Those piercing eyes, why, how could they be that color? Icespirit thought to herself as she thought of the rogue she battled at FrostClan's border with FlameClan. She still, recovering from the shock, remained silent. Her voice trapped in the back of her throat, lost. Icespirit.. She could still hear his cold hiss in her ringing ears. 

"What do you want from FrostClan!" Icespirit growled towards him. You.... 

Its like his words weren't even real, its like, it was almost...ghostly.

"Well...You can't have me!" She remarked and cringed as he stepped closer. I was afraid you would say that...

It was only a second later, a large rumble, created some sort of symbols in the ground, around the tom.

The rogue roared in pain as he shape-shifted into a demon. His figure was almost see through, but he was fully black. 

A purple smoke or gas surrounded the rogue, making him look ghastly.

"Go away! Leave me alone!" Icespirit yelled stepping back. Go away! Leave me alone! The tom mimicked with ease.

Icepspirit lost her patince and ran towards the tom, attempting to knock him down. She went right through him. How is that possible?

The demon rouge cackled, the purple smoke rose around him, and Icespirit. Thank you for helping me. Now your time has come to die.

Icespirit widened her eyes. "No! You can't have me! I have so much to offer to FrostClan!"

The cold purple eyes chafed Icespirit's vision, and her life flashed before her eyes. Then she fell to the ground, blue eyes dull and body cold. 

The demon turned back into a cat, and leaned down to the small she-cat's body. With one movement, he drained her of any life left, leaving a pile of fur and bones in the cold snow. 

The rouge's purple eyes flashed in the flurry, and then disspeared as suddenly as he came. Even one watching would not know what had happened. They could not have fully understood what was going on. 

None understood Charmader.

And none ever would.

Chapter One ~The Stirring~

"Fallenpaw! Hurry up! Dawn Patrol awaites you!"

Blinking, Fallenpaw got up, and shook her fur out. No fair! Evening Patrol, then Midnight Patrol, and now Dawn patrol? I haven't slept at all!

She glared in loathing at her sister. Heatherpaw never took Dawn Patrol, or really did anything important. And still the tiny white she-cat was doted on by the Clan.

"Fallenpaw! Get that fat tail out of your nest!"

Fallenpaw narrowed her blue eyes, then ran after her mentor.

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