This is my LGBTQ+ fanfic, for this.

Happy Pride Month (just about) everyone!!

My LGBTQ+ Note: Some people think Pride month is only for LGBTQ individuals, but Pride is for everyone. In fact, it wouldn’t be Pride without people from ALL walks of life (including millions of allies who come each year!) joining together to celebrate our individuality and protest for LGBTQ equality. The Pride Parade is a great way to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Even if you can't come, I hope y'all make the RIGHT decision. LGBTQ+ PRIDE!!!

A/N: These will be SHORT chapters.  

Scared to Love

"I'm scared."


"Because I'm me."

RiverClan was alive and buzzing. My dark ears perked as I stared across the camp. I smiled gently as a light tabby cat padded out of the Warriors den. My best friend, Snowfeather. 

"Blackstep!" the she-cat called, happiness shining all over her face.

My heart thumped. I opened my jaws to speak, but the words got stuck in my throat. 

What if I say the wrong thing? I shiver, drawing my fluffy tail around me. 

"H-hey, Snow," I mumble.

Her eyes soften in concern, "Hey, hey. What's wrong?"

"Nothing!" I blurt out quickly.

She shakes her head, "No, tell me."

My paws scuff the dirt, "Truly, Snow, I'm okay."

She cares, she cares, she cares, my mind was singing.

Snow's face softened more and she murmured, "Okay. If you need anything... I'll be on a walk. Take care, Blackstep."

I watched her walk away.

Why am I so scared to love who I love?

Waking Up

"I woke up today."

"That's normal."

"I wish I hadn't."

The feathers drift slowly back down to land by my paws, "I nearly got it!"

Snowfeather grins, "Yeah. Right."

"I was close!" I protest, "Like, by a mouse-length!"

"A mouse-length," she repeated, "Not far at all, huh?" she meets my gaze, letting me know she's teasing.

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