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1. Dusk's Omen - Leafswirl's cries of a new omen fill the GorseClan clearing. Few gather around despite her insisting its importance, and she announces a "prophecy" that circles around a young apprentice. And, of course, everyone doesn't believe her.

2. Don't Worry - Bluepaw knows Leafswirl is insane, she really does. But that doesn't mean that everything the medicine cat says isn't true. And Bluepaw is unsure about the omen, even if everyone else thinks it's a fake.

3. It'll be Alright - Bluepaw confesses her worries to another apprentice, an older one named Flickerpaw. Flickerpaw insists that there's nothing to worry about, that it's just Leafswirl being Leafswirl. But, of course, Bluepaw still has her doubts.

4. - Leafswirl is ready to bring out "Bluepaw's inner monster", and she is determined to prove to the Clan that she isn't lying, that she's telling them StarClan sent her a real prophecy.

5. - After Leafswirl tries to kill her once, Bluepaw decides she's had enough of this. She leaves the Clan at midnight, unaware that she's being watched.

6. - Bluepaw has second thoughts about her leaving. She's disgusted at herself for trying to run from her problems, but before she can get back to camp, she's stopped by a surprise guest.

7. - Leafswirl attacks Bluepaw as soon as she sees the apprentice, ready to end the apprentice's life to protect her Clan. Bluepaw retaliates and Leafswirl knows that the end of the Clan is coming, just by guessing. But she's still rather insane; of course no one believes her.

8. Stay With Us - GorseClan welcomes Bluepaw back with open arms. Still the thought of her destroying the Clan that raised her for her whole life clawed at her insides, and she tries to think of everything she can do to prevent the Clan's possible destruction.

9. Shadows at Twilight - Bluepaw's a warrior thanks to Froststar. She is fearful for her Clan's safety, as the omen stated something about the new moon, which was that same night she sat vigil. And that's when it happens.

10. Twilight's End -


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