Under The Tree

After The Storm (ThunderXLily) | Red Mane (LionXRed) | Pride Falls (HailXRain) | Red (LionXRed) | Struggling to Shine (ReedXShimmer) | More coming soon...

Under The Tree is a series by Rainy and Robo about young apprentice couples and the troubles they face while trying to uncover true love, who they really are and how much they are willing to sacrifice for a single cat who can never be replaced in their hearts.


After The Storm

Thunderpaw and Lilypaw meet at a gathering one fateful full moon, and are quick to become friends. But after Thunderpaw saves Lilypaw from a badger they begin to realize that what lies between them is stronger than friendship. But a battle looming in the horizon may threaten to break the apprentices apart. Will their love be able to conquer their fear? Or will they be forced to hide their feelings for the rest of their lives.

Red Mane

Redpaw and Lionpaw are the most popular cats in FlameClan, and both seem unable to find a perfect match for their feisty, self-centered and witty personalities. The two cats clash like fire and ice but when Lionpaw is left at Redpaw's debt, the two may find something more in store for each other, which threatens to be ruined by jealousy, competition and the struggle to make life seem effortless, to remain in popularity.

Pride Falls

Rainpaw and Hailpaw are two very different apprentices. Rainpaw is fiesty and spirited, Hailpaw calm and collected, with big dreams and a heart to match. Neither feels any need for love or romance in their life. Until, by a series of happenstances, they catch each other's eyes. Still, a huge obstacle threatens their relationship: pride. Can they overcome it? Or will their emotions for each other be crushed under the more pressing urge to remain who they are, without each other. 

Struggling to Shine

Reedpaw and Shimmerpaw are separated by every trait of their personality. Shimmerpaw prefers to keep to herself, trying to be true to herself despite the taunts and teasing of her Clanmates. Reedpaw is claimed by birth for the "cool" apprentices, but he doesn't feel at home with his friends. Instead, he finds himself drawn to the beautiful, quiet she-cat, and vice versa. But social barriers as well as emotional barriers separate them. Can they discover the tiny light of love that has appeared between them?

More Coming Soon

If you have a couple that you would like to request that we do please leave it herehere, or in the comments! We need ideas for our next couple so we would REALLY appreciate suggestions! Thanks :)


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