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Plot: Misty is a young cat (Not starting like that, just you won't know her age or name for a while)
She is a rougue, of sorts, in a world where the elements rage
Every cat is killed if they don't pass a no one has come back from, and that if you don't take you might as well kill yourself
It is not known if anyone has survived the test

There are a few versions.
Each of the elements screens you through painful process in your dreams.

They come one after another, and for a week you remain asleep as they test your will and power (its bad stuff, falling off a cliff(air), drowning(water), running with stuff chasing you(earth))
This is only screening to figure out which element will test you.
What the heck? It won't post
There is a mysterious other element, the one of will.
If you pass the test you meet a cat....only one per element

They are grotesquely scared, by there element. Supposedly, you are admitted into a Clan if you win. Blah, Blah, Blah, Misty has feelings, has been raised to want to go to Wise Element. She must remain alone, while meeting kits and others who need her help, but she is a solitary cat.\
She decides to take the other path, the other way of living.

The way of the running. She runs, as the Elements blast her.
Then, she sees a cliff, conflicting feelings, add juicy stuff, she jumps off the cliff.
She falls, we don't know what happens to her. (Next couple seasons later)
The elements destroy each other, blaming for letting omeone escape.
You see, they thrive on controlling everyone.

When Misty made her own choice, choose her own path, they can't live anymore.
This is now the POV of a kit she met along the way
The kit, named Blaze, is trying to hide as the Elements destroy themselves and the world, a last ditch atemt to control if anything can survive.
Destruction, yadah yadah.
Blaze survives.

A few others survive.
They form the Clan of Rebellion

They are told that Misty destroyed the world, that she made them live this life of little prey, of fights, and no clean air.
We see her alive. Back to her POV, severely injured.

She fell from the cliff, but survived.
Etc, Blaze feels sorry for her, helps her from the Clan when Misty pretends to be a rougue with a new identity.
Misty reveals who she really is.
Etc., she eventually shows the Clan that they are living a better life, one with as many hardships as before, but at least together.
Blaze helps her.
The elemtns rain at last, create a rainbow

They were really here to show the cats to come together, to support one other, to rely on one another not turn on each other constantly.
I might do some specials to show who the Elements were, and how they came to be.
The End.

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