Trivia and note page, if you're interested.


  • Talonfang and Creekfrost are moderately based on my cats, personality wise.
  • Before giving it more development, Creekfrost and Talonfang were originally Frostshine and Sharptalon's biological kits, with Wispkit and Flightkit being from an earlier litter.
  • Talon & Creek were made through a roleplay me and my friends were obsessed with.
  • In the roleplay, Talonfang was originally intended to be a tom, but I forgot.
  • In the roleplay, Talonfang and Creekfrost were originally unrelated and were going to potentially become mates, however, I decided to scrap the idea and make them siblings instead.
  • I came up with the title from a song called "Two Birds", which immediately made me think of them.
  • PebbleClan is based off the rp Clan where Creek & Talon first came from, which is called RockClan. Don't know why I didn't just call it RockClan.
  • Both main characters have Siberian and Oriental genes. Talon looks more like a siberian, while Creek looks more oriental
  • Creek and Wisp were at first going to be mates, but I decided to scrap that and they became good friends instead.


  • Poor planning went into smaller details of the story so I will be rewriting some parts of it.
  • Need to proofread.
  • Make a new cover.
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