Archive of my diary, December and January 2010 and 2011.

December 11th, 2010

I has returned!

After 11 (I think it was 11, more less? idk) days of my computer being broken, I'm back! I missed you all and I'm soooo happy my computer is fixed. I'll start writing more as soon as I can! Anything happen while I was gone?

Um...not much to write about.

It's snowing. HAPPY DUCK!!!! We have about 3 in....take or give a little. It warms my heart. xD

I'll write more later, glad to be back!

btw, check out meh new siggy = --Happy St. ChristmaHannuKwanzaka Navidad! Flakes falling, Christmas calling.... 21:41, December 12, 2010 (UTC) You like?

January 7th, 2011

Decided to combine Jan/December...

Happy 2011 everyone!! I'm not 13 and approaching my 1 year benchmark here at our beloved WFW. :D


Oyeah. School.....god. Major thing is the love triangle between myself, Mossy, and Bright. Of course, most of the people have no idea its a triangle so...yeah. Details, details...

Started yesterday. In Languge Arts, Bright was going over to Moss's desk, taking stuff from her desk, then coming back as an excuse to go to her desk. Didn't bother me, but then someone started teasing and soon the entire class was laughing and jeering. And Bright just goes to his desk and sits, doesn't deny it or anything. He likes her.

So then the teacher comes in and everyone's still teasing. She thought they were GOING OUT (which they weren't), so she started laughing as well. And so I'm sitting there, facing forword, blinking back tears. I know, I'm sensitive. Blah. And my other bff, Leapord is just watching me looking like she's gonna cry herself.

So then we go to library and I'm just like a zombie, picking out a book, chacking it out...then Moss and Leopard come up to me and they both are like 'you shouldn't have to deal with this, I'm (Moss) so sorry, I'm gonna go talk to <teacher's name> and tell her we're not together..' And I'm all like 'no it's fine' and Moss gives me the 'I know you're lying' stare and rushes off. Leopard sat me down and sat with me while Moss was off.

On the bus stop home, Moss, Bright, and I all walk back to our houses together. Today Moss and I hardly spoke without feeling totally awkward. The worst part was that Bright doubled back to go with another guy, then after the two of us were halfway home, he came back. So he didn't have to walk with us. I feel terrible, once, at school, all the kids were badgering him about who he liked and he finally was like 'Moss! OK, Moss!' He didn't see me behind a tree and when he went home his mom said he was so upset.

And then today, on the way home he was laughing and talking with Moss and it hit me...they're meant for eachother. So...*deep breath* I;m considering....dropping...him. So sorry if I'm really emotional. :'( ~Arti

January 8th, 2011

Thank goodness it's the weekend! I've been sooooo sleep deprived. xD So I slept in, ten today. And I usually get up 'round 5. :O

Today one of Ivy's new friends is coming over, so I must prepare a test to see if she's a good friend or a jerkwad. lol, jk.

While they're playing and stuff, I'll probably catch up on HW, then come back on here. I have b-ball practice at 1:30, like, an hour and a half. Which is cool.

Might make a new siggy today. Also, updated Afraid. Maybe I could finish it off today. Wouldn't you people like that? *waves to fans* lol. Later! 2011 Ring in the new year! 16:58, January 8, 2011 (UTC)

January 12th, 2011

Goodness....long time no see! Lots to tell you. And it all starts with the last update I made... (points above).

So about 2 hours into the 9th (2:00. lol) my Dad comes up to my room and he's like 'Pack an overnight bag'. In my lit class we just did a prompt called '5 minutes to pack' to prepare us for a book about a child fleeing his wartorn country so I was all like 'omfg who blown up?' And he was like 'Honey, the furnance broke.' And then I was all like 'oh thank-wait...WHAT???'

Long story short, we spent the entire weekend in a hotel. After driving around downtown for an hour with Ivy (more sleep deprived then I was) going, 'look, we could sleep up there.' and I was like, 'Ivy, that's a water tower. Shut up and go to sleep'.

So then on Monday I was in a crappy mood. And that was the day I decided to pretend like I was going out with someone else just to see if I could handle it and crushy and I could be less awkward. Well, um....the good news is, we've ben less awkweird (I still like him though, don't tell anyone! *evil eye*) And, um, also....this other boy asked me out. He looked like he was gonna cry (actually, he did cry a bit. Am I really that scary?) so I was like 'yeah, maybe sometime'.

And it sucks, because I think he's a good friend, but that. But he seems to reaLly like me. Blarg.

Um...lit teacher made boy cry, can't really blame either of them. He's annoying, she's scary. *shrugs*

We got snow and yesterday they told us we got out an hour early. But we DIDN'T! Who would do that? To semi-innocent middle school children? Grr....

Didn't get a snow day either. :P Wear you pajamas inside out!

Sorry I haven't been on in so long. Gonna finish up Afraid if I can and work on my school's Glee....(oh yeah, me and Moss started a Glee club. We're in charge cuz we rock so hard. ;) )

Bai! --2011 Ring in the new year! 23:00, January 12, 2011 (UTC)

January 18th, 2011

Heya! I was at my grandparents for this loooong weekend or I would've typed sooner.

On Friday I had horrible stomach pains so I missed 2 and 3/4 periods of school (including my last art class. *sobs*). We left for my grandparents that night and arrived there 1am on Saturday.

My cousin broke her arm on Saturday. She fell and started screaming and crying and the adults were all like 'Is it bent???? Move it!!' and she was all like 'I can't move it! I can't feel it!!!'

So then I started thinking about Briarlight and her backs legs and how she couldn't feel them. And I was all like 'ZOMG my 7 year old cousin is gonna die of a chest infection because she can't walk to the fresh-kill pile!', she was ok. She got surgery and was really tired.

We left on Monday and got back. I would've come on then but my choices were to go play basketball or clean the house. Guess which one I chose!


Well, my dribbling between the legs needed me more then the cleaning did! lol

Today I really wanted a snow day. No such luck.

School was ok.

Creepy Boy with Shoulder Length Hair Which is greasy and Possibly Infested asked out Moss today. To which she replyed 'Um....Uh....I don' LIKE ICE CREAM!'. Not telling him to take her to an icecream place, she spazzed. xD

On the way home, this trucker almost ran over Bright. To which, as the moron he can be sometimes, turned around and yelled after it 'HI MOM!'. The trucker didn't like that.

He turned around and drove realllly slowly by us. Then he turned down my street, spun around, and started going backwards. I actually said 'what the **** is he doing?'. lol, I know. I'm horrible. Then he comes barreling back at 70 mph in a 25 mph zone. Then he was gone. So Moss and I lectured Bright on the idiocy of yelling at drunk truckers and the safety measures one must take when the trucker stalks them.

Came home, watched Clone Wars, did HW, went to Ivy's pony lessons. So....bye! lol 2011 Ring in the new year! 23:56, January 18, 2011 (UTC)

January 20th, 2011

Sorry I wasn't long yesterday, I had the hugest crapload of HW ever. I mean, does your Social Studies teacher assign you a 15 page (FRONT AND BACK) packet and expect you to finish it in a day? *sigh*

Today started out really crappy. I was so tired from last night, my mom made me stay up and talk with her about getting asked out by boys. Blarg. lol, it was kinda fun though. We talked about Moss's stalker.

In chior, we did warm-ups ALL PERIOD. And I didn't wanna sing. Mph.

In gym we were doing locker assignments so I just sat and read, then played some basketball.

Math was eebil. We were doing surface area and I couldn't concentrate. I went from reading under my desk, to nodding intelligently and attempting to do the problem, to watching/eavesdropping on crush.

Social Studies was slightly better. We got back in groups (jerkwad teacher had us single desked. gr....) and I sit next to Leopard. So yay.

7th period was library. Hate librarian. She's a cow. lol

I walked home with crush. He was SOOOOOOOO unbelieveably cute today. It was snowing, and his eyes were the color of the sky and he had snowflakes in his hair, and he was laughing.....oh gosh I love him. lol

Came home, did homework. On now. Got lots of projects (here and rl) going on. Bai! 2011 Ring in the new year! 22:38, January 20, 2011 (UTC)

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