Tribe of Hidden Horizon Series


Chief: Roaring Lion - a golden tom with yellow eyes and a lion like mane

Chief's Mate: Turtle Dove - tortoiseshell brown, white and black she-cat with forest green eyes

Chief's Daughter: Speckled Owl - creamy she-cat with small brown spots all over her back and blue eyes

Warchief: Snake Bite - brown tom with black stripes and green eyes

Holy Tom: Blue Clouds - white tom with blue eyes

Holy She-Cat: Rainsong Drop - silver she-cat with blue eyes


  • Deep Waters - gray tom with sea-blue eyes
  • Black Siren - black she-cat with russet red on her muzzle and red eyes
  • Lone Wolf - black tom with yellow eyes
  • Rose Petals - black and red she-cat with green eyes
  • Tumbling Rock - big silver tom
  • Little Wolf - gray tom with wolf like ears, teeth and blue eyes
  • Tree Blossom - white she-cat with red spots and blue eyes
  • Gliding Snowflake - pure white she-cat
  • Dancing Bear - brown tom with brown eyes and a small like ears and tail
  • Burning Fire - orange tom
  • Little Bumblebee - black and yellow she-cat
  • Flower Of Pure Gold - calico she-cat
  • Oak Tree - brown tom
  • Pine Needles - brown tom with forest green eyes
  • Apple Tree - russet she-cat with green eyes
  • Pike Tooth - canine brown tom


  • Dove Feather - soft gray she-cat with blue eyes
  • Quail Foot - gray she-cat with black spots
  • Clover Song - calico black she-cat


  • Grazing Bull - brown tom with red eyes
  • Orange Leaf - orange she-cat
  • Yellow Teeth - yellow tom

Birth Givers:

  • Crashing Waves - silver she-cat with one brown and green eye (Mate: Dancing Bear; Kits: Swimming Fish, Small Mouse, Running Rabbit)


  • Swimming Fish - brown tom with orange stripes and blue eyes
  • Small Mouse - brown she-cat with small ears
  • Running Rabbit - silver gray she-cat


  • Rushing Mountain - gray tom with a crippled leg
  • Dew Leaf - calico tom


  • Hollowflight - a handsome brown tom with green eyes, and an unusually black mark on his forhead (from Pebbleclan)
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