Made by Mallinois. The Tigerwolves are cats that are part dog, part cat. They can behold one element of five, which are agility (speed), Flight , growth (make plants grow), strength, and the rarest of all, Blaze-splash, a tigerwolf which controls fire and water. Blaze-splash tigerwolves usually become leaders. Enjoy! (They live in the new Thunderclan,Leafclan, hundreds of years later. Firestar is in a framed pic in the Alpha's den.) --Mallinois F l u f f y i s W a t c h i n g 21:48, 18 March 2009 (UTC)

Alpha-Rain-Fire-Australian Shephard/light gray tabby, blue-brown eyes, she-tw(She-Tigerwolf) (Blaze-splash)

Beta-Bear-Canaan Dog/dark brown cat, dark eyes, he-tw (Strength)

Mystic Commander-Sairro-Saarlos Wolfhond(Wolf/German Shepard)/Dark ginger cat, blue eyes, he-tw (Growth)


Drift-Border collie/Pure white cat, Green eyes, she-tw (Flight)
Ice-Samoyed/White cat, Dark Brown eyes, he-tw (Speed)
Cacrin-Basenji/Reddish-Brown tabby, Dark eyes, he-tw (Strength)
Krion-Great Dane/Gray tabby, brown eyes, he-tw, (Speed)
Ari-Saint Bernard/Dark tabby, dark brown eyes, she-tw (Growth)
Cliff-German Shephard/Red Tabby, Dark brown eyes, he-tw (Flight)

Pup-kit beholders:

Sarah-Belgian Malinois/Blue-gray cat, Green-Blue eyes, she-tw (Growth)
Wave-Smooth Dutch Shephard/silver tabby, Brown eyes, she-tw (Strength)
Sky-Cloud-Jack Russel Terrior/Black cat, Black-Brown eyes, she-tw, (Flight)

(Pup-Kits are not mentioned)

Honored Masters:

Fire-Akita/Ginger cat, he-tw, Brown-Yellow eyes, (Speed)

...And Thus the generation of LeafClan Tigerwolves begins...

The Story


The moon was full and the howl of a wolf shattered the air with its chilling sound. The cat instinct in her brought out her fear. The two pup-kits at her belly mewl-barked and wriggled in fear. Her mate stood beside her. Suddenly, a flash of fire and water came from the Malinois-Blue-gray-cat by her side. She stared in astonishment. Could it be? A...Blaze-splash? No. It wasn't. It couldn't be. The other was a German Shephard/blue-gray tabby, and leaves already were sticking out from under it. A growth type like her. She named them Mako and Farrest, and she continued to nurse them.

Chapter 1

Mako awoke to the sound of his mother's voice and he knew it was story-time. Farrest was already a master at her growth power, seeing as the vines from her paws couldn't be broken. The vines untangled and Farrest was soon beside him. It wasn't fair. He was more dog than cat, and he looked exactly like his mother Sarah. His mother learned her power late, and taking after her could mean the same for him. He wanted to be a Strength- "Mako! Start listening! Alright now. Farrest, your name is Tigerwolf for forest. And-Mako!" mako was trying to sneak out of his fern tunnel. It didn't work. "Come." With his long saber tail down, Mako trudged over. He could hear his mother muttering. "He's named for the Mako Shark, and that's what he is. An adventurous water lover." Mako's ears perked up. "Mako, dear, we can go to the ravine now. Mako's heart almost burst out of his chest. "Now!" Mako was jumping with excitement, his cat genes making him spring like a little kitten. "Now! Now!"