OK, so....I looked at this and discovered I haven't updated since like, last month, so I'm just gonna do this online diary Forest and a few others do. Forest, if you want me to take this down, I will do so right away. So yahy, enjoy.


March 11, 2011

Well, it's been kinda a sucky week.

Monday and Tuesday were okay. Yesterday, the team I was captain of in volley ball won the championship. But guess what sucks? I was there to see it, lert alone to play. Nope, I was curled up on the couch with a horrible stomach ache.

One Wendesday, after lunch I had these horrible cramps. And sharp stabbing pains. And I had a bit of trouble breathing. So I go to the office and see the nurse. She was really nice and let me call my Dad (who was studenet teaching at a nearby school). He doesn't pick up so we leave a message and call my Mom (who works in the Abercrombie and Fitch homeoffice 45 minutes of rainy highways and streets away) who picks up and comes to pick me up, So I sit in the office for another period, trying to do my classwork, and ignoring the terrible stomach aches.

So my Mom comes in. On Thursday, I stayed home with my Dad. I felt better, but not well enough to go to school.

So I go in today. Our GT teacher isn't there, which means I have to go to chior and gym (possibly the two worst classes to go to if you are/have been sick). I was so freaking mad.....Chior was awful, I almost had to go to the office because I felt so sucky. Then gym came. And this might sound weird but....then I went to gym, where we played matball. And....I felt way better. Immediatly after we started playing. I was really tired but my stomach was okay.

The rest of the day passed by quickly, but I've got a mountain of homework.

I'm ignoring it because tommorrow I go to the regionals for the Power of the Pen writing competition. It's my coach's b-day so she made me promise to bring her a huge trophy for a present. No pressure, right? Gosh, I'm scared.

See ya....--ArtiCloudy Days... 22:39, March 11, 2011 (UTC)

March 21, 2011

Today was awesome! In chior I had GT (*cheers*) so I got to skip. We're working on Mock Trial so I basically got to hang out all period with Lepopardheart, Mossy, Bright, and one of my other friends.

In gym we're starting basketball and today we played this pathetic little 'practice game' where no one could dribble or steal. *mutters* Whimps. BUT I did actually get to handle the ball. *gasp* Girls never get to do anything in gym. But today I got to take like, 2 shots, and this boy passed to me like, 6 times. It made me feel happy. lol

Math was okay, I understood what we were talking about and sweated (from gym xD) a lot.

Social Studies was pretty nice. We got new seats and Leopardheart and I are across from eachother. We sit at a table of four with these two other girls who are a bit chatty, but otherwise awesome.

Lunch was yummeh. It was funny, we started talking about crushes. Then I started telling everyone about my kindergarten marriage. It was so awesome. And then Bright comes up behind me (I'm in a spinny chair) and he twirls me around and is like, 'The other crush was meeeee!' LOL

In languge we talked a bunch and I wrote some.

Science was okay, we switched back to our first teacher (it's complicated. xD) and started astronomy. That made Bright happy (apparently he's a big astronomer.) and so on the way home from school he taught me how to burn someone with a paperclip. xD

I finished my HW and my sis and Dad are going to a basketball game (I didn't wanna go.) I'm a bit nervous about staying homw alone for a bit. I had a really scary dream last night about this hobo who lived in my basement. It was creepy....

So all in all, good day.

March 24, 2011

Can I started by asking, did I tell you guys about the basement hobos? Well, in case I didn't, I had a horrifying dream in which there was a hobo living in my basement. We called the cops but the creepy little freak vanished.

So...when my Dad woke me up he was wearing his school outfit, but he hadn't tucked his shirt in so it looked all tattered. And my blanket was around his neck because I like to hide in it in the mornings. So, anyways, in the dark and my groggy mind I took one look at him and was like, "BASEMENT HOBO!!!!"

LOL. So....school was okay. In gym, there was this girl who annoys me so much. She switched her lock from the tiny cubical gym lockers to one of the huge lockers meant for the kids who are in sports. She's a total suck-up and she always always has to have her hands on the ball and do everything. So we were playing basketball and she keeps constantly asking me for the basketball I'm using well everyone else is just getting eachother for rebounds like normal people. Ugh.

In science I got a cupcake and we watched a video clip about tornaodes. Most were clips from morons who taped fuzzy things that kinda looked like clouds and were screaming 'OHMYGAWD!!!'. xDD

On the bus, I was talking to Leopardheart (while riding backwards in my seat. xD) and Brightshadow was sneaking up behind me. I didn't notice, so I turn around to sit like a normal person and he was looking at me from behind the seat. I screamed and jumped up. It was sooooo funny. xD

So pretty good day. :)

March 28th, 2011

Sorry I haven't been on in a while!

Today was nice. School went by pretty fast and it wasn't too boring (what more can I ask for?) and I found out that super annoying girl is going to another school next year!

Super Annoying Girl is an innocent, suck-up, teacher's pet, self-centered kid who me and my friends have befriended so she won't get beat up. She repays us by whining and copying our answers.

Anyways, she's been accepted into another school. Sucks to be them.

LOL, I know, I'm a terrible person.

So I ride the bus home with Brighty (everyone one else is at play practice), walk home and check my phone where I got a text from Moss. She said I should come to play practice. So I did. And now I have 4 parts in the play.

Although, to be fair, only two are big parts, the other is non-speaking (it's a snake. xD), and the other other one is about 10 lines. So yipee!

Finished most of my HW in school, finished the rest now. So I be ready to write!

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