Where there is light, there is shadow.

Where there is joy, there is pain.

Where there is privelege, there is suffering.

Where there is satisfaction, there is envy.

Where there is love, there is hatred.

Where there is peace, there is chagrin.


Txdra hated her life.

She wasn't poor, one of the most priveleged in their colony.

She wasn't lonely, she had four littermates and two very much alive parents.

But she was bored.

She was bored.

Bored enough to want to explore the Venta, but not enough to actually do so.

But one day, she would be.

And on that day, the Venta and the Ventais would fall.

The ventais would fall.

And so would everything she knew to be true.

Txdra wasn't stupid.

Her life was a lie.

And she knew it.

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