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Warriors Fanfiction


About me

Hi! I'm Amberfire3, but you can call me Amber, Ambery, Amby, Fire or Firey. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Warriors!!!!

Name: a bunch of letters. (credited to whoever thought of it first!)

Age: 2 numbers. (also credited to whoever thought of it first!)

Pets: Susie: black and white she-cat with leaf-green eyes. Warrior name: Leafgaze.

Melody: black and white flecked she-DOG with sad brown eyes. Is known for torturing Susie and barking loudly at guests.

Opinions on Warriors Characters (These are my thoughts!)

Firestar: U R WAY 2 OLD!!!! ERINS, KILL HIM SOON!!! (Please do it in Sign of the Moon. I can't wait much longer!) You drown in anti-wrinkle cream.

Ashfur: PSYCO-PATH!!! I am reely angry at the Erins because the confirmed that he's in STARCLAN! What messed up author would do that?!?! Sorry for my outbreak of madness... BUT SERIOUSLY?!?! You drown in blood.

Squirrelflight/Leafpool: Well, Leafpool is a dumb psyco-path because she's a warrior now. Is she NUTS? Firestar didn't even get angry at them 4 lying to the whole clan. Squrrilflight must be embarrassed whenever someone says her name. SQUIRRELFLIGHT?? What kind of messed up name is that??? Squirrel drowns in weird sauce, and Leaf drowns in suckish sauce.

Jayfeather: You drown in awesome sauce. No doubt.

Lionblaze: a bit strange, but you drown in kinda-awesome sauce.

Dovepaw: Weird. Your power isn't good, you obey your mentor more than your sister, and you act like a spoilt brat. You drown in loo roll.

Ivypaw: Your name should be Ivypwn. You are awesome! Just not as awesome as Jayfeather. Never. You drown in almost-awesome sauce.

Hollyleaf: YOU MUST COME BACK IN THE FORGOTTEN WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The yarrow and squirrel in Night Whispers is enough proof. You drown in mysteriously awesome sauce.

Ummmm..... that's it 4 now....