Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

This article is a work in progress by Feathercloud479 (former user StalkingFox1). No other edits without permission


Warrior Cats truth and dare I though of!

If you want to ask a truth or dare, please type it in the comment below


OC’s i will be using in this:

Feathercloud (very pale gray-and-white she-cat, me)

Braceknstar (brown she-cat with cyan eyes)

Cloudcrouch (old mangy white tom, Jayfeather grumpiness x1000000)

Honeyshine (pale ginger she-cat, Brackenstar’s sister)

Slitherfang (thin black tom from the Dark Forest(

Oakstep (dark brown tabby tom)


Part 1

Feathercloud: ok everyone ready?

ThunderClan: yeah!

Feathercloud: ok. So i will be asking truth or dare, and some of these questions may be from others user. You sure you’re ready?

ThunderClan: yeah!

Feathercloud: ok so-

Russetfur: *kicks Feathercloud into ShadowClan territory*

—in ShadowClan’s camp—

Blackstar: we go first! Not ThunderClan!

Feathercloud: oh-ok. Who wants to go first?

Tigerstar: me! And I call dare!

Feathercloud: alright your dare is-

Hawkfrost: kill Firestar!

Feathercloud: wait what?

Tigerstar: yayyyy! *runs off*

Feathercloud: 0-0

Brokenstar: me next! me next!

Rowanclaw: truth or dare?

Feathercloud: hey thats my line!

Rowanclaw: not anymore

Brokenstar: truth

Feathercloud: How did you feel when you realized Yellowfang was your mother?

Brokenstar: she was?

Tawnypelt: yeah, she told you

Brokenstar: I don’t remember. To be fare, i was choking on deathberries

Feathercloud: you’re too mouse-brained to choke and listen at the same time?

Brokenstar: YOU WILL PAY

Feathercloud: 0-0 *runs*

ShadowClan: GET BACK HERE!

Feathercloud: *calls Brackenstar* Brackenstar! Get over here quick!

Brackenstar: I told you this job was too much


Brackenstar: Do I get paid?

Feathercloud: no

Brackenstar: then no

Feathercloud: *calls a new number* hey Cloudcrouch? Brackenstar’s being mean-


Cloudcrouch: hello? yes? WHY DID YOU DISTURB MY NAP!?!?!?

Feathercloud: *hangs up*

—a few hours of chasing Feathercloud across the camp later—

Brackenstar: hi! oh thats chaos

Feathercloud: *runs away*

Brackenstar: ok lets do truth and dare! but wasn’t ThunderClan supposed to be first…

Lizardstripe: don’t mention ThunderClan

Littlecloud: not even Cinderpelt?

Lizardstripe: not even Cinderpelt

Blackstar: Littlecloud, truth or dare?

Brackenstar: isn’t that my line?

Puddleshine: no

Littlecloud: truth

Brackenstar: do you love Cinderpelt?

Littlecloud: Ye- No! No! *nervous chuckling* of course not!

Everyone: *sarcasm* uh-huh. of course

Littlecloud: glad you believe it!

Everyone: -.-

Littlecloud: wait why are you looking at me weird? FLAMETAIL!

Flametail: yes?

Littlecloud: truth or dare

Brackenstar: i have a feeling thats my line

Brokenstar: go jump on a thin ice lake again

Flametail: what?! no!

Brokenstar: its a dare.

Tigerheart: ok then, dare me to save him!

Hawkfrost: I dare you to hold him under

Brackenstar: I’m outta here-

ShadowClan: No! You stay!

Brackenstar: ok then. *thinks* Brokenstar I dare you attack Tigerstar.

Brokenstar: ok! *attacks*

Darkstripe: no not Tigerstar!

Darkstripe: c’mon guys, listen to me and fight!

Tigerstar fans: CHARGE! *attacks Brokenstar*

Brokenstar fans: CHARGE! *attacks Tigerstar*

Tigerstar & Brokenstar fans: No. This isnt is a jinx is it?

Tigerstar & Brokenstar fans: AHHHHHH! *continue attacking

Brackenstar: *slips away*

Part 2

Brackenstar: finally! ThunderClan! Peace and respect!

Feathercloud: uhhhh I go to ThunderClan not you

Brackenstar: hey!

Feathercloud: *dials number*

Cloudcrouch: YOU WOKE ME AGAIN!

Feathercloud: you see Cloudcrouch Bra-

Brackenstar: You can get ThunderClan just turn the phone off!

Feathercloud: *hangs up*

—at ThunderClans camp—

Feathercloud: Hi im here for-

Graystripe: you have come at the wrong time. We are currently mourning for Firestar

Feathercloud: Oh im so sorry its all because of my-

Graystripe: YOU DID IT!

Feathercloud: 0-0 bye! *runs*

—at WindClan—

Feathercloud: Hi im Feathercloud, ready to do truth or dare?

Heatherstar: sure?

Feathercloud: ok who goes first?

Crowfeather: me because I know what the question will be and I jist wanna get it over with

Feathercloud: *scoffs* you cants possible guess it

Crowfeather: is it: ‘Crowfeather, why do you hate your kits and mates including Feathertail even after Ashfoot visited you and taught you to be nice for once?’

Everyone: yes

Crowfeather: well, Breezepelt has a pelt full of thorns-

Breezepelt: hey!

Crowfeather: yeah you’re so prickly what else could it be? Also Leafpool’s kits, I barely know their names, their Shriwodnd, Cbskworuggsm, and, Akdufndngf I think, and I hate Nightcloud just in general, I’m don’t like Leafpool, but I did, and I DO love Feathertail!

Crowfeather: yay its over

Whitetail *gets out a copy of the rules* It says in this that people can go as long as they want, or as long as the host wants.

Crowfeather: *dies*

Everyone: oof

Feathercloud: ok so who’s next!

Onestar: Me me me!

Feathercloud: Kk. How close were you to Gorsepaw?

Onewhisker: *starts to cry*

WindClan: *glares at Feathercloud*

Feathercloud: *pulls out phone* Brackenstar I need help

Brackenstar: again. will you pay me?

Feathercloud: no

Brackenstar: then no

Feathercloud: i could call Cloudcrouch-

Brackenstar: I’m coming!

—awhile later—

—At WC camp—

Brackenstar: the camp is flooded?

Feathercloud: over here! yeah, Onewhisker flooded it with his tears. Morningflower gets 53% of the credit. Anyhow, gtg bye! *runs off*

Brackenstar: ok so, who next?

Tallstar: me

Brackenstar: ok so I dare you to actually kill Sparrow this time

Tallstar: I can’t!

Brackenstar: its a dare

Tallstar: fine

—by a cliff—

Tallstar: hey Sparrow!

Sparrow: hi!

Tallstar: I will avenge my father’s death in taking your life for his.

Sparrow: But- But I thought-

Tallstar: *pushes off cliff*

Tallstar: sorry! It was a dare!

Dead Sparrow:

—at WindClan—

Heathertail- I’ll go nec-

Windstar: hi! good news!

Brackenstar: ITS A GHOST! AHH! *runs*

Everyone: -.-

Brackenstar: *mumbles* well an olde enemy in StarClan sent me to the Dark Forest on a suicide mission and I died yet saved the Clans and hopefully Feathercloud will make a new book about me soon

Feathercloud: Laterrrr

—five years later—

Feathercloud: LATERRR

—Back to the present—

Windstar: anyhow soon Crowfeather will return!

Crowfeather: Ahhhh! falls from the sky

Crowfeather: can someone get the med? I just fell from the sky

Heathertail: why do you hate Nightcloud?

Featherpelt: was I a good apprentice?

Tallstar: would you have been mates with Feathertail if she lived?

Hollyleaf: Why did you break the warrior code?

Breezepelt: GET OUT YOUR NOT WINDCLAN! dad, are you proud of me for fighting in the dark forest?

Harestar: do you forgive me for exiling you?

Ashfoot: was becoming a deputy a good decision?

Crowfeather: I CHOOSE DARE!

Everyone: awwww :(

Brackenstar: I dare you to answer all our questions!

Everyone: *more questions*

Crowfeather: Because I do. Maybe. Of course! I didn’t, Leafpool did! Breezepelt you have the brains of a mouse HOLLYLEAF YOU’RE STILL HERE? Harestar you owe me a big debt now (999 billion dollars, to be specific). And mom OF COURSE!

Everyone: we have more questions!

Crowfeather: *dies*

Brackenstar: no not again

Part 3

Feathercloud: should we go to RiverClan next?

Brackenstar: yes. Hopefully they’ll be less chaotic

Feathercloud: they live by a peaceful and calm river. No chaos

Brackenstar: none


River: *raging chaos*

Feathercloud: I spoke too soon

—in RiverClan camp—

Loudbelly: yay! You’re here!

Reedwhisker: finally!

Feathercloud: time for truth or dare!

Brackenstar: let’s do audience questions. So far we only have one

Reedshine: not very successful, huh? Must be a bad show

Brackenstar: GET BACK HERE!!!!

Feathercloud: *holds Brackenstar back* let’s just get on *death stares Reedshine*

Reedshine: *faints*

Brackenstar: yay! Onto the question!

Mistystar: is it for me?

Brackenstar: no

Mistystar: *pulls out machine gun* it is now

Brackenstar: ok, ok, it’s a dare. I dare you to leave this camp

Mistystar: oh *leaves*

Brackenstar: now the question

Feathercloud: It’s from Darkstar. Leopardstar, who would you want to be your mate?

Leopardstar: Cloudcrouch

Brackenstar: WHAT?!?

Leopardstar: I’m just messing with you. It’s- *boots Frogleap out of camp* Frogleap

Reedwhisker: and…. You don’t want him to know?

Leopardstar: no

Brackenstar: Feathercloud’s recording

Leopardstar: WHAT!?!

Brackenstar & Feathercloud: *chuckles*

Leopardstar: *mauls Feathercloud*

Brackenstar: she already uploaded it

Leopardstar: NOOOOOOOO!

Reedwhisker: to where?

Brackenstar: CatTube.


Stonefur: what is her channel?

Brackenstar: XxFeathercloudxX749 (not a real YT channel)

Stonefur: the one with 97k subscribers?

Brackenstar: yep!


Crookedstar: how many views?

Brackenstar: 53,061 so far


Reedshine: Has Frogleap seen this?

Brackenstar: whats his channel?

Brackenstar: wait- REEDSHINE!!? *boots her out of camp*

Brackenstar: what is the channel?

Feathertail:  ILikeIceCream2737289383

Brackenstar: yeah he saw it


Tumblekit: do i get a dare?

Feathercloud: *dizzily* sure

Tumblekit: i dare myself to hug Feathercloud! *squeezes her to death*

Brackenstar: hey! *boots her out of camp* Feather u ok?

Feathercloud: yeah- im fine



—Feathercloud and Brackenstar walk out covered in bandages—

Feathercloud and Brackenstar: owwwwww!!!!

Part 4

Brackenstar: hey Feathercloud?

Feathercloud: yes?

Brackenstar: we got a new dare

Feathercloud: for who?

Brackenstar: if you had to choose a mate, who would it be? dont say Cloudcrouch!

Feathercloud: Cloudcr-

Brackenstar: no! *tackles Feathercloud*

Feathercloud: Get of me!

Brackenstar: fineee

Feathercloud: hey, do you here that?

Tumblekit: Feathy! *runs towards her*

Feathercloud and Brackenstar: runn! *runs*

Tumblekit: Feathy? where are you?

—after running—

Brackenstar: you never answered the question

Feathercloud: oh yeah.

Feathercloud: If I had to choose out of any Erin Hunter character, it would be Hawkwing

Brackenstar: kk *texts*

Feathercloud: Who you texting?

Brackenstar: Uhh-

Feathercloud: *peeks* HAWKWING!!!

Brackenstar: its not what you-

Feathercloud: *mauls*

—at SkyClan camp—

Hawkwing: *gets a call from Brackenstar*

Brackenstar: Feathercloud wants to talk to you!

—with Feather & Bracken—

Feathercloud: I hate you

Brackenstar: join the club

Feathercloud: there’s a club?

Honeyshine: *appears* Yes! Yes! Join Us Feathercloud! We Hate Brackenstar! (WHB) Join Us! We Hate Brackenstar!

Slitherfang: can I join?

Honeyshine: YES!!!

Brackenstar: Honeyshine! Slitherfang! Seriously! *shoves Feathercloud to the phone* There *to Honey & Slither* Guys! C’mon!

Oakstep: can I join?

Honeyshine and Slitherfang: YESSSS!

Brackenstar: NOOOO!


Brackenstar: did you ask? how’d it go?

Feathercloud: *sniffles* he declined

Brackenstar: sorry


Brackenstar: do me a favor

Feathercloud: yes?

Brackenstar: can you help me get revenge on Honeyshine? I don’t know how

Feathercloud: sure! I got an idea….


Honeyshine: that Brackenstar!

Slitherfang: I hate her!

Oakstep: Join the club!

Slitherfang: I’m in the club, mouse-brain

Oakstep: oh

Honeyshine: just help me find a way to-

Oakstep: get her in the club

Honeyshine: no! wait….

Slitherfang: we could rename is We Hate Cloudcrouch. she’d join for sure

Cloudcrouch: what wis that?!


Jayfeather: a beautiful day, isn’t it?


Jayfeather: the sun is shining, the dewdrops on the leaves sparkle, and there’s even a rainbow!


Jayfeather: plus this cake is delicious. Want some?


Feathercloud: *appears* Half Moon is behind you!

Jayfeather: Half Moon? Half Moon! *pulls out script* Half Moon, the love of my life, you smells like cotton candy and pink fluffy unicorns, I would do anything for you. No Rock could ever hold us apart-

—a couple hours later—

Jayfeather: and-

—forty-five minutes later—

Jayfeather: you an I shall-

—an hour and a half later—

Jayfeather: Rock shall not have the power to-


Feathercloud: *yawns*

Jayfeather: An I ask that you be my mate forever and ever! *shreads the script and throws it up as confetti*

Feathercloud: the stick heard it all…


Jayfeather: *gasps* Sticky! I’m so sorry!

Jayfeather: you need a proper name. How about Bob?


Jayfeather: great! now, Half Moon-

Feathercloud: she’s not here


Feathercloud: well, Honeyshine, Slitherfang and Oakstep told me to do it…

Jayfeather: *runs off glaring at Feathercloud*

—the faint screams of Honey, Slither, and Oak are heard in the distance—

Cloudcrouch: Shut up! I’m taking a nap!