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Silvermoonlynx was here >:3

Hey! I'm Aggressive Rat. You can call me Rat, Ratty, Aggro, or Fire.

I can't guarantee frequent updates on non-collaborative stories.

If you leave a comment on my work, I'll be forever grateful! I enjoy it immensely when someone says they enjoy how I write, or what I'm writing. Any comment that's kind will be held close to my heart.

Some Info

Honestly, I doubt you guys are willing to go through this wall of text. But if you're ever bored, you can go come and read these.

  • Although I identify as female, I'm perfectly fine with it when people refer to me using male pronouns, so if you ever want to differentiate between me and someone who uses female pronouns, you can refer to me as he/him.
  • I'm in the Eastern Daylight Time(GMT-4) timezone. This is probably the timezone of a lot of others on this wiki!
  • I'll be moving to Africa in a month or so, unless covid worsens to the extremes or they change their rules on who gets in. If something goes wrong, my family will be staying in the US.
  • I have two cats and one dog!
    • Their breeds are Maine Coons and Rhodesian Ridgeback respectively.
      • The names of the cats are Edward and Sansa. The dog's name is Elfriede!
    • I also used to have a bird named Cotica! She's an Orange-chinned Parakeet. At one point, even though her wings were clipped, she managed to fly away. Every now and then I still get really sad about it. The good thing was, since she was a species native to that area(I was living in Central America at that time), she found a flock and every now and again she'd fly by and squawk at us from the trees. I hope she's doing okay now.
    • Following that same pattern, I also had a bunch of chickens too. I hand raised our two roosters(Cheep and Peep) for a while before my mom sent me off to the Caribbean to visit family before they were actually cockerels. Because of that, they weren't truly hand-raised but they trusted me more than the other chickens. I also had a hen named Pancake, and she kinda spread out whenever she laid down. I had more, but they weren't named(and it would take too long to list them).
  • I watched ATLA on Netflix maybe a month after it was available(?) and it's probably one of my favorite shows.
  • I always appreciate comments on my fanfictions, so if you find something you enjoy, feel free to say so. I love it when I find that people have been reading my work, and it encourages me to keep on writing. I'll try my best to respond to those comments!
  • I'm always available(or at least I try) for a collab! Feel free to make any proposals to me. I try to be as friendly as possible, but I have trouble reaching out to others. I hope you visit my talk page so we can have a chat, because it's so much easier to just respond!

Stories I've Made

  • The Fallen River: After being driven out by ThunderClan, the RiverClan cats are enraged. A story of how the need for revenge can change someone, and how betrayal lurks around every corner.
  • The Moon in Your Eyes: An apprentice, abandoned by her clan, must live through leafbare and fall in in love with the kits she never wanted. (This was abandoned by me, and adopted by Silvermoonlynx)

Want to see more? Refer to my page masterlist's story category to see every story I've made!

Stories I'm Working On

  • Traveler: A she-cat, almost at the point where she's expected to have her hunter's title, meets a tomcat. Although he travels, just like every other she's seen, something about him seems different. He has many stories to tell, and would be delighted to share them.
  • Voices of Winter: The inner workings of a she-cat's mind as she slowly goes insane, succumbing to the desires of a creature that resides inside her head. This is a collab with me and Silver.
  • The River Rises: One of two sequels to The Fallen River. A she-cat separated from her sister nearly straight from birth needs to learn that the knowledge she had been raised with is warped. A novel about mistrust and deception, and finding the ultimate truth. This is one of two sequels to The Fallen River, the other sequel being Clashing Metals, by Silver. They are meant to be read alongside each other.
  • Amidst the Untamed: An alternate version of Into the Wild. Rusty is a kittypet that was taken far, far away from his original home, where his mother and siblings live. Now, he yearns for freedom whenever he looks out to the forest through the windows. He wants to feel the grass underpaw, and the sun beating down on his back. And little does he know, he'll have it. This story is a community collab, meaning that once it's started, anybody can edit it(as long as they follow the rules)! I am the host, and one of the administrators.

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