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Genre: A little bit of everything

Show by Bird

Season 1


Ahaha sign here if you like the series <3

Gasp why I have not signed? I love this show :) You can just FALL into me

This is awesome! Life is just a game, and all you gotta do is PLAY

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yee --i have died every day waiting for you 04:12, January 11, 2017 (UTC)

BlackswanWhiteswan (talk) 00:24, February 22, 2017 (UTC)BlackswanWhiteswan

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For your extra tidbits on the series.

Falling Feathers goes more indepth about the real cause of the war (and will most likely have you questioning who the bad guy was/will be ;)), like a big backstory on the characters, whether dead or alive, with through our goofy Hawkfeather's eyes.


In case I'm brainblocked for episodes, I have something planned ;) And if you guys wanna make something for this show feel free.


Falling Feathers -  Hawkkit is born to Thunderclan along with his rival Jaykit, this is their story, and the beginnings of a history changing conflict, and how they were the centerpiece. (This is something for me to do while waiting for idea's/sunday)


Waterfall - Orchestrated cover sung by Jenny. HEAVY SPOILERS. Through the eyes of Ashpaw. Absolutely dont' read unless you want a little bit of spoiler of what will happen



Wolf in Cats Fur - The story of Fogpaw and his descent into the villan he is today in the series. (Name subject to change.)

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