Silverfire: A pretty silver she-cat with peircing eyes, they are the color of the sky and diamons, river and ocean.

Hey I'm Silverfire! Of course you can tell I love cats and warriors! Ill tell you some of my favorite cats.

Top ten favorite cats

1.CINDERPELT!!!!!!!!!! 2. Ashfur 3.Breezepaw 4.Jaypaw 5.Bluestar 6.Cinderpaw/Cinderheart 7.Hollyleaf 8.Lionblaze 9.Whitewing 10.Yellowfang

Something you should know about me though is that I don't really like Squirrelflight.], but don't judge me badly about it!

Favorite Pairings

1.AshfurXWhitewing 2.JaypawXCinderpaw 3.HollypawXBreezepaw(they remind me of CRowXLeaf!!!1)

thats it for right now!
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