Hey! I'm just a teenager who wants to write about Warriors in her rare bouts of free time.

Totally normal.


Bayclan Intermediate School

What I think cats' lives would be like if the apprentices went to Intermediate/Middle school. :U Click for more details.


Ivypaw lives a normal life, unseeing of the dangers of war and strife. But as boredom strikes, she-cats get nasty. And toms get even nastier. If possible. But, seeing as the horrors really occurred, hedgehogs may as well swim as well.

Yew and Raspberries

Bramblekit was hyper.

Bramblekit was nice.

Bramblekit is distraught to learn that her fate, so perfect at first, would be ruined by that horried Windclan cat. As she passively is trained by another clan's medicine cat, she learns who that Windclan cat is. And she wants revenge.

Ivypaw's Diary

Story based off of my more interesting days. Ivypaw and her fellow apprentices have fun in lessons.


First songfic!

A she-cat's had enough of her best friend's cryptic behaviour.


My. Original. Ideas ^_^ No stealing please.

  • Shadowclan has no medicine cat, has to get Jayfeather to mentor one, he goes pedo and falls in love. Corny. Names: Irony? trolololol no. Jayfeather's Apprentice. Blunttttt. I'll think of something ;P
  • Cats go to war with the Tribe (Tribe of Clouded Peaks), religious differences, yada yada, I'm still working on the plot. Warrior goes off to fight, leaves love behind, and idk what happens from there X3 Note: Is now a fanfic I'm writing. Leaving the Plains
  • A cat dies, lives in Starclan. See what Starclan life's like. :3 that's all I have so far.
  • Parallel to Leaving the Plains, just a drama thang. Got this idea from how Ivypaw was so blah to Dovepaw. Would be awesome if they continued... OC's. Envy

About Moi

I'm nearly 14 :) I won't be on here a lot because of friends. Schoolwork. Flute/piano/guitar practice. Boarding school interviews. <_< but I'm full of ideas so here I am ;3

Hair: black :P

Eyes: Dark russetttt (a conceited way of saying black-reddish-brown)

I swim. And draw. And is musically talented.

Smell the arrogance.

Lick it.


My name is not Ivy trololol X3

Ivypaw: silver tabby pointed she-cat with sharp amber-green eyes. Perceptive, sarcasm-humored, oversensitive, daring, charismatic. Those are the words my interviews all described me as, according to the records of my antics.


Favorite quotes by me >_> Egotistic, eh?

Sometimes, you just have to shut up and smell the perfume of your girlfriend running away.

An artist is never finished.

Senseless guys is like saying smart Asians.

Your knife, my back. My gun, your head. <3

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