This is a short story by Why isn't the battery life on an iPod calledAPPLE JUICE? 07:34, August 9, 2013 (UTC),  It is dedicated to Stitches, the baby rabbit who didn't make it. 

Characters you'll need to know

Smallblossom- sweet gray she-cat with long flowing fur and light green eyes.

Graypaw- light gray tom with excited blue eyes and an electric personality.

Harefoot- dark cream tom with amber eyes.  Medicine cat.

This is Graypaw, I had some extra time so I drew him.


Graypaw's POV

I was overly excited, jumping up and down, eyes shining wih excitement.  It was my first day as an apprentice, and my mentor, Cherryfoot was about to take me out so I could explore the territory.  I was waiting impatiently by the camp entrance, as Cherryfoot spoke to the deputy, glancing at me with a doubtful look.  Why does she keep looking at me?  Is she talking about me?  I thought innocently.  I brushed the thought away quickly.  Cherryfoot was a nice cat, she wouldn't be like that. 

Finally, after what seemed like moons, Cherryfoot nodded to the deputy and padded towards me.  She strided past me, and paused for a moment, looking over her shoulder.  "Are you coming with me or am I going to be talking to myself?"  she asked.  Oh!  I blushed and nodded quickly, then scurried after her, struggling to keep up. 

I tripped over my paws and fell flat on my muzzle into a pile of dirt.  Cherryfoot glanced back, then turned and lifted me up by my scruff and onto my feet.  "Sorry."  I mumbled.  She purred, without saying a word.  I shook off the dirt stuck to my face and stood straight.  "Come on, lets go!"  I meowed.

Cherryfoot smiled, and continued along.  "This is apple tree, the main area in DarkClan."  Graypaw gazed at the gigantic tree in awe.  It was at least as tall as a hundred cats or more. 

"Wow..."  Graypaw meowed.  Cherryfoot twitched her whiskers. 

"Let's continue on, now."   Cherryfoot meowed and turned to head around the huge tree.  Graypaw scampered after her, tail pointing straight into the air.  Cherryfoot looked over her shoulder at him and purred.  Graypaw payed no attention to his mentor and padded along.  Cherryfoot walked slowly behind him.  "We have one other Clan, called LightClan.  This is their border, make sure to never cross it, they would catch you in a heartbeat." 

Graypaw noded urgently.  "Okay Cherryfoot,"

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