started Outcasts. Read it. Now. lol

On MC, Shade's dead but her kits, Applekit, Frostkit, and Wolfkit live on.

That's all for now!

November 14th, 2010

Oh thank goodness it's the weekend. :P

Next week is gonn a be a hugely busy week. I have 3 play rehersals and 3 preformances, 1 writing competition, a huge project due, birthday planning, solos in chior...add that on to regular stuff? Next week'll either be hell or the best week ever....

The weekend seems to be going slower then usual which makes me happy. I should be working on homework, but I don't want to. xD

Today I'm making cupcakes. My sister joined the wiki and that makes me happy as well. Be nice to her. lol.

5,100 edits. w00t!

Working on

I'm going to the mall later today...I actually have spending money...*gpass* It's a miracle....

Maybe write more later. Bai!

November 15th, 2010

I got really great news yesterday, so I'm a happy duck. :D I found out I'm being considered for 3 solos in chior, I can only get 1, but still. In Art, I worked on my violin pic. It's really greay. It's on sky blue paper with music paper surronding it and cool colors on the violins. The main part is sky blue and blue and the strings and other stuff kinda on the outside are green and purple. It rocks.

Math was kinda fun. We were converting to ounces and pounds and stuff form tons and crud and we were doing puzzles with them. It was funiful.

Social studies made me want to shoot myself. What else is new?

At lunch I hung up my campaignion posters for meh play awards. Twas fun.

In RICA we did Mock Trial with our GT specialist and I'm probably gonna be an attorney. My teacher said mine was REALLY good. :D

In languge arts we talked about fiction and non-fiction. We also reveiwed stories we wrote on Friday. It almost killed me listening to mine because I was partnered with a completel MORON who wanted to write about redneck's blowing up computers. Gah.

Science we studied rocks. *hangs self*

Working on Highschool Never Ends and Outcasts.

MC gonin' ok. Softcloud on top of the world, Bramblepath's leg ain't so hot. But it's ok. :)

November 22th, 2010

School was kinda happy. In GT I found out that I'll definately be a defense lawyer in Mock Trial. Which is exactly what I wanted!! :D\

In art we were working on digital (computer art. :P) Picasso faces. It's actually REALLY fun and I did pretty well! I called mine 'The Hairless Lady' and it ROCKED. I'll have to show you the site if I can find it. :)

In math, my play director came in and announced that I had won 'Charlotte's Choice'. Charlotte was her daughter and the ribbon was hot pink with a My Little Pony on it. All the ribbon had cartoon charries on them and her daughters apparently loves My Little Pony. She's soooo cute! :D

After that the day grew meher. When I got out of school and took the bus home, I got to walk home with my crush and one of my BFFs. It was sweet. :)

I had to go to an orthadontics appontment and my brackets are now orange and red, it doesn't look like I'm bleeding-that much. xD Also, this was my 6th month trip which marks my 1/4 of the way done with braces! *leads nation in cheering*

We went to my sister's b-ball practice and I worked out in the weight room A LOT. Seriously, I haven't had that much work since soccer. I'm still sore.

I have to get up at FREAKING 5:30 in the morning because my mom is eine mist-affe (German. For translation, find me in a PM on the IRC. :)). Anyways, bye!

November 30th, 2010

I'll have to get an archive for November open I suppose. :D

Anyways, today I got to sleep in late (til 6:30. Which is a whooole hour longer. Which is pathetic. -_-) because I had a contact appointment at my eyes doctor and after that, a trip to the dentist.

The eye docotr was o, everyone there loves me so I kinda basked in glory and occassionally read letters off a chart...

In the middle of the two, we had an hour and a half to kill and the library wasn't open so we went home. And I slept. So I got (*in head* 1+1=2....+1/2 = ...? 2 and a half more hours of sleep then I usually do. YAHAAHHAHAHAH!

We went to the dentist and it was mostly ok, it just tasted TERRIBLE every 10 minutes or so because of something they used and the thing they used to keep my mouth open rreeeeeaaallllyyy hurt. And I was watching animal cops. Which made me die inside a little.

So after that, my dad took me to the comic books shop, the libary, and then to get gyros (WHILE I was missing school...honestly...I think he might love me a little) so that was all good. We came home and I got ready to go to 12:30 in the afternoon. xD

We got there and I went to languge arts (crush wasn't there and one of meh friends left. Did I tell you that yesterday my crush stared at me AL:L DURING 7th period?!?!? Well he did. :D) where we listened to a story. It was funny cuz the narrator was acting out the parts and he was sooooo hilarious. xD

We were going to 8th period when the fire alarm went off. I thought it was a drill, cuz I wasn't there but my BFF (Leopardheart) was freaking out. Then the voice of the secretary comes on over the announcer all scary like 'Teachers, get your students out NOW. This is NOT a drill!'

So I was freaking the flip out. Oh yeah, IT WAS RAINING like heck outside too. :P

We all are walking/jogging out and me and my friends are whispering to eachother 'It'll be ok...It'll be ok...'

So we get outside and I take off my jacket to shelter us form the rain and the fire trucks come screaming up the driveway and in front of the school...

Apparently someone just pulled the fire alarm.

Still, I was so scared.

But on the plus side, I only have one thing to do for HW....that I already mostly finished yesterday. :D

On wikia life...I;m gonna finish Outcasts today. Also, I just wrote a freaking awesome poem called Crowfeather's Poem. READIT.


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