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By: Honeyrose34

Allegences for HollyClan

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Leader: Featherstar- old small gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Prickleleaf- gray tom with spiked fur

Med.Cat: Blossomfall- long-furred golden-brown she-cat

App:Dockclaw - golden-brown furred tom


Kestrelpelt- speckled brown tom

Mothflight- speckled brown she-cat with white underbelly

Lilypetal- white she-cat

Mapletree- tortoise-shell she-cat

Liontail- muscular golden tabby tom

Midnightfur- pure black tom

Ferntail- beautiful golden-brown she-cat

Rosefrost- golden-brown she-cat with ice-blue eyes

Blackwhisker- pure black tom

Speckle-.ears- speckled brown she-cat

Rainpuddle- dark gray and white tom

Shadowstrike- black tom

App: Yellowpaw

Smokeclaw- smokey gray tabby tom

App: Mistpaw

Sparrowwing- speckled brown tom

Oaktail- ginger and brown tom

Mossfoot- brown, ginger, and white tom with a speckled head

Shadeleaf- gray she-cat

Honeyrose- golden tabby she-cat with small spikes of fur

Tigerstrike- muscular black and brown tom

Goldenbud- pretty golden-brown she-cat


Yellowpaw- golden-brown tabby she-cat with spiked fur and bright yellow eyes

Mistpaw- gray and white she-cat with yellow eyes


Smallnose- tortoise-shell she-cat. Mother of Rainpuddle's kits, Dapplekit and Pebblekit

Daisypelt- black and gray she-cat. Mother of Oaktail's kits, Brownkit, Mudkit, Toadkit, Cloudkit, and Volekit


Orangeshine- old orange and white she-cat

Shadyfur- old dark gray and white she-cat. Former

Longfur- long-furred golden tom

Leafstem- long-furred golden and white she-cat


I would like to dedicate this book to my sister, the true Rosefrost. I would also like to give a big thanks to my parents for actually letting me join the website and to listen to my rambling on about Warriors, no matter how much they could care less. I would also like to give my WHOLE series dedication to my passed away Grandfather Wynn. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thanks, Pap. Please enjoy this story and don't forget to 'keep reading!!!'. ~ Honeyrose34

NOTE!!: Yes, as you may notice, Honeyrose is in this story. Ferntail and Honeyrose are actually characters of me. Well, Honeyrose, no brainer but Ferntail has always been my dream, not warrior, name.


I smelled pine nearby with a hint of ....kit? I turned around to the sound of my name. Three little kits appreared out behind a holly bush. Three StarClan kits.

"Tell us a story,please!!" One kit, a gray one, the stars in his pelt gleamed brightly from his excitement.

"A good one! How about one with a battle in it!!" Another one meowed. I didn't need the three little fur-balls to tell me what to say. I knew a story. A good one. I knew it's just the right one for the little kits.

"All right, all right. One super cool story, coming right up." I said as I settled down in some soft ferns nearby. The kits cheered and settled down in front of me, waiting for me to start.

"Well,this story, is not like most. It's a story about me. It's my life as a warrior..."

Chapter One

"Tigerpaw, from this moment on, you will be known as, Tigerstrike. StarClan honors your bravery, and strength...." I replayed that moment over and over in my head all day. Ever since I was free of my vigil, I've been thinking of it. Even while I was asleep after my vigil, and when I was hunting after sun-high. I finally snapped out of it when my sister Goldenpaw, no, Goldenbud, now, smacked me right side up after a short meal.

"What in the name of StarClan, are you mopping around camp thinking about?" She asked. I shrugged my shoulders. Just some words said by our fearless leader, Featherstar. Not much...

She slapped me with her furry tail. I know what your thinking, mister, and you need to get out of dreamland!!" My sister has always been overly protective and loving towards me. I hate that about her, but at least I'm still in one piece today...

"Hey, warriors, of mine! How's it feel to be powerful?" That's my mother, Ferntail. And guess who's right behind her? Dad. Mom once explained to me once when I was young why she and dad were always like tree and root. Never to be apart.

"We were well, destined to be together. Everyone knew we were to be together. Even my sister." That's what she said. That's it really. I knew there was more...

"Fine." My mother and sister had had a small fight of some sort before we were named full warriors.That would be all she said to my mother.

"Okay...then..." Ferntail threw back with some vile in the words. Smokeclaw nuzzled her head.

"Don't be like that, Ferny!" He said. Ferny???? "Stop it. It's bad enough that I don't have my little sweetheart a kitten anymore!" Sweetheart???

"Smokeclaw, can you do guard tonight?" The conversation between us was interupted by a voice behind me. I turned around to see Featherstar behind me. Her once beautiful gray tabby coat is now dull from age. If a badger came right now all it would have to do is touch her and she could fall down and die. She was that weak."We have Sparrow-wing sick. I need you to take over his position. Okay?"

"F-Fine! Of course F-Featherstar! A-Anytime." My father stammered. I guess surprised by the sudden request. Featherstar smiled.

"Good. And if you see Prickleleaf, tell hime that I want to see him in my den." Featherstar meowed as she turned to pad away. "Have a good evening."

"Well, I guess I better hunt down the absent deputy now....night Tigerstrike." Ferntail started towards the camp enterance. " Goldenbud." She added with again, vile. Not forgeting the arguement. "Did you hear her?" Again, my sister was back at it. " She really-" I just walked away.

Chapter Two

"Wakey, Wakey!" A voice woke me up the next morning. Mom. I still don't know why she always acts like I'm some kit all the time! And she looks at me stange too, like I was about to all of a sudden start growing wings out of my back and start flying away. Goldenbud too. Goldenbud was now beside me, stretching and washing herself a little. Mom woke her up as well, appearently.

"'K, okay!" I meowed groggy from sleep. I got up and started stretching with Goldenbud. "Why must you wake me up? I'm capable of waking myself up."

She looked startled. "Oh, sorry. If you must know, you should be getting up for a hunting patrol, Goldenbud. You're late, by the way."

"Mouse-dung!" She charged out of the den. Followed by a, "Watch out!" and, "Slow down, cheetah!" I laughed my head off with my mom. Good ole' Goldenbud causing stupidity moments and sometimes pure crazyness. "I need to go too. Shadowstrike wanted me for a hunting patrol." I walked out of the den saying that as I went. I waved my tail 'goodbye' towards my mother and ran out the camp enterance. I heard someone nearby and followed the sound. I wasn't really going out to a patrol with Shadowstrike, only he was. I just wanted to get out of there. Mothers can get annoying.

"Hey! There's my good ole' friend, Tigerstrike!" Of course it happened to be my best friend since kithood, Honeyrose. Of course she's a she-cat, not tom. That is one of the reasons I'm not really popular or anything. Being that she's even older than me makes it strange too.

"Hi! Out on a patrol?" That was her sister, Shadeleaf. Of course my best friends also happen to be my favorite cousins. Their mom, Rosefrost, is my mom's sibling.

"No. Just avoiding Ferntail yet again." I answered as I sat down on some soft moss near them. " I need some alone time from my personal 'stalker'.

"Ha, at least your mom isn't the deputy's mate. We get way TOO much attention from just them. Let alone the rest of the Clan." Honeyrose laughed with her sister. Her golden pelt and Shadeleaf's gray looked funny together as they giggled.

"Yeah, I guess I'm pretty lucky. Isn't Prickleleaf retiring anyway?" I asked. They went silent now.

"Well, yeah. Featherstar is on her last life..." Shadeleaf stopped.

" And Prickleleaf is too old to be leader for nine more lives..." Honeyrose stopped after she finished her sibling's sentence. But even without them finishing, I knew what was happening anyway.

"And Featherstar might die without a-" I didn't need to say anything. The crazyness and fighting, and everything else that would happen played in all three of our heads. Then the sound of a Clan meeting summon came up to the area where we sat.

"She's announcing the retirement." Honeyrose whispered. We didn't get up. We just heard the shocked announcement. The replies. The silent glances and stares. Even the whispering of planning of being deputy next...all while we sat only a few tail-lengths from the beginning of the new chaos in the Clan.

" Isn't Featherstar going to choose a new deputy before nightfall?" I asked the she-cats.

"Yes. But until then, everyone will be fighting to prove their loyalty and eagerness of the position. Even the kits will be fighting each other for their pretend stuggle for power. It is all now released in just a few words." Honeyrose replied. " Only the words from our leader can stop it all. But only we can hope for that to work. We need hope for the next few hours. Even after this, there will be some mean looks. Maybe everyone will come out in one piece."

Chapter Three

I left Honeyrose and Shadeleaf before anything else was sent in my brain to make me worry. Just the thought of all the new chaos played in my head over and over. I just coldn't handle more. Or even go back to camp with it all. Instead, I head to the small stream in our territory. I sip some cool water from it and sigh. I relax on the sun-bathed rocks and drift off into a gentle sleep.

I wake up a little before meal-time. The time the chaos will be at it's strongest before the new deputy is announced. I run back to camp just in time to get a small squirrel off of the fresh-kill pile before others destroy it for their hungery stomachs. I walked away to avoid the crowd and saw my paws leading me to my sister that I could see by the warriors' den.

"Hey. You excited about the new deputy thing?" I asked her as I settled down taking a bite.

"Yeah. It's pretty cool. Whole new deputy for the Clan. Big milestone there." She replied wiping her tounge around her jaws. " Who do you think it will be?"

I shrugged,"An experienced warrior that's for sure." I was pretty curious who would take the new position. "Blackwhisker? Shadowstrike?"

"Maybe but,--" She was interupted by a loud wail, the Clan meeting summon.

"Oh, mouse-dung." That's all I could say before Honeyrose pulled me over to sit just below Highboulder.

"We are gathered at this moment to retire Prickleleaf and to replace his position." Featherstar looked at the crowd until she spotted Prickleleaf coming forward to the boulder.

"Featherstar, as your respectable deputy, I would like to retire to the elders' den for the rest of my life. I give you my wish to replace my position of deputy of HollyClan." Prickleleaf meowed loudly as he leaped up onto the Highboulder below Featherstar.

Featherstar dipped her gray head," As you wish Prickleleaf. As the leader of HollyClan, Prickleleaf, you are no longer my deputy, but one of my honored and wise elders." The Clan cheered around me. I joined in too. I noticed my aunt nearby looking proud.

Featherstar waited till it got quieter. " Prickleleaf, you may now go join the elders." At the cue, Prickleleaf jumped off he Highboulder and joined Longfur and the other elders below.

"Tonight I must also appoint a new deputy. The new deputy of HollyClan is...Midnightfur!" "Midnightfur! Midnightfur!" The Clan cheered happily for the new deputy. Prickleleaf and his new denmates cheered loud. Midnightfur was a common cat in the Clan and became very noticable right then. Featherstar chose well.

"Congrats, Midnightfur! We may now celebrate with a feast!" Featherstar jumped off Highboulder and went to the fresh-kill pile. The cheering continued and the cats surrounded the black tom.

"Tigerstrike! Want to share a rabbit?" Honeyrose called from over the fresh-kill pile. Her sister, Shadeleaf, was now coming over , but instead of joining us, she grabbed a vole and joined Liontail.

I padded over to Honeyrose and dug into the rabbit. It was delicious. The taste of the forest and fresh air entered my mouth.

"Mmmmm!!!" replied Honeyrose. I nodded my head in agreement and took another bite.

After finishing our rabbit, we shared-tounges. " So," asked Honeyrose while she was washing behind my ears," Do you think that Midnightfur is a good choice?"

Licking the side of her face, I answered, " Yes. I think he's a popular choice, and I think every cat agrees in our leader's decicion."

We sat there awhile, just the sound of soft licks kept it from being silent. " It doesn't seem like there is any chaos in the decicion either, thank StarClan." Honeyrose got up.

I got up after Honeyrose did and we padded together to the warriors' den. I settled in my nest next to Goldenbud, who was now sound asleep. Honeyrose was on my other side, settled, and trying to sleep.

Right before I fell asleep, I saw Shadeleaf and Liontail together coming in. They laughed softly together. Then very delicatly, Liontail licked behind Shadeleaf's ears. They settled in their nests, which were not surpisingly together, and fell asleep.

Ha! My cousin was now in love with Liontail! Now the whole Clan will be waiting for the news for kits!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I woke up to soft sunlight drifting in the holly bush. Next to me, Honeyrose was fast asleep. I nudged her awake.

"Wha-?" She opened her eyes. When she saw me awake, she got up and started grooming. After we finished, the two of us went over to the bottom of Highboulder to meet our new deputy and some other cats.

"Kestralpelt, Rosefrost, Shadowstrike, and Yellowpaw, go patrol the SnowClan border. Who knows what they're up to." After the patrol left, Midnightfur looked to me and Honeyrose.

"Honeyrose, lead a hunting patrol with Rainpuddle and Mapletree. Tigerstrike, you can go too." After the deputy's command, we went off to find the other two cats for our patrol. It seems like the new position for Midnightfur was doing well.

"Wake up Mapletree! Patrol!" The tortoise-shell she-cat woke up startled. She woke up Rainpuddle too before joining us. When the two of them joined us, we went out to the forest.

"Where to, Honeyrose?" called Mapletree from behind the patrol.

"Um...I guess the beech trees by the Training Hollow." Mapletree nodded in the she-cat's decicion and we picked up our pace and went towards the Training Hollow.

Chapter Four

I dragged a large sparrow through the bramble entrance. Behind me, Rainpuddle carried two mice. Honeyrose, a vole. And Mapletree carried a squirrel. There wasn't this much prey before with Leaf-fall around the corner. Even Leaf-fall breezes didn't carry the same coldness it usually did. The elders were very happy with the weather already too.

" Nice catch!" My sister came up behind me. She helped me carry the large bird to the pile.

"Wow! That was heavy. Thanks!" I thanked Goldenbud. Behind me, I heard the sound of kits mewling. It sounded like Daisypelt's kits finally coming outside. Even though they were almost two moons old, their mother wouldn't let them play outside muchc with some sort of illness going around the Clans lately. It has almost disapeared in HollyClan, except for Sparrow-wing. But even he was feeling a whole lot better.

"Hey, Tigerstrike! Nice catch you got!" Toadkit, one of the five, came over to me noticing the sparrow I caught." It's huge!!"

I laughed, " It is. Do you and your siblings and mother want it?" I picked up the bird again and carried it to the nursery where the rest of the litter and their mother sat.

"Holy StarClan!" shouted two of the kits. I dropped the fresh-kill at Daisypelt's paws.

"Why thank you, Tigerstrike! It's perfect!" The queen looked at the bird and back at me.

"Anything for a hard-working queen!" I dipped my head in respect and padded away. Grabbing a vole for myself, I joined my mother and father at the warriors' den.

"Hey. I saw that sparrow of yours. It was very nice of you to give it to Daisypelt."My father, Smokeclaw said to me as I sat down.

"Just doing my duty around here." I took my first bite. Behind me I could here muffled laughes from near the nursery.

"Ha! He said DUTY!!!" giggled Volekit.

"Hey, Mother! I did my duty in Dirtplace last night!!!" Another laugh came from his sister, Cloudkit.

"Kits these days! They come up with the silliest stuff!" Ferntail beside me shook her head in a combination in laughter and small disbelieve. We ate in silence for awhile. A little later, Goldenbud joined us and then we started sharing tounges. Goldenbud was licking behind my left ear when we heard a muffled, Ouch! Dang brambles! It didn't sound like a normal HollyClan cat.

A scent of...SnowClan! Musked their fear-scent well, but my strong nose scented it. "ITS AN ATTACK!!!!"

My father ran around the camp warning the whole Clan. Worried, Daisypelt shooed her kits in the nursery. The two apprentices ran into the nursery to help the two queens. The medicine cats ran in their den. Featherstar ran out worried. She scented the air and her eyes grew wide. We were in trouble!

Liontail and other warriors ran towards the bramble enterance. The smell of the attackers got stronger, and I could start to see them in the undergrowth in the forest through the small gaps between the barrier. My mother unsheathed her claws. I did too. My father licked my mother for comfort. Then he showed his claws when the first intruder appeared through the enterance. Battle.

Chapter Five

My sister came beside me and bristled her fur. When Midnightfur sounded the first battle yowl, she propeled herself at a gray tom. I jumped up on his back with her, unbalancing him and bringing him down on the sandy ground. I slashed his ears while Goldenbud bite his tail. We stepped back for the tom to get up before slashing his face again. Behind me Featherstar was face to face with no other than Lilystar. My mother tole me when I was a kit that at a Gathering, Lilystar declared war on every Clan, wanting more territory for Leaf-fall. She really didn't appear to take that much control after that Gathering, but she gradualy recently stepped up border attacks. Today showed that she was still wanting more.

"Why, Lilystar? In the camp? Come on, I thought you were better than that? What about the kits? The elders? Your more greedy than I thought." Featherstar spoke to the SnowClan leader in the eyes.

"In the camp because we can weaken you, and then be able to get more land off of you better and easier. It will be like stealing milk from a kit!" Lilystar put her head up in defiance. " And you can't stop me." She added darkly.

"But I can!" I launched myself at the leader to help Featherstar. She was on her last life. If she died now, we would be weak, and SnowClan would take advantage like Lilystar said she would.

"Wha-." The white she-cat was surprised by my attack and I toom advantage off her slowness. I dipped low and put my ears down against my head and charged. I butted the leader in the chest, sending her flying back. The deputy, Finchwing, helped her back off. Seeing me with my victory face two fox-lengths away, sent him after me.

"Tigerstrike! I'm coming!" I turned around to see my friend, Honeyrose, charging towards me too. Finchwing unsheathed his claws as he ran towards me. Honeyrose was then followed my a golden-brown she-cat. Ferntail? No. This wasn't her but looked so much like it. And she looked familiar...Then I noticed the stars in her pelt.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suddenly, I was at Four-rocks. What!? Where's the camp? Finchwing? Honeyrose? Even Featherstar? Then I saw the same golden-brown StarClan cat nearby.

"Who are you?" I asked the she-cat. I padded towards her. The ground was soft and light. Almost like a feather. It was all too strange.

"Me!? Well, for starters, your grandmother." The StarClan cat looked at me. I stopped in my tracks. Goldenheart.

"Wait, but why am I here?" Before I got my answer, I heard a, 'HELLO!? ANYBODY HERE!?' Why was Goldenbud here?I asked myself. It was weird. WAY too weird now.

"Goldenbud! Over here!" I called for her and then saw her over the rolling green meadow. Behind me, Goldenheart looked intently. Um...weird.

"Good, I'm not alone, but why ARE we here? And is that Ferntail?" Goldenbud's mouth went running as she ran over to us. Ha. "Um...there are STARS in her pelt! Ferntail died!"

No, child. I'm not your mother, but instead her mother. I'm Goldenheart." Goldenheart stepped forward to reveal herself a bit more. Especially behind my broad shoulders. Hehe.

"Wha-. But-. Darn!" Goldenbud muttered. She was clearly upset that she wasn't seeing Ferntail.

"It's okay, child," Goldenheart asured my sister, " And I'm sorry to interupt your battle but you must listen. Carefully."

We both nodded our heads. This was going to be important and/or exciting. Hopefully both. " The Golden-Tiger will follow the Clan into a time of great dispair and one will rise to the stars" With that voice, Goldenheart wasn't our grandmother anymore, but instead a mysterious she-cat with StarClan following her and guiding her. She seemed even more mysterious than the Clan's medicine cat. Like that was even possable.

"Wait, the Golden-Tiger is...US!?" ,Goldenbud exclaimed. " But what does the whole thing mean?"

Goldenheart whispered softly like they were being evesdropped on, " It means that you two are powerful cats and that you will help HollyClan and protect it with your lives, more than anyother cat before. Goldenbud, you will be given 'warnings' of the future. You will help Featherstar and Blossomfall. Your mother as well."

"Wait, Ferntail knows?" I asked surprised. My mother was in this already. Why didn't she tell us? Then it all suddenly made sense. My mother was like our constant gaurdian angel, always looking at us strangely like were were about to turn into birds and fly away. Hehe.And that she was always almost hovering about when weren't completly busy. She was helping us, but was being annoying. Well, it wasn't her fault.

"Yes. But she couldn't say anything because you two were too young. But you aren't anymore. I needed to tell you now because if I didn't, you wouldn't follow your destiny today and change the future." Goldenheart spoke clearly, but was whispering like someone could hear. " I need you two to fight this battle like no other."

"Wait. What's my 'power'?" I asked curiously.

"You have amazing battle skills. Beyond the greatest warrior. Better than a StarClan cat's." Goldenheart smiled at me." It will come in handy."

"But how come we didn't have these 'powers' before?" My sister spoke up.

"Oh, you were born with them. They just wouldn't come into full-swing until now. You may have had small bursts of it. Tigerstrike, do remember that for a few moons, you were the greatest apprentice when it came to fighting? Almost better than your mentor?"

I DID remember now. "Yes. I do."

"And Goldenbud, you predicted that Shadepaw would catch that vole , but a fox came and scared her away."

"Haha! Yeah! And when she came back for it, the fox took it and left!" giggled Goldenbud.

"See, you had your powers the whole time. Now, I'll let you go back to the camp. You have a battle waiting for you. And don't tell anybody. Not even your father. Featherstar knows, though. But make sure you protect her. Goodbye, children. I'll be watching."

And with that, we were back at camp with a charging Finchwing and rescuing Honeyrose on the way. It's time to fight.

Chapter Six

I simply dodged the tom as he charged me, and he spun around and tried again, clearly frustrated. I spun to meet him and raked my sharp claws across his muzzle as he came near. Blood welled up at the scratches and Finchwing shook his head and scattered the drops of blood on the sandy ground. I leaped onto his back with ease. He wasn't really putting up much of a fight. I pulled out clumps of his brown fur and by now, the tom was wiggling, trying to free himself of me. I jumped off, and Finchwing ran across the clearing like a little kit scared of a shadow. I laughed, but it was cut short from a she-cat leaping on my back. I turned around quickly and noticed that it was Lilystar again. What happened to Honeyrose? Right when Lilystar started to pummel my back, the golden tabby she-cat came to the rescue. She jumped onto Lilystar and dragged her off of me.

"Thanks." I puffed. The leader had been heavier than I had thought. Honeyrose grunted , letting me know that she had heard and she continued biting and scratching Lilystar.

" Hey, Lilystar, who's being attacked now?" I asked jokingly at her. Honeyrose laughed and I joined in. She took the destraction to her advantage and pinned Honeyrose down on the ground. Honeyrose growled and tried to free herself, but to no avail. I tried to help, but a gray tabby knocked me over and I faced my opponent. I saw anger in his green eyes and I wondered why he was so mad at me. I attacked the tom with perfect blows and sent him running from me. Honeyrose was still pinned to the ground by Lilystar. This time, I reached the she-cats and I dragged Lilystar off of my friend by her scruff. I flung her across the clearing. Lilystar struggled to get up. She collapsed back on the ground again and called, " Retreat! SnowClan, retreat! We have done enough damage."

At the call, the fighting drew to a close and two warriors helped Lilystar up. The Clan limped away slowly and HollyClan cheered in their victory. I looked around and I saw the Clan scratched up and bleeding. The ground was covered in blood and fur. Wow. Did that just happen? I beat a leader? Well....did I? Featherstar called for Blossomfall and her apprentice, Dockclaw. The two medicine cats weaved around the cats, checking them and giving them herbs. Blossomfall came up to me and checked on the scratches on my back from Lilystar. She grabbed some cobweb and pressed it against some of my still-bleeding wounds. Wordlessly, Blossomfall worked. When I had stopped bleeding, she put her paw in a poultice on a leaf next to her and slathered it on my scratches. Blossomfall finshed up and grabbed her cobweb and poultices and went on to the next cat. I wondered why the medicine cat didn't talk to me, but pushed the thought away for later and I walked over to Ferntail, who was next to Smokeclaw. Hmm..I wonder why... She had already been looked after and had shiny globs of chewed up herbs on scratches on her. Smokeclaw had the same done with him. And I guessed that I looked like that too.

"You were amazing! How did you do that?" praised my father. Remembering Goldenheart's instructions, I simply said, "Lots of practice!"

"Well I never saw anything like that before! Not even Midnightfur is that good and he's older than your mother!" Smokeclaw licked the top of my head in proud respect for me and then padded away to Speckle-ears.

"You did a good job." My mother said this very quietly. Her eyes slits. She was acting so strange. But why?

"Um..yeah. Thanks. Mother?" I asked. She looked up.


"Do you know..."



"She told me when you were born."


She padded away, but before she joined Rosefrost, she turned and said, " I'm proud of you. You and Goldenbud aren't alone in this. Don't forget."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I woke to bright sunshine. The bramble den had gaps that let the yellow light in and on me. I reluclently got up and shook off the moss scraps from my fur. Goldenbud's nest was emply. Dawn Patrol. I thought. Blackwhisker was in his nest sleeping soundly after having a long battle last night. I padded quietly out of the den, careful not to wake him and saw that the camp was alive with buzz.

"Finally! Come on. There is plenty to do today." Behind me came the call of Midnightfur. The deputy looked bright and happy despite of what happened last night.

"Why. What's all this?" I nodded towards the buzz in the camp. It was filled with warriors reinforcing the gorse walls around the camp, the nursery, and even Featherstar's den.

"In case of another surprise attack, we need to reinforce the camp. You never know." Midnightfur answered simply for me.

"Okay. Well...the fresh-kill needs som reinforcing. Every cat's gonna be hungry." I replied to the tom. The fresh-kill pile, now just a vole and two mice was neglected by the cats working.

"Agreed. Take a few cats that aren't busy with you. Then when you are done, Featherstar wants to chat."

"Chat?" I asked.

"Yes. You heard me, now go!" The deputy shoved me away from where I was standing and left me in the clearing.

"Fine. I said out loud to no one in mind. I looked around the clearing to find almost every cat busy, including Honeyrose and Goldenbud. Then I saw Yellowpaw and her mentor, Shadowstrike. They were sitting around, admiring their work.

"Hey! Shadowstrike! Yellowpaw!" I called to them. The two of them looked up at the sound of their names and came over.

Do you you need something, Tigerstrike?" The older warrior's voice was rougher than mine, and i suddenly seemed a lot weaker. But I have the power. Hehe...

"Ya. I was hoping you guys wanted to go hunting? Midnightfur told me to find some cats not busy." I replied to the two of them.

Shadowstrike nodded. "Sure. it would be good practice for young Yellowpaw, here. She's going to have her assement soon.'

Yellowpaw smiled proudly at me. "Congrats." I dipped my head in satisfaction. Again, she was my kin. One of Rosefrost's last kits.

Thank you, Tigerstrike. Come on." Yellowpaw headed for the camp enterance. "The mice aren't gonna wait!"

Chapter Seven

We came back with prey in our jaws a little past sun-high. I dropped my catch on the pile and turned around to meet Midnightfur. Again.

"Good job! But, if you don't mind, your leader is waiting for you." Midnightfur looked at me in the eyes. Jokingly, our amber and blue eyes met.

"Mouse-dung! I forgot! Sorry. Sorry. I-I'll go now!" I ran off to Featherstar's den and groomed myself quickly before calling a greeting.

"Come on in, Tigerstrike." The voice of Featherstar came from inside the small den and I entered wary. Inside, I saw the gray tabby pelt of Featherstar. In the corner, I recongized Goldenbud. Was this about the prophecy? Worried, I sat down next to my littermate.

"Good. Now that you're both here, I would like to announce that Smallnose's kits are ready. I have chosen you two. Not only are your great warriors, but you are young, and can learn from this." Featherstar looked at he tw of us as she spoke. So it wasn't about the prophecy, but I still was uneasy.

'Thank you, Featherstar. We are honored." Goldenbud spoke up with me silent.

"Now, go get something to eat. We will hold the ceremony in a bit." The leader got up and let us out of her den.

Goldenbud said a thank you again before going off to get some food. "Tigerstrike. "

I was dreading this. " Yes, Featherstar?"

"Thank you." WHAT!?!? I was utterly confused. My LEADER. My LEADER just thanked me.

"Um...for what?"

"You saved my life."

"But I'm just--"

"A savor."

"What do you mean?"

"You are a savor from StarClan. I would have died. I give you my thanks."

"You know...Goldenbud can be part of the prophecy too!"

"Yes. But you....saved my life!"

"Any one would. Midnightfur would. Lionfur would."

"They wouldn't have succeded."

"Well...I guess."

"You know, what you did out there showed that you are the one who will rise to the stars."

I looked at Featherstar shocked. She thought I would rise to the stars, whatever that means. Goldenbud is the ideal choice. Not me!

Chapter Eight

" You may now go. Get ready for the ceremony." Featherstar got up with a grunt and ushered me out of the den. " We never spoke of this. You sister shouldn't know either."

"Yes, ma'am." I dipped my head in respect and headed for the pile. I still couln't believe what happened in there. I found a plump vole and settled down to enjoy it. I took a bite, but instantly pushed it aside not feeling hungry.

"Are you going to finish that 'sir?" I heard a squeak of a kit behind me. I turned around to see one of Smallnose's kits.

" Hello, young one. No, you can have it." I pushed my vole over to her. She took a bite.

"Mmmmmm!" The kit kept eating my vole when I asked, "What's your name?"

"Duabblekut." I didn't under stand her with her mouth full so I waited until she finished swallowing.


"Dapplekit, Tigerstrike." I was impressed that she knew my name with me not being very popular in the Clan.

"That's a lovely names, Dapplekit. Are you Smallnose's kit?" I wondered if she was to be my new apprentice or not. I liked her respect towards me.

"Yes, 'sir. Being apprenticed by Featherstar at Sunfall." I looked towards the sky to see that I had a few moments until the ceremony.

"Are you?" I joked around with her for a bit after this.


"You sure?"

"Yep, sure as a thrush with all it's feathers."

"A thrush, aren't they bigger than you."

"Not me, Tigerstrike. Never!" I laughed with Dapplekit until the sun set and Featherstar leaped onto Highboulder.

"DAPPLEKIT!!!!!!" I heard a shrill call for my new friend and saw her brother, Pebblekit, searching for her.

"Over here, Pebblekit!" Dapplekit called her brother over and he obeyed. "This is Tigerstrike. My new friend!"

"Nice to meet you, but we must go, Mother want's to groom us." Pebblekit went back the way he came and Dappkit followed.

As she left, I took my place on Highboulder. A few moments later, two groomed kits came over to me and Goldenbud. Featherstar lead the ceremony. Dapplepaw was my new friend and apprentice. Pebblepaw was Goldenbud's.

"Hey, we just met!" said Dapplepaw when we had touched noses.

"We did?"

"We did."

Chapter Nine

I looked between the bushes to see that two of the Clans had already gathered at Four-Rocks. Beside me, Dapplepaw was shaking with excitement for her first Gathering.

"Calm down! You must have scared all of the prey from here to the camp." I calmed the apprentice down.

"Were you nervous?" She asked.

"Yeah. Every cat is." I gave her a warm smile and she smiled back. She had stopped shaking but still looked a little worried. " Don't worry. You will do fine."

Featherstar yowed, signaling to us and announcing our arrival. Most of the cats looked up and greeted us as we came by. And before I knew it, the apprentices went off with other apprentices, elders with elders, warriors with warriors, and queens with queens. I looked around and found Ferntail talking to a senior warrior.

" Oh, Tigerstrike. Come meet an old friend, Silverflight. Silverflight, meet my son Tigerstrike." Ferntail introduced me to the warrior.

"Nice to meet you Tigerstrike." rasped the she-cat. She sounded like she belonged in the elders' den, not at the Gathering.

"Nice to meet you too." I dipped my head to her in respect.

"Have you seen SnowClan?" The BreezeClan cat asked me.

"No. Not at all. I thought they would have been here by now." I looked around to still not see the Clan.

"You don't think they are causing trouble somewhere?" My mother looked worried. They had attacked us not long ago, and a surprise attack wouldn't help. I saw the remaning three leaders talking in hushed voices by the base of the rocks. I padded over closer to hear, but they had already broke up and started to climb their individual rocks. They would start the Gathering with out SnowClan.

A cat I never remembered stood on the MarshClan rock and yowled to start. " I will start." He rang loud and clear over the night. " I am Lightningstar, the new leader of MarshClan. I went to the Moonstone three days ago when our leader, Yellowstar lost his last life due to a surprise attack from SnowClan."

Wait, WHAT!?!?!?

Featherstar seemed to be thinking the same thing as me, for she spoke up, " SnowClan? You too?"

Lightningstar nodded at the she-cat. " Yes, the deputy, Finchwing, pushed Yellowstar off of the cliff over hanging the camp. He died instantly." MarshClan cats dipped their heads in sorrow.

I should have killed Finchwing while I had the chance.

Ferntail saw me unsheath my claws and gave me a warning glance; she knew what I was thinking.

"A tragity that happened. We too were attacked. I almost lost a life if it weren't for one of my warriors." Featherstar swept her tail against her rock and Lightningstar lokked around to see which warrior could have saved her.

"Well, besides the battle, we have new apprentices and one new warrior, Jaycall." A dark gray tabby lifted his head proudly.

"Good, good. For HollyClan, two new apprentices, Dapplepaw and Pebblekit. We also have a new deputy, Midnightfur after the retirement of Prickleleaf." Featherstar spoke for the Clan and sat back down to listen to BreezeClan's announcements. We found out that even BreezeClan is being threatented by SnowClan even thought they don't share borders.

"Well, that concludes the Gathering. May StarClan light every cat's path and may we part but meet again next moon." And with that the Gathering ended and we were heading back to the camp but shadowy figures stopped the Clan's tracks.

"Daisypelt?" Oaktail, Daisypelt's mate, reconized one of the figures. Not far behind her was Liontail and Shadowstrike.

"What's wrong?" demanded Featherstar.

"SnowClan planned a surprise attack. The camp is completly open and raided without you." Daisypelt's tail pristled. "And one of my kits are missing."

"NO!" Oaktail ran towards his mate." We must stop this!"

"Agreed Oaktail. Tigerstrike, lead one party straight to the camp. Take Mothflight, Smokeclaw, Shadowstrike, Shadeleaf, Speckleears, and Mapletree. Midnightfur, lead another around to the back enterance of the camp. Take Oaktail ,Liontail, Goldenbud, Yellowpaw, Mistpaw, and Mossfoot."

I looked at my sister with worry before she split away from the group and into Midnightfur's party. She nodded to me for confidence and left.

"What about us?" asked Pebblepaw and Dapplepaw.

"Stay with me. I need protection." the leader said, giving the yound cats confidence.

"Okay!" Dapplepaw giggled. And with that, I left at the head of the party, ready to kick some SnowClan butt.

Chapter Ten

I led my group straight for the camp. Behind us, Featherstar was being 'protected' by Dapplepaw and her brother. I shook my head in humor but I shoved it aside for the battle. The screeches of the remaining Clan defending themselves against the intruders. I focused on the prophecy too. Is this the battle? Is this the turmoil? Am I the one to rise to the stars? I asked these questions until we were tail-lengths away from the camp. I stopped the group behind me and signaled to every cat to be quiet and we inched into the camp.

We all gasped as we saw that the ground was covered in the ripped out fur and blood of the two Clans. Some cats were huddled in the nursery, the safest place in the camp. And when I quickly counted the peeking kits, I only found four, just like Daisypelt had said.

I signaled to be ready to attack when I saw that Midnightfur's group had already leaped into the camp from the back tunnel. He yowled his battle cry and attacked. He didn't wait for us, the main party.

"Oh, Midnightfur..." Featherstar sighed.

"All right, we can still surprise them. Just, attack at my yowl. Okay?" I whispered. Everyone nodded and i raised my tail. I bunched my muscles, and I yowled. The party joined the battle while Featherstar and the two apprentices stayed by and watched. I jumped onto the back of the closest cat and started to rip fur out of her fur. She yowled in pain and tried to shake me off. I ignored it and whispered in her ear, "I will kill your whole Clan if you intrude again."

"Yeah right. Just because you are a threat to Lilystar and Finchwing, doesn't mean you can kill us all." the she-cat retorted.

"Try me." I growled and bit her neck. she yowled more and I released her from my grip. I searched the camp for another cat to fight when I got pushed to the ground. I looked up to see that my attacker was Finchwing.

"You want a rematch birdy boy?" I smirked and shoved him off me. He got up quickly and crouched, ready for my attack.

"Yeah. I do. And this time, you're gonna die!" He growled.

"Like Yellowstar?" I asked.

"That was different."

"Okay, Okay, I believe you. you remember my friend, Honeyrose, right?"

"Yeah. Why would I wan--" Finchwing was cut off when a fluff of golden fur pinned him down.

"Thanks Honeyrose. Say, you remember bird boy?" I met the two and looked down to see Finchwing fuming.

"Yeah. I do!" She spit on his face and bit his neck until Finchwing cried for mercy.

"Okay! Okay! Okay! I tell them to retreat!" Honeyrose released him and he head towards the tunnel. "Retreat!" And moments later, they were gone. But not all was good. I looked behind my shoulder to see Midnightfur on the ground.

"You okay?" I prodded him with my paw but his eyes were looking straight at me without emotions. He was dead. The Clan gathered around to mourn for him. The set his body up for his vigil and the whole camp waited in vigil for him. Even the kits. Midnightfur's kits, Daisypelt and Blackwhisker were the closest to the body.

"It's a shame." I heard the voice of Featherstar say. " I better go get ready to announce the new deputy." I saw her head towards Highboulder, the moonlight making her coat gleam white instead of silver.

"Tigerstrike!" Goldenbud whispered from the elders' den. I padded over to her.

"What's up?"



"Yes. You will rise to the stars. I saw Tigerstrike! The prophecy, it's for you!"


I saw that you would rise to the rank of the stars."

"But-What about you?"

"I'm fine. It's just-"

"All cats of HollyClan, gather around the Hightboulder. I will now announce the new deputy."

Chapter Eleven

"I Featherstar, leader of HollyClan, speaks before our ancestors' and Midnightfur's sprirts, Tigerstrike will be the new deputy of HollyClan."

"See!? SEE!?!?" Goldenbud jumped up and down but I barely glanced her way.

Deputy? Deputy? Deputy!? I'm the new deputy!? Oh my StarClan, what do I do!?

"Children?" We were now greeted by Goldenheart. At least I could freak out away from the Clan.

"Goldenheart, I'm what the prophecy is about. Right?" I ask. My voice is just above a whisper with me in shock.


"Does Ferntail know?"

"Now she does. It's okay child. You were destined to do this." I let out a puff of relief. At least I can have someone to help me.

"But, how does he rise to the stars?" asked Goldenbud.

"Featherstar won't live forever."

Oh my. Oh my StarClan. LEADER!?!? THAT'S WHAT IT MEANS!? I'LL BE LEADER!?!?

Goldenheart must have seen me panicing and rests her tail over my shoulders.

It's okay."


"Wow! Good job!"

"You could almost see it coming."

I got all kinds of praise from the Clan and it soothed me. I would be a leader. Their leader. I would bring this Clan out of turmoil.

Chapter Twelve

Seven moons later...

I saw the glow of the Moonstone even before I saw it. It's brillant white glow was everywhere. My golden-brown fur turned silver and so did Blossomfall's.

"Touch your nose against the stone. You will instantly sleep."

I listened to her instructions and I did so. Before I knew it, I saw Goldenheart before me.

"Look up child." I did and saw the most brillant sky. It looked like some cat had taken stars and sprayed them around like water. It was beautiful. Soon the stars started to move and fall. I was alarmed but relaxed when I saw the stars turn into StarClan cats. I was soon surrounded by past friends and family.

Goldenheart stepped back and into the crowd of cats.

"Welcome. We have been waiting for you to rise." All of the cats spoke at the same time, giving off a creepy sound. " Are you ready to fully rise to the rank of stars and receive your nine lives?"

"Yes." My voice croaked but the cats didn't give a notice that they minded. When I had spoke, a small kit appeared. he was being carried by Goldenheart. She set him down gently and joined the crowd again.

"I am Badgerkit. Your nephew." Badgerkit answered my silent question and continued," I died the day I was brought into this world. I died the same day as my mother and father from a badger attack. I wasn't even named, but the leader named me simply after what had ended my life." I started to faintly remember my mother mentioning this once. And only once. It must have been too emotional for her. I also knew that I was named after her father who tried to save his mate and son.

"And with this life, I give you peace. Use this to center yourself after a battle or troubling time. I never had this, so use it wisely." Before I could say anything, Badgerkit touched his nose with mine and I instantly felt this horrible pain go through me. I also felt that I was drifting. Peacefully. After I recovered, Goldenheart reappeared to take Badgerkit away. The next cat to come up was Midnightfur.

"With this life, I give you patience. I didn't have this the day I died. I had leaped into the battle with my party without your signal. Use it wisely." Midnightfur touched noses with me and I felt more pain. It wasn't the same as Badgerkit's but as painful. Maybe more. I recovered from that and looked up to see Flameheart, a past elder of HollyClan appear.

"With this life, I give you happyness. In the most troubling times, this will be wanted for you and your Clan." We touched noses and I felt this good pain. It went through my whole body. It was warm and it made me feel like I was filled with just goodness. But then it ended as quickly as it came. "Use this wisely."

I looked up to see Flameheart giving the postion now to a tom that looked just like me. "I am your grandfather, Tigerthorn. I died trying to save Goldenheart and Badgerkit. I didn't succeed, as you see but I can still pass on the life of courage." He touched noses with me and a fierce power surged through me. I was getting courage and it felt...powerful.

Tigerthorn turned to leave and I realized with a jolt, I was already halfway through becoming a leader. A leader of a Clan. Another cat came up to me. More like a kit. It was Daisytail's missing kit on the night of Midnightfur's death. Brownkit smiled at me and gave me the life of fun.

To lighten up the situation." He added before we touched noses. I looked up and greeted the next visitor, Silverflight. My mother's BreezeClan friend from the Gatherings.

"With this life, I give you love. I never found it but you could you use it. I saw how that golden she-cat looks at you during Gatherings." Honeyrose? But she's just my friend. My cousin! My thoughts were interrupted by the shock and rush of the new life. I felt a tickiling, warm sensation inside of me and it grew the more I thought of Honeyrose. Maybe I do love her.

Silverflight left and Featherstar padded up to meet me. " My deputy. The one who rose to the stars and will stop this turmoil from SnowClan. I believe in you. And because of that, I give you the life of trust. You can't always be cautious of people, Tigerstrike. You must trust someone now and then." She said the last sentence with a chuckle. We touched noses and swear I felt stronger and wiser because of this.

I breathed deeply. Only a few more to go. Goldenheart padded up. I knew she would give me a life sooner or later. " My sweet grandson, we can't give you nine lives."


"Your power is just as strong as a life or two. And you can't die from battle. It's not fair."

"Yes it is! This breaks tradition. How could you do that!?"

"Because we are saving these two lives for your child."

"What?" I said this softer. " Child?"

"Yes, do you think SnowClan will stop as soon as you take over? Your job is to help the Clan until the next child comes. She will defeat SnowClan. Not you."

"But why do I have the power of not dying in battle?" I ask. This is getting more and more confusing by the minute.

"So that you can hold them off."

"Fine. Whatever." Anger was laced in my words making Goldenheart take a step back. "Sorry" I said calming down.

"That's okay. I knew you would get angry sonner or later." She said this with a sigh. " I must let you go now. Tigerstar." With this the rest of StarClan joined in chanting.

"Tigerstar! Tigerstar! Tigerstar!" I heard the chants until I was back on the cold, stone floor of the Mooncave.


I was in my den with Honeyrose when Goldenbud barged in.

"Hey!" I protested. It's not like the dirtplace when we were kits, you can call a greeting before coming in!

"I know, I know but I have to tell you something." Goldenbud was out of breath and I wondered if she actually ran here from her patrol I just sent her on.

"Go ahead." I nodded.

"But-" She nudged her muzzle in my mate's direction.

"She knows. Go." Goldenbud was wide eyed at me but shook her head and continued:

The Tiger has rose to the stars but the white mass is still rising to power. Only one can stop and shrink the power that is arising. Only a Sun can melt and reform the Clans for peace forever.


All three kits looked at me like I had just turned into an owl right in front of them until a gray tom spoke, "Wow."

"That was your life, mister?" Asked the kit who first asked me to tell the story.

I chucked, "Only my life as a warrior."

The gray kit was still wide eyed and asked another question, "Is she down there? Saving HollyClan?" I didn't expect this question from a 4 moon old kit but I answered anyway.


Sneek Peek of Sunbeam: Her Life as a Warrior...

Her whole life, Sunbeam has known what is expected of her due to the prophecy proclaiming her to save the Clans. She has been seperate from the rest of the Clan, taking seperate, special classes to prepare her for the battle of a lifetime. But what she and her family didn't expect was what SnowClan was planning.

"Sunbeam." I woke up to the sound of my name being called. My great-grandmother greeted me with a lick between my eyes.

"Hello, Goldenheart. What is it?" I tilted my head confused. She only talked to my every half-moon and I wouldn't see her until after this upcoming Gathering.

"They are ready." That was all she said before she disappeared.

"Goldenhea-" I broke off as I realized that I was being woken up by someone not Goldenheart. Instead by my mother.

"Mom!" I jumped right up startling her. "They're ready!"

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