I am no longer going to be very active on this wiki, but if you need anything just send me a message. I usually check on my wiki account once in a blue moon, and so if you need to contact me I will (eventually) get back to you!



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Welcome! I'm Aquamarine1212, but I prefer Aqua. I love comics and superheroes, and am a bit of an airhead. Some of my favorite things are sweaters, coffee, cats, thunderstorms, bonfires and sleeping in. If you want to contact me just go to my Talk Page and leave a message!  Heavystep is immortal.

About Me

  • My favorite genres to write in are action, drama and family.
  • I love corgis. I mean look at them, they're just like little waddling potatoes.
  • Some of my all-time favorite books are Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice and the original Sherlock Holmes.
  • I'm a huge MCU fan. I own pretty much every Marvel movie. My favorites are The Winter Soldier and GotG 2.
  • My favorite bands are Fleet Foxes, Imagine Dragons, and Linkin Park.
  • I love video games but sadly am not terribly good at them. Some of the few I've actually succeded in are Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Starbound, and LOTRO.
  • My favorite TV shows have got to be TMNT, Star Trek, BBC's Sherlock, The Good Place and Bojack Horseman.
  • The thing I really love to do is draw. I may not be the best artist but I would die if I could never draw again.
  • I have one cat and he is either the only thing keeping me sane, or the reason I have lost my sanity. I'm still trying to decide.

Check Me Out On Other Websites:

Fanfiction.Net :: Mostly TMNT fanfictions.

Warriors Fan-Made Clans Wiki :: A bunch of pages for my Lakeclan Series on here. Also I'm an admin for this wiki, so go give it a look.

DeviantArt :: Some TMNT and Warriors fanart, as well as some original pieces. Here's a sample of what my art looks like:


My First Fanfiction

All grammatical errors were copied letter for letter. Try not to die from the sheer horror of my child writing. A MARIO FANFIC.

...Peachie secretly writed a letter to yoshi. It said Please help me and mario! Bowser has traped us! Quikly, Yoshi ran strait into the casile. But suddenly he remeberd that...HE DIDIN’T KNOW WITCH DOOR BOWSER WAS IN!! All afternoon Yoshi looked in doors. Finally, Yoshi went up stairs and went in a door that had a star on it. Their was a pitchre of bowser and hole in the door. Thats it! said Yosie, Bowser in the hole! Yoshie jumped in the hole. On his way to Bowser, Yoshie fighted lots of bad guys. When Yoshie got to Bowser, Bullys were gaurding a cage, and in the cage was Peachie and mario! Armstrong was the king of bullys and was really strong! But soon Yoshie got all the bad guys and saved them.


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