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Warriors Fanfiction


This is a fanfiction of warriors... Please don't post negative stuff. I'll update little by little.

Blurb: Silk kit seems to be an ordinary clan cat of riverclan. Always eager to help out, she becomes a great asset to her clan as she grows. But mysterious rogues are spotted lurking around territory, Thunderclan warriors steal from her clan and other clans become more distant. As she sets off to find the cause of the chaos, she is thrown into a strange place that some claim to be the future. Can she escape the place and help the clans or has Starclan sent her to where she is?

Warning: Some blood and gore and depression. There are also some spoilers of the original books.

Note: I don't own all of the character or the clans and other details.

Allegiances (WIP)


Leader: Vinestar- brown furred she-cat with black stripes and vines twisted around her paws.

Deputy: Swift tail- white furred tom

Silverclaw- silver furred she-cat: second deputy

Medicine Cat: Fairy Heart - white- and black- striped tabby

Warriors (To be updated): Swiftfoot- white and black striped tom

Riverlily- Pretty she-cat with a river lily on her ear- blind in one eye

Moonrise- dark grey coat

Lightningriver-sleek white tom with a striped tail

Fairyfur- chatty she-cat

Mossling- former rogue with a torn ear

Sorrowtail- brown tom with a sad expression

Spottedriver- black and white tom with a loud, clear voice.

Apprentices: Silkpaw- she-cat, pale orange coat with deep orange stripes, glowing green eyes

Marvelpaw- adopted brother of Silkpaw: grey tom with dark ears.

Swiftpaw- Light furred tom-cat, fast but clumsy

Lovepaw-Pretty white she-cat

Queens: Halotail- looped tail, mother of Swiftfoot, Swift tail, Swiftpaw, and others.

Elders: Whitefoot- White footed- tom, father of Halotail

Hostages: Hawkmuzzle


Leader: Greystar

Deputy: Wasptail

Medicine Cat: Speckledwing


Leader: Lonestar

Deputy: Fernpelt

Medicine Cat: Bailstorm


Leader: Moorstar

Deputy: Clockear

Medicine Cat: Blizzardheart

Chapter 1

Silk kit stumbled around camp. Like always, she had a hard time navigating through her home for some reason. "What can I do?" she mewed to Swift tail, a white warrior that was also deputy. Of course he said to play.

Most of the kits in Riverclan were orphaned or adopted now and spent most of their time talking about how sad they were. So Silk kit avoided them and rushed out of camp to their territory. She knew she wouldn't get caught. Warriors and queens were too busy with Thunderclan since they had stolen from them. And the thefts weren't stopping. A small breeze carried the faintest scent of yarrow. After just a few heartbeats, a small piece of yarrow came into view. Silk kit smelled a stale scent of Thunderclan near it. She scowled, poking it with her paws. "That reeks of Thunderclan," a voice suddenly said. Silk kit whipped her head behind her to find a sleek black tom wrinkling his snout in disgust. "Don't worry, I won't tattle to your dumb clan," He muttered with an eye roll. Silk kit put on her fiercest face and unsheathed her tiny claws.

"What are you doing on our territory?" she snarled. He examined his paws casually.

"Visiting some old friends." The rogue slid out his sharp claws and... walked away. Silk kit almost chased him but remembered she wasn't even supposed to be out of camp. She bedrudgingly poked the piece of yarrow back to her home.

"Silk kit!" Fairyheart, the medicine cat, shouted. Silk kit groaned. She had finally been caught. "I was just getting some yar-"

"Do you know how dangerous it is to be lurking around by yourself?" Fairyheart interrupted. "That's it! I'm calling Riverlily!"

"Did someone say my name?" Silk kits' mother asked, padding out of the medicine den. She sniffed at her kit and let out a yowl. Her good eye twitched, studying Silk kit for injuries. The river lily covering Riverlily's bad eye with one of its' leaves rustled. "My kit! What did I say about going out alone? Rogues are out there!" Swift tail padded out of the warriors den and snorted. "That's nonsense! The rogues haven't been in our territory since we placed the fox dung on our borders!" Riverlily scowled in disagreement and Silk kit remembered the black rogue. The fox dung sure hadn't kept him out. Vinestar, the clan leader, yowled,

"Let all cats old enough to swim gather to hear my words!" Vinestar declared.

"Stay here," Riverlily meowed, looking relucant to leave Silk kit behind. But she padded over to the rock, her gaze still fixed on her kit. After a moment of hesitation, Silk kit slid into a bush. She hoppped on a slim branch of a small tree and climbed clumsily on top of it. I'd be much better at this if I belonged to another clan, she thought. She crouched down and flicked her small ears toward the crowd of warriors.

"I've made a new system called kitters, warriors to guard kits day and night," Vinestar was saying. "What? We can't take away their freedom like that!" some cat burst out, surprisingly Fairyheart. Silk kit bit back a yowl of agreement. "With Thunderclan warriors and a small chance of rogues lurking around, kitters are necessary," the clan leader protested. No cat could argue with that.

* * *

By the end of the day, the kitters for that sundown, Swiftfoot, Moonrise, Fairyfur and Lightningriver were positioned near their assigned kits. Fairyfur, Fairyheart's sister and Silk kit's kitter, wouldn't stop babbling about her strange life with the same apprentice and kit name as her sister. "So Fairypaw and I, her sister, also named Fairypaw, slammed Vineheart to the ground and had her limping for a moon!" Fairyfur boasted. A kit yawned.

"For Starclan's sake, will you please stop talking?" Moonrise groaned. Swiftfoot and Lightningriver yapped in agreement. "Wait, wait, here's the good part..."

The chatty warrior didn't stop talking until dawn. Silk kit didn't get a heartbeat of sleep. And her kitter wasn't even tired! "I have a surprise for you!" Riverlily told her kit. Silk kit jumped up, excited. Her mother leaned close to her face. "You must know that being a medicine cat is the highest honor," she said. Vinestar suddenly called for a clan meeting. Every cat shuffled over to the rock, even kits. Fairyheart was staring intently at Silk kit who stuck out her tail. What was going on? "Silk kit, please step up," Vinestar ordered. "Marvelkit, please step up." Marvel kit nervously padded up to the rock next to his sister. Silk kit stared at her adopted brother. They shared a look. "Marvelkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed..." by the end of his ceremony, Marvelkit, now Marvelpaw, stood proudly with his mentor, Moonrise. Marvelpaw's sister shut her eyes as Vinestar announced her mentor. "Your mentor will be..." The riverclan leader paused. "Fairyheart."

Chapter 2

Silkpaw counted the herbs. "We need more dock leaves," she called to her mentor.

"Then go fetch some, please," Fairyheart told her apprentice.

Over the past quarter moon, Silkpaw had been memorizing herbs, mapping places with sticks in the warm soil of Greenleaf and scouting places for herbs. She scuffled into a bush as a twoleg item rolled by, heading toward the lake. She found herself in a patch of dock leaves. What a coincidence! The apprentice mrowed with satisfication and began plucking as many leaves as possible. Suddenly, a gray shape tumbled into her. "Marvelpaw?" Silkpaw hissed. "What are you doing here?" Her adopted brother glanced around before purring, "I've come to assist you." Together they carried bundles of leaves back to camp.

Riverlily was waiting for her kits at camp. "My goodness! Thank Starclan you aren't late!" she exclaimed, wrapping her golden and white striped tail around the puzzled apprentices. "Come!"

A clan meeting had just started. "The gathering is tonight," Vinestar announced as cats gathered around. "I must select my companions." Her sharp gaze spread over her clan. "Swiftfoot, Swift tail, Fairyfur, Mossling, Sorrowtail, Silkpaw, Marvelpaw, Lovepaw, Hornetpaw, and Hawkmuzzle." A brown and black furred cat with a white-furred chest and a pretty brown muzzle sat higher in the crowd of cats. "Yes, Hawkmuzzle?" Vinestar asked, tipping her head.

Hawkmuzzle answered, "What shall be of Silverclaw?"

Swift tail spoke up. "My assistant deputy, the second deputy, the one before me, will be staying behind to run the rest of the camp. We had decided to have two deputies because of the alarming amount of tasks. This is what our decision was for."

* * *

That night, Marvelpaw and Silkpaw got ready. "Up for a hunting patrol?" Swiftpaw asked Marvelpaw who glanced around nervously before whispering, "Is it really alright? I'm going to my first gathering tonight and-" Suddenly, a white apprentice stalked out of the apprentice den. "Lovepaw," Marvelpaw murmured to his sister. "Alright, let's go!" Marvelpaw quickly said, pouncing over to the hunting patrol. Lovepaw looked confused and padded to the medicine den. Swiftpaw shared a look with Silkpaw before trotting after Lovepaw and then spinning around, chasing after the hunting patrol as if he had forgotten where he was supposed to be for a heartbeat.

Silkpaw waited. And waited. AND WAITED. The patrol hadn't come back yet. It was time to go to the gathering. She padded over to the rest of the cats. Vinestar sighed, her ears twitching. "It's time to depart," she told her clanmates. Shaking her head, she leaped off the rock and Silkpaw followed her after glancing at her home one last time. She felt nervous and excited. They ran across the bridge, snuck past the twoleg place and into Windclan territory. Vinestar paused, raising her tail in the air and everyone stopped. Cats surrounded them.

"Heading to the Gathering?" one asked. Vinestar nodded. The patrol of Windclan cats cleared up and the Riverclan cats passed through.

Soon they were with other clan cats from Shadowclan, Windclan and... Thunderclan. Riverclan cats shared hostile glances with their rival. But they did nothing because of the truce. Hawkmuzzle bounded over to Thunderclan, his original clan he had been caught stealing for. He had been taken hostage by Riverclan and was released now. The elders had come, along with other warriors Vinestar hadn't mentioned. Shadowclan cats seemed unusually seperate, along with Windclan. Thunderclan still shot glances at Riverclan. Every cat seemed hostile and alone.

The Windclan leader, Moorstar, yowled, her clear voice echoing through the air. All cats turned their heads toward the Ancient oak, the new meeting place ever since the island was overrun with twoleg things, their litter and twolegs. The deputies looked up too at the roots of the tree and Swift tail squinted at the moonlight. Vinestar started. "We have two new apprentices, Silkpaw and Marvelpaw who is currently back at camp."

"Silkpaw!" Everyone shouted. Silkpaw shrank down in embarrassment. "Prey in the river is plentiful but our herbs are constantly being stolen." Swift tail twitched his ear, noticing how his leader hadn't mentioned who had commited the thefts. "However, we now have the determination to gather herbs now more than ever and we are quickly healing." Vinestar nodded.

"Shadowclan is doing well, with lots of prey and herbs. We have two new warriors: Falloak and Boomtail," Lonestar, the leader of shadowclan, announced.



"Some cat has also stolen herbs from us." Lonestar sighed, as if feeling depressed just by saying the words out loud.

The Thunderclan leader, Greystar, said, "Very small amounts of herbs have been stolen from our camp too. Flashtail was killed by a mysterious cat." Silkpaw looked around in fear. Which clan was doing these things?

Moorstar opened her mouth to speak when a brown thunderclan apprentice leaped onto the tree branch where Moorstar was sitting. "Get off," Moorstar told the apprentice. "Yes, get off, Mudpaw," Greystar said. Mudpaw leaped next to Vinestar. Her branch creaked.

"But she's my sister," he whined. Vinestar snorted. "What nonsense! Now get off and obey your clan leader."


"NOW!" Vinestar interrupted. She grabbed him and threw him off of her branch. It was a high one so Mudpaw screeched with fear and happiness as he plummeted toward the ground. He was on a joyride! Fortunately, Clockear, the Windclan deputy, was able to catch Mudpaw by his dark muzzle. "Don't ever do that again," Vinestar hissed, then glanced at Moorstar who cleared her throat.

"I am deeply troubled to hear about your problems. A small heat wave swept over us but we recovered quickly. But we have not been stolen from." Something started to form in Silkpaw's mind. Thunderclan, Riverclan and Shadowclan's herbs had been stolen. But why? And why hadn't Windclan been stolen from too? What if Windclan was doing these horrible things? She shook her head. No way! Maybe Moorstar had been lying about not being stolen from to make Windclan look strong. But she wasn't the type of cat to lie in a clan meeting. The apprentice. narrowed her eyes at the windclan cats. She would find out for herself.

Suddenly, a black and white tom Silkpaw remembered as Spottedriver dove through the clearing. "SOME CAT IS TRYING TO TAKE OVER YOUR LEADERSHIP!" he yowled towards Vinestar who narrowed her eyes in anger and spat at the ground. "Wait here," she told Spottedriver, racing back to camp. Cats murmured as they waited. Finally, the riverclan leader appeared and sat back on her branch. "The 'leader' is gone," she murmured.

Silkpaw hung around, waiting for Swift tail to finish gathering the Riverclan cats to head back to camp. A misty shape flashed before her eyes. "Wind..." it murmured, it's voice echoing until it flashed away, not a trace of it left behind.

"Did you see that?" Silkpaw murmured shakily to an apprentice who paused to answer his questioner.

"What? That rabbit that raced through the bushes?" he asked, licking his chops. Silkpaw shook her head.


Soon they were back at camp. Silkpaw slowly walked out of camp to fetch moss for the elders. Riverlily was pacing in front of her den, waiting for Marvelpaw to return. The apprentice easily found a small bundle of moss on a tree. She climbed it and grabbed the moss with her teeth before hopping down the tree. Suddenly, a yowl echoed through the clearing. "Help!"

It was Swiftpaw.

Silkpaw raced toward the cry, not bothering to stop and think or even dodging the thorns in bushes. She was scraped and bleeding in some places as she listened for the voice. She finally found the hunting patrol wrestling with a fox. She yowled, "Look over here, you scrap of fox dung!" The fox paused but that was enough. Swiftpaw scratched the orange creature and a warrior bit it's ears while another swept up it's legs. The fox stumbled over, let out a cry of pain, glared at the riverclan cats and yelped with fear. It fled into the bushes. Swiftpaw let out a growl before smiling at Silkpaw. "Thank goodness you got here in time! Quick, help us get Marvelpaw back to camp!"

"Marvelpaw?" Silkpaw asked, confused. "Can't he walk? And-"

Suddenly, she realized what the apprentice was saying. "Something lured the fox here," a warrior with a low voice growled. Scratches covered his muzzle and his back. "It was a cat for sure. Marvelpaw's leg seems... pretty bad." Silkpaw glanced at her brother. Soon they had brought him back to camp. She set down the moss in the medicine den for him.

"What's going- AHH!" Riverlily screamed, and Fairyheart glance at the injured apprentice. "Quick, cobwebs!" The medicine cat grabbed marigold, bindweed, comfrey and poppy seeds while her apprentice started grabbing cobweb.

"What is- AHH!" Marvelpaw shouted as he saw his leg. "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? HELP ME!"

"Quiet, we're doing that now. Your leg will heal," Fairyheart said firmly, sounding like she was trying to convince herself. Silkpaw dropped the cobwebs at her mentor's feet andgrabbed some thyme, too. Marvelpaw chewed on the thyme leaves and started to calm down. After what felt like a moon of endless treatment, he fell asleep. Fairyheart gestured to Riverlily quietly with her tail. "I'm afraid his leg is broken," the medicine cat hissed. Silkpaw listened carefully.

Riverlily gulped.

"And what does that mean?" she asked.

"Have you heard about the legendary Firestar?" Fairyheart asked. Riverlily nodded. "Well, during his time, a young she-cat named Briarlight, I think, broke her spine or something and... she wasn't able to be a warrior. I suppose... I suppose he could try and heal but it's not likely and..." Riverlily had heard enough, and so had Silkpaw. Both cats looked shocked and surprised. But only one had made a life-changing decision. Windclan had bothered her clan and all the other clans enough. It was time to go... undercover.

Chapter 3

"Okay... here I go..." Silkpaw murmured. Silk kit. I'm Silk kit again now. I'm a windclan cat who got abandoned, captured by rogues and was dropped into the lake. I almost drowned- that's why I'm coughing and wheezing. No, I do not know how to swim, I know nothing about the clans except my birth home is in Windclan territory. She shook her head. Okay, here goes...

It wasn't long before a cat found her. It was a pretty she cat, with fur so light grey that it seemed to have no other color. She had warm blue eyes and a soft pink nose. She shouldered her way through the ferns and found herself face to face with what appeared to be a windclan kit. Silk kit wailed. "Oh, those terrible black cats! Those rogues! I nearly drowned! If only I could find my birth mother... some rogue said she lived here..." she pretended to be talking to a beetle. The she-cat batted her paw at it and it fluttered away. The windclan cat gently picked the kit up and whispered comforting words to lull the kit to sleep. It's working! Silk kit thought as she smelt strong scents of Windclan around her. Her eyes were closed, pretending to be resting. "Alone... Windclan kit... Yes..." The kit only heard blips of conversation between the windclan she-cat and another windclan cat. And she fell asleep.

When she woke up, the same she-cat was standing over her. "Hello," the windclan cat mewed softly. "I'm Blizzardheart, the medicine cat." Silk kit blinked, pretending to be confused.

"What's a medicine cat?"

So on that day, Blizzardheart told Silk kit everything about the clans she knew. "I heard my mother was from here," the kit said. Blizzardheart frowned. "Yes, but we couldn't find her. Do you have a name?"

Silk kit thought quickly. "No."

Blizzardheart smiled. "Good, that's what I thought. Moorstar, the windclan leader, has given me permission to name you if you don't have a name! Oh joy, how I love naming things! I shall name you..." the medicine cat tipped her head. "Skykit. Is that alright?" Silk kit- now Skykit- nodded. "Alright, Skykit, welcome to Windclan! Clockear will announce your arrival soon. And other things..." Blizzardheart's gaze drifted to the sky as she fell into her thoughts. Skykit's heartbeat quickened. Could she already be learning Windclan's secrets and proof of their faults? "And here is this strange bird that repeats everything you say," the medicine cat added, nodding toward a twoleg cage with a colorful bird inside of it. "Don't worry, the twolegs locked it in nice and tight. We found it near our territory and took it for some reason."

"Took it for some reason," the bird squawked.

Skykit whimpered, pressing her head closer to her nest. Blizzardheart smiled warmly and grabbed the kit by her muzzle and dropped her into a nest inside the nursery. The curious kit glanced around. It was more homey than she expected since it was from Windclan. "Perilclaw will be taking care of you," Blizzardheart told her. A orange she-cat smiled at the newcomer. Around her paws were three kits smaller and scrawnier than Skykit.

"This is Windkit, Southkit and Westkit," Perilclaw introduced. The three kits scampered up to their newly adopted sister, showering her with questions.

"What's your name?"

"Are you from Thunderclan?"



The last name made Skykit's heart feel ten times heavier. She hadn't noticed how much she missed her home. "Quiet, unless you want to help the apprentices remove ticks from the elders!" Perilclaw ordered sternly. The kits stopped right away. "This is Skykit, your new sister. How've you never noticed her? She was weaker than the rest of you when she was born so she stayed in the medicine den for a while." Skykit's new mother begged her to go along with the false story with her eyes so the kit nodded. Perilclaw seemed releaved but tried to hide it. "Now why don't you all head over to the elders? I'll let you hear their stories for a while. Southkit, I know that you'll probably enjoy them." Southkit looked away, embarassed. They all walked out of the nursery together and headed towards the den where elders lived.

"So Harestar told me about the battle against the dark forest," one elder was saying.

Southkit gasped. "What happened?" she asked. The elder laughed.

"I was born moons after it happened, but the stories went on." He leaned close to the kits who giggled, scampering back. "It was a time of blood. The dark forest, where cats go when they aren't accepted in starclan. A cruel cat, known as Tigerstar, attacked us with his huge army and his perfect techniques! He sought to take over all the clans. But of course Windclan didn't let that happen! Harestar told me that we swooped down like a hawk and saved everyone. Of course, Thunderclan says there was a prophecy and their cats helped the most, but windclan actually did all of the work!" Skykit squinted. That wasn't true! As much as she hated to admit it, Thunderclan had saved them. Dovewing, a shadowclan elder, still told of the stories of the prophecy she was a part of. And she didn't lie. Skykit remembered how another cat of the same prophecy, Jayfeather, had died or something along with his brother, also part of the prophecy, Lionblaze. And the legendary Firestar was in starclan since the end of the battle where he defeated Tigerstar. The bad one, of course. "What about Firestar?" Skykit asked eagerly. She flinched as the elders all turned to her. "How do you know about him?" one hissed.

"Er... I heard whispers of his glory in other clans when I was... um..." the elders nodded, understanding. "That is true. Firestar helped us, but only a little. It was one of our warriors that killed Tigerstar!" The kit would never believe the lies the elders were telling her. But the other kits leaned close, excited to hear the story. Southkit seemed especially interested. Skykit wondered what was going on in her real clan right now. What would they think of her disappearance? What would Marvelpaw think? Fairheart? Riverlily?

Perilclaw suddenly swept into the den as the elders got to the part where the windclan cats nearly lost. "That's enough for today, kits," she told them. Southkit sighed. She seemed to drag herself to the nursery while the rest of the kits happily scampered after their mother. Skykit playfully bumped Southkit's paw.

"Hey, it's alright. There will be more stories," she assured the crestfallen kit. Southkit glared at her, her yellow eyes blazing with fury.

"Don't talk to me like that! I know you're not one of us: it's obvious! Anyway, I'm not some helpless little brat like you are! So leave me alone!" Skykit stopped in her tracks, frozen in surprise and pain. Her words had stung, and her small scratches were stinging too.

"Southkit sure is mad when she gets comforted," Blizzardheart suddenly said, stepping up next to Skykit who sighed. "I'm never accepted anywhere." The medicine cat stared passionately at the kit. "Wanna see the medicine den?" she asked. Skykit smiled, bouncing which clearly said yes.

The first thing she noticed was that the Windclan medicine den was fairly different from the Riverclan one. The herbs were arranged in a different way and some of the spots were empty. "Leaf-fall hit us hard this year," the medicine cat murmured, and Skykit was astonished. Was it already Leaf-fall?

Blizzardheart tipped her head to study her curiously. "You know, I just realize how much you know about herbs. Kind of like..." she trailed off, lost in her thoughts. Skykit gulped, hoping this wouldn't be the moment where her secret was revealed. Suddenly, the clear voice of Moorstar rang throughout the camp. She seemed full of distress and the windclan cats seemed to know it. "Gablestorm is having her kits!" she yowled, not waiting for the cats to gather around her. Many cats gasped. "No..." Blizzardheart muttered, and dashed to the medicine den. She soon came out with heaps of herbs. Skykit carefully took a few and helped carry them to the nursery as fast as she could. An agonized wail came from the small den. "Get me moss," some cat ordered. The kit didn't know which cat said it but didn't care. Thieves or not, no cat deserved to die like that. She dashed to where Blizzardheart had been a moment before.

"Moss... moss... MOSS..." she froze as she realized there was no more of the useful material. "Uh!" Dashing with all her might, Skykit sprinted out of camp. She knew the paths and she used them, weaving in and out through trees and bushes. A small patch of moss was soon found and she quickly but carefully removed it from it's spot. I have to get it back...

Suddenly, a rogue crossed her path. The rogue had blazing yellow eyes and a golden pelt. "Are you alri-" the rogue stammered, but Skykit had already tumbled past her. Another rogue crossed her path. Before she knew what was happening, it pushed her into a bush of brambles. The kit fell through them, feeling the small thorns brush her bright pelt. She found herself in a small clearing. "Well well well..." the rogue who had pushed her muttered. "Look at what we have here." Skykit snarled, her scratches stinging. That bush sure was thorny! Before she could say a word, the jet black rogue quickly slashed her legs and stood back, satisfied. She was no warrior, in Riverclan and Windclan! She knew no moves! Skykit remembered one thing Marvelpaw had told her though: Always protect your exposed, soft, and targeted belly. Although she knew nothing about how to do it, she found herself tucking her legs in to protect her belly. The black rogue sneered. "Pathetic," he spat, and bit into her fur. The next thing she knew, she was unconscious.

Chapter 4

Skykit felt dazed... she saw blurry scenes... The grass seemed to be moving... was she moving?...

Finally, she seemed to stop. Skykit felt herself being plopped down onto the soft grass although the ground felt a little harder than she remembered and her throat felt tight. Suddenly her memories rushed back to her. She blinked, only making that one small movement. She saw a black rogue, making her flinch. He was the one on riverclan territory! Riverclan... home... I want to go home!

But the rogue had other plans. He stopped, staring at her for a moment (Skykit shut her eyes,) before sprinting off for something. Skykit opened one eye before slowly rising to her paws. Once she realized that her captor was gone, she dashed toward windclan. "My name is Blackout, kin of Scourge, the founder of Bloodclan," she remembered him saying. She had shuddered.

Now, as the camp of windclan got closer and closer, Skykit started mapping out what to say to Blizzardheart when she arrived. I'm just going to spill out the words, she decided. She took a turn and found herself facing the camp.

Blizzardheart greeted her with a gasp.


Gablestorm peeked out of the medicine den, looking happy. Skykit sighed with relief. Gablestorm and her kits were alive! Suddenly Blackout came into her mind and she rushed over to the windclan medicine cat. "Blizzardheart!" The busy she-cat looked up. "You have to believe everything I say," Skykit panted. Blizzardheart nodded.

"You aren't the type of kit who lies." Skykit felt guilt appear in her stomach like a stone but shook it off.

"I know it sounds crazy, but there's this rogue who attacked me! His name is Blackout and he's the kin of Scourge who made Bloodclan and he's restarting it and... and... he's coming to our camp! And..."

"Slow down," Gablestorm meowed weakly. She had been listening. "I believe every word you just said. In fact, why don't you tell Moorstar?" An older warrior padded in. Blizzardheart shooed him out and ordered Skykit to tell Moorstar. "I have to treat Gablestorm and her kits. Then I'll see to your wounds," she told the anxious kit who bounded off immediately.

After that, everything was a blur. So many cats took off after they had stopped sharing puzzled looks.

"I must share tongues with Starclan tonight," Blizzardheart murmured to Skykit while pressing cobweb to her wounds. "But I cannot leave you here. Blackout has already targeted you. You shall accompany me to the Moonpool." The kit's jaw dropped. She felt sudden loyalty to her false clan. Suddenly, a swift cat streamed into camp. A familiar scent filled Skykit's nose, but she couldn't place her paw on it. The next thing she knew, she was being carried by a large tom. Hawkmuzzle!

"I'll get you back to riverclan, your real clan," he said fiercely. Skykit- no, Silkpaw- didn't nod. She just stared at Blizzardheart as the warm hearted she-cat stared after her with a pained expression.

Chapter 5

The world slowed down when Hawkmuzzle raced past every tree and every bush with great speed. Maybe it was because Silkpaw was feeling dazed. Or maybe because Blizzardheart's expression was stuck in her head. Whatever reason, Silkpaw was feeling ungrateful for it. She wanted to feel like she would throw up. Her stomach felt gurgly. Suddenly, the world returned to it's normal speed. The young apprentice immediately regretted her thoughts and gagged. The speed of the world was unbearable. Hawkmuzzle was staring straight ahead, not glancing back. "What were you doing there?" he said while carrying Silkpaw in his jaws. She only shook her head. "Fine."

The brown warrior leaped over a bush, not slowing down. The bark of a dog sounded nearby and it's foul stench filled her nose. "Dang it," Hawkmuzzle muttered. He glanced back and saw a black dog bounding after him. The faint cry of a twoleg faded as they past the Horseplace. The dog's large tongue rolled out of it's mouth as it ran after the two cats. "I need you to run. I can't handle your weight-"

Suddenly, he bonked into a tree. Yelping in pain, he rolled over and Silkpaw saw a deep wound on his head. It bled as she dragged him by his tail. The dog's howling got closer and she gritted her teeth.

Silkpaw made a quick decision and pushed the battered tom into the bushes, diving in herself. She looked around. A pool of mud was nearby. She must be near riverclan territory or in it! After slight hesitation, she slid into the sticky brown muck and rolled in it. Hopefully the mud would cover her and hide her scent. Then she poured some of the muck on Hawkmuzzle's tail. Suddenly remembering her medicine cat training, she began sniffing around for herbs. She scrambled to find comfrey root. Fortunately, there was a small cluster of them nearby. Silkpaw quickly chewed the roots into a poultice and stuffed it in Hawkmuzzle's wound. Then, after many attemps, she climbed a tree to gather a wad of cobwebs. As she gently pressed them into his wounds, he blinked at a cloud, his eyes dulling. Was he dying or was he sleeping? Surely hitting your head on a tree couldn't make you die.

While she was comforting herself, Silkpaw never noticed the lapping of a dog nearby. She froze. Then, coming to her senses, she smelt the dog and instantly raced out of the bushes to lure it away from Hawkmuzzle. The dog panted after her and rolled it's furry tail.

"Come after me you flea pelt!" she shouted, looking ahead. A blurry shape was in front of her. She zipped past bushes as the dog continued to chase her until she saw a twoleg yapping after the dog. It paused. Silkpaw looked back while still running and felt her pelt brushed by sharp branches. She was in a bush! A paw nudged her forward and she fell in a narrow ditch.


"Sorry I pushed you in," a small mew said. Silkpaw shot up and watched the kit chase a ball of moss. It had dark brown fur and sleek golden eyes. "I'm Goldeneye. Have you been around? Oh right, you're from our discovery." Goldeneye flicked the tip of his tail towards a small ditch. "It appears you have fallen through the Time Ditch."

"Where am I?" Silkpaw murmured, feeling dazed. She stood up on her paws, wobbling a little. "Welcome to the future!" Another voice said. Some cat snorted.

"I'm Little Miss Muffins. Yes, that's my name. It appears you come from... THE LOST AGE? That's the farthest we've went so far!" Little Miss Muffins exclaimed. She circled the weary apprentice. "Well, what are you waiting for? My home's right over there."

"Home?" Silkpaw cried. She ached for the bubbling river of her home. She relucantly followed Little Miss Muffins into a bush and gasped. There was a giant tower made of some strange material. Sticks were clustered together to make tall poles, each higher than the other. A large platform was added on top of each pole so that cats could jump from platform to platform and sleep on whichever one they wanted. "Come on, don't look so shocked. This is the future, after all."

"It is?" Silkpaw whispered, awestruck. She suddenly took notice of the place around her. Green grass and tiny yellow flowers were spread across the clearing. She leaped up to a high platform for a better view. "Amazing, isn't it?" Goldeneye gushed. Silkpaw jumped. She stared back at the scene. More poles were spread everywhere, posted as fences. Behind them were more homes. Many cats lived in each house, each one different colors. At the corner of her eye, she saw a bustling place. It had a huge black fence with a giant market behind it. Instead of typical houses, it was made up of many blocks with cats holding things in their jaws that they picked off of shelves and swapping them for sharp, tiny silver things.

"That's the market," Goldeneye muttered. He lowered his head.

"Come on, mysterious she-cat! What's your name?" Little Miss Muffins shouted once Silkpaw had leaped back down to the ground.

"Silkpaw," she proudly responded. Little Miss Muffins crinkled her nose.

"Silpaw? SILKPAW? That name is terrible! It doesn't even fit you! Let me take you over to the namers for a decent name!" After pausing for a moment, she fluffed out her pelt and raised her tail. "Call me Miss Muffins, by the way. I hate my full name."

Miss Muffins guided her through "streets" and brought her to a silver fence. "The namers," she announced. Every cat around them was using their long, flexible and twisting tails to do useful things. "Tails are our greatest asset," Miss Muffins explained as she saw Silkpaw's wandering gaze. She quickly shook her head and slipped through a gap in the fence. "That's how you get in. Slip through fences. Bigger creatures and monsters will be blocked."

The namers were very different in appearance and thought. "Redstripe," the red striped- tom said in his deep voice,

"Ringheart," A pretty she-cat with a ring around her ears gushed,




Each one seemed to be feeling different emotions. Redstripe glared at Silkpaw, his gaze sweeping over her as if scanning for something. "Neonminnow," he declared. It seemed to be a name suggestion.

"Flutteringbird," Ringheart whispered, tipping her head. "It is a name of an ancient mountain cat. It suits you well."



Almighty took the longest, actually giving the topic some thought.

"Flutter Trickle Stream," he said. Every cat murmurd in agreement. "You shall now be known as Flutter, your code name Trickle, your cover name Stream," he added. Silkpaw nodded. She understood. The other cats would suggest things and Almighty would put them together. Silkpaw- now Flutter- felt strange. She had three names in her life- Silkpaw, Skykit, and Flutter Trickle Stream.


Fairyheart paused as she stared at the other medicine cats. They looked up at her. She shook her head and licked the moonpool. Her vision blurred as she sank into dreams to speak with Starclan. Thunderstar greeted her. "I am the founder of Thunderclan," he murmured.

"Shadowclan," Shadowstar added.

"Windclan," Windstar said.

"Riverclan," Riverstar smoothly told her.

"We have come to give you a piece of what is to come," he whispered. Fairyheart tipped her head. "What is it?" she asked.

"Behind the bars of a hereafter prison," Shadowstar began,

"The Stream and Gold shall bring Fire to the risen," Windstar added.

"Is that it?" Fairyheart murmured. Riverstar shook his head.

"The others have the answer to what you seek. Negotiate and find the path to peace," he riddled. The images of the clan leaders began to fade away. "Wait! Don't go! Tell me what it means!" Fairyheart desperately pleaded.

"The path to peace," Shadowstar echoed, staring at her. Then she stepped through an invisible barrier and faded away.

Fairyheart awoke beside the Moonpool, gasping. The other medicine cats were already up and staring at her. "I think..." Speckledwing muttered. She looked up at her fellow medicine cats and blinked with her huge orange eyes. "That I know what to do. The path to peace."

"So you had it too?" Bailstorm murmured. Fairyheart, Speckledwing and Blizzardheart nodded. They all sighed, repeating what they heard.

"Behind the bars of a hereafter prison, Stream and Gold shall bring Flame to the risen," Fairyheart repeated.

"Flame shall devour, Duo shall rise to power," Bailstorm said.

"Fly with open wings," Speckledwing whispered.

Every cat stared at Blizzardheart who was looking at the stars. She switched her gaze to her fellow medicine cats and sighed.

"Bring peace to the forest from the one who slinks," she finished, and shrugged. "So what's the negotiating part?"

"We just did it," Fairyheart said. "I think the other messages are some kind of prophecy."

"Y'know, I met a nice kit a few sunrises ago. Skykit. She had blazing green eyes. Like jewels," Blizzardheart muttered to herself.

Fairyheart held her breath.

"Did she have orange stripes and a yellow pelt?" she whispered.

Blizzardheart nodded, puzzle. "Silkpaw!" Fairyheart exclaimed. Stream and Gold.... STREAM... "Guys," she said happily, "I think I know what part of it means."

Chapter 6 (WIP)

Flutter stretched and yawned, disturbed for a slight second by a dream she didn't remember. A flash of white and black fur hazily swept over her memories but it was probably nothing. She slowly padded forward and screeched to a stop when she remembered where she had slept that night. She stared down the edge of the platform, heart raacing. "You'll get used to it," Goldeneye suddenly said, making Flutter jump. She nearly fell off the ledge. "Took me a few moons. Don't worry, you'll probably settle in a few moons before Tenclaw."

"HELLO?" A silver furred tom called from the gate. "DELIVERY FOR LITTLE MISS MUFFI-"

"WE HEAR YOU! JUST LEAVE IT THERE!" Miss Muffins shouted. Goldeneye smiled mischeviously and nudged Flutter. "Why don't you go get the package?"

"Suuuuuure....." she muttered, unsure. She clumsily bounced from ledge to ledge until she hit the soft grass. Then she slipped through the largest bar and pawed towards the silver tom.

"Hi. Are you Flutter?" he asked. His voice was muffled by a mouse in his jaws. "I heard you're from the past in the early ages." Is that what my life is called?


"Oh, good. I'm Stone. Want a guide?" Flutter looked around hesitantly. Life here was so different that she couldn't help but agreeing. Stone smiled, his head bobbing up and down. He flung the mouse onto the first platform and flicked his long tail. "Come on."

"Here in the Nine, we all have long, flexible tails. They are pretty useful, if you ask me." Stone did an impressive flip with his tail. "For battling, pulling things, socializing, and even cooking."

"Cooking?" Flutter asked, tipping her head. What did he mean?

"Well... we mostly eat herbs and things. Meat is a bonus. Little Miss- Miss Muffins was lucky. She won a prize- the mouse," he explained, making her jaw drop.

"That must be disgusting, eating herbs every day!" she exclaimed, feeling sorry for the cats of Nine. Stone twitched his ear, amused, and shrugged.

"Here, try a soup." He nudged Flutter towards a basket full of weird white and red steamy liquid, pulled it with his tail, and told the she-cat to lick it. "You won't regret it," he promised. Flutter relucantly licked the goop. She sighed as the warm textures of something chunky, something steamy and something creamy danced in her mouth. "We just discovered pepper, potato and cream. Delicious, right? I suppose our stomachs are so used to eating those kinds of things that they aren't bad for us. Twolegs used to grow them." Stone tipped his head curiously. "Strange you managed to eat the soup without throwing it up the first time."

"Where are the twolegs anyway?" Flutter asked. Stone cleared his throat and looped his tail nervously.

"The thing is..." he sighed, looking down at his paws. "I'm not the best at history. Maybe you should ask Globe. He's the best history cat around, and he has a whole book full of history. We found a way to print words into thin stone to make books."

Globe turned out to be absent, but his assistant was there. He relucantly pawed a stoney book into Flutter's paws. She pawed it open and sighed.



In the age of our hero, Clausetail, disaster was thrust on the cats of the four ancient clans. Blizzards, floods, devastating thunderstorms and even wildfires erupted everywhere. Clausetail was among the few cats that survived.

Coming from the ancient bloodline of the legend Firestar, she searched for her kin and found that they were missing. She teamed up with Thistlepaw, Soretail, Lightpaw and Thornpaw to escape the endless horrors. After many moons, when Lightpaw became Lightstripe, Thornpaw became Thorntail, and Thistlepaw became Thistlehope, they had peace for a week. Then, a badger attacked them, and Soretail died. Lightstripe grieved the most for her former mentor and her source of guidance. She became brokenhearted and distant.

Several moons later, Clausetail found herself in the mountains of the ancient tribe. But no cats or scents were inside the waterfall cave. Eagles swooped down and carried her to the skies, but when a blizzard came, they dropped her in an empty moor. And that is where we are now. Lightstripe was never seen again, Thorntail mated with Clausetail just so they would have more cats in their camp, Thistlehope mated with a rogue named Prism, and it is said that Soretail lies in the stars.


Died of old age.

Kits: Frostkit, Weepkit, Tearkit, and Eaglekit.

Mate: Thorntail

Clan: Thunderclan


Killed by a badger.

Kits: None

Mate: None

Clan: Shadowclan


Cause of death unknown

Kits: None

Mate: None (Though it is said that Thistlehope was a close friend and may have been her mate.)

Clan: Shadowclan



Kits: Litkit, (Died of Greencough) Pitkit, (Died of Greencough) and Sitkit (Died of Greencough).

Mate: Prism

Clan: Windclan

Main Story

"You youngsters done?" Miss Muffins asked when Flutter and Stone returned to the gate. They nodded. Flutter's stomach rumbled quite loudly, making her cough. "Don't worry, I got something for you," Miss Muffins said, smirking. She flicked something with her tail and a pile of goop landed on her guest's tail. Flutter licked, gasped, and licked some more.

"Is there anything disgusting in this world?" she mumbled through a mouthful of chunky small ovals with a thick cream.

"No, unless you count Stone's hairballs," Goldeneye said, shuddering. Stone glared at him and the stubborn kit flicked his ear happily. "It's from a crop. Like it?"

"YES!" Flutter exclaimed, and shut her mouth before the goop poured out of her mouth. Stone explained how it was made and that it was called Juke to her. He suddenly glanced at the sun and made a hasty excuse and left. "What an idiot," she muttered, licking up the last of the Juke and looking around for a place to wash her scent. She was pretty sure rats would be climbing all over her in a few minutes if she didn't.

"There," Miss Muffins said, as if reading Flutter's mind. She nodded towards a platform near her. It was thick and chunky and had a ditch in the middle of it. Itwas filled with slightly muddy water. "Goldeneye just refilled it. Don't slosh it up," she added. Flutter slowly pawed the water. It rippled. She got in the ditch, first dipping her tail in, then her front paws, then her muzzle. She bit back a shriek as the icy water clung to her pelt.

"Whoops! I got cold water! Sorry!" Goldeneye called from a lower platform. He laughed nervously as cats outside of the gates tipped their heads at him.