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Truly Twilight is the story of ThunderClan's hero, Rosetail.

Chapter 1

Rosepaw stretched and yawned. It was dawn of her first day as an apprentice. She padded out of the den into the streaming sunlight and flexed her taut, lean muscles as she searched for her mentor. Soon Rosepaw's gaze caught Patchpelt. The young tan she-cat bounded over to him and began to share tongues. But they were stopped by a sleepy Tawnyspots.
The dappled ginger deputy sternly meowed, "Patchpelt, lead a patrol with Bluefur and Rosepaw. Show her around the territory. So the pair of cats hastily woke Bluefur. Her gray pelt was shiny, still sweaty from last night's battle with WindClan. But when her excited young niece woke her up, she was energetic and ready for patrolling.
So the three cats set off, Patchpelt leading the way and his little apprentice setting a rigorous pace. Then Bluefur, the senior warrior of the patrol, stopped as she tasted the air. "ShadowClan!" she yowled. They were close to camp, and Rosepaw heard the faint sound of Sunstar's voice as he orded reinforcements. The young medicine cat apprentice, Spottedpaw, accompanied her mentor, Featherwhisker.
With fierce battle cries, Raggedstar brought his cats into the clearing to fight. A tabby apprentice with a bent tail viciously clawed at Rosepaw, but was no match for her wiry form. She slipped under him and pummeled his belly. "Brokenpaw, back off!" yelled his mother, the deputy Foxheart. She had brought Blackpaw, her huge white apprentice, into the fray, along with Lizardstripe and her daughter, Russetpaw. Then ThunderClan dashed forth.
Moonflower screamed her ferocious, high-pitched battle yowl as she crashed down upon Russetpaw. The tiny ginger apprentice helplessly waved her paws in the air until her mother saw her and took her place. Foxheart pummeled Stonepelt with her paws, but was sent back gasping for breath as he kicked out his hind legs. The young warrior Thistleclaw tore a chunk of fur off of Raggedstar's flank. Then Rosepaw dashed over and raked his nose until the leader was gasping for breath and covered in crimson.
In anguish, Raggedstar called his warriors off. Runningpaw bound his leader's nose and Yellowfang hastily treated Blackpaw's broken leg. Heading back to camp with her older brother, Halftail, Rosepaw beamed with excitement after her first battle.