Leader: Pinestar - a dark-brown tom with black paws and tail, deep green eyes.


Warriors: Icetail - a dark grey she-cat with light grey tail and paws.

Ravensong - a silver speckled-tabby she-cat with hazel eyes.

Cinderwhisker - a blue-grey she-cat with lime green eyes.

Spottedstorm - a dark brown mottled tom with amber eyes.

Mosstuft - a young, dark brown tabby tom with a tuft of futr sticking up on his head.

Brackentail - a dark brown tom with black tabby stripes and yellow eyes.

Apprentices: Toadpaw - a mottled dark-to-light brown tom with black paws and yellow eyes.

Whitepaw - a pure white she-cat with ice-blue eyes.

Swiftpaw - a dappled sandy-grey tom that is blind in one eye.

Queens: Squirrelfur - a white she-cat with brown markings and large blue eyes. (Mother to Owlkit, Yewkit and Poppykit)

Kits: Owlkit - a dark brown tom with black tabby stripes.

Yewkit - a dark grey tom with ginger paws.

Poppykit - red she-kit with white tabby stripes.


Leader: Sparkstar - ginger she-cat with amber eyes and silver hind paws.

Deputy: Robinwing - Blue-gray she-cat with dark, stormy grey eyes

Warriors: Firestrike - a ginger tabby she-cat with a black stripe along her back, white paws, and pine- green eyes

Cloudpelt - White tom with very fluffy pelt

Goldenleaf - Dark brown tom with bright yellow eyes

Apprentices: Open

Queens: Open

Kits: Open


Leader: Lionstar - a reddish-brown, speckled-tabby tom with yellow eyes and a torn ear.

Deputy: Birdwhisker - a golden-brown she-cat with brown eyes and a white tail-tip.

Warriors: Blacktail - a young but experienced tom with black markings all over his body.

Rainfire - blue-grey and white tom with ginger spots and green eyes.

Rainwing - a blue-eyed she-cat with very long dark grey fur and white paws.

Adderface - a pale ginger tabby she-cat with a snake bite in her left ear.

Apprentices: Open

Queens: Finchsong - Dark ginger tabby with green eyes and a white chest.

Kits: Rainkit - a pale grey tabby she-cat with copper coloured eyes.


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Want mate: Y/N*

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*You cannot choose what mate and kits you get, unless they are also your own characters.

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