Note: The medicine cat was picked at random.

Another Note: Some of these cats are Home charries.


Leader: Bramblestar (Arti) - young brown tabby she-cat with one white paw and dazzling green eyes.

Deputy: Forestheart (Forest) - tom with short gray fur, forest-green eyes and a tuft of fur on the head.

Medicine Cat: Wetstream (Wetty) - dark grey she-cat with a white left front paw, and tinted yellow eyes.



Birdsong (Bird) - black she-cat with white paws, and sharp green eyes.

APPRENTICE: Huskypaw (Ash)

Redpoppy (Red) - dark russet tabby she-cat with green eyes. 

Sunbranch (Hermione) - golden tom with green eyes

Darklion (Spoofy) - a dark gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Cinderdapple (Cinders) - silver and white tabby she-cat with one green eye and one amber eye.

Starhaven (Haven) - Starhaven is a brown tabby she-cat with brilliant blue eyes and a thin white band of fur just above her front right paw.

Ducksplash (Duck) - dappled grey tom with a torn ear.

Mistybird (Misty)  - tortoiseshell she-cat with bright blue eyes.

Brightsong (Brighty) - ginger and white she-cat with stormy blue eyes.

Nightshimmer (Night) -  black she-cat with grey splotches and green eyes.

APPRENTICE: Ivypaw (Niny)

Cranefeather (Feather) - golden she-cat with white spots and green eyes.

Silverfoot (Rainy) - sleek silver she-cat with large green eyes.

APPRENTICE: Driftpaw (Floatie)

Secretwish (Lilly) - white she-cat with black splodges and green eyes.

Goldenpetal (Roo)  -  cream colored she-cat wtih golden paws, ears and muzzle. 

Rosebriar (Moon) - dark gold and brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Fuzzywhisker (Fuz) - black she-cat with a white underbelly and muzzle, and dark green eyes.

Ivyfleet (Strikeh) - very small white she-cat with silver patches and blue-green eyes.

Ivyheart (Mist) - white she-cat with large blue eyes.


Huskypaw (Ash) -  tom that looks like a red husky dog and has blue eyes.

Ivypaw (Niny) - pale ginger, sandy colored cat with blue eyes.

Driftpaw (Floatie) - cream she-cat with white paws and blue eyes.

Mintleaf (HIMG)  pale grey she-cat with darker grey stripes. Is the medicine cat apprentice.







Chapter One


It was sleeting in LightClan. The cats were all in their dens, the medicine cat telling them to stay in. The apprentices mostly.


At the apprentices den, they were all chattering. Like birds constantly singing their songs. 

"When do you think the rain willl stop?" Ivypaw asked.

"We don't know," Huskypaw teased, "we don't control the weather, Smarty-Paws." Driftpaw gave a small giggle, causing Ivypaw to glare at Huskypaw.

"Toms," she muttered. Driftpaw also giggled at this. Huskypaw grinned.

"So we're all hungry," he said, "the first one to say mouse has to get the prey! It's in th-"

"Mouse!" Driftpaw and Ivypaw said in sync. Huskypaw glared at them. 

"I'll get you two for this." He grumbled. Ivypaw couldn't stand it and cracked up.


In the warrior's den, it was very crowded. Plus, Ivyfleet couldn't stop squirming and Goldenpetal, Silverfoot, and Mistybird were talking their mouths off. You could also hear a groan or two coming from Birdsong, Forestheart or Darklion.

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