Leader: Bluestar – blue-gray she-cat with silver tinged muzzle

Deputy: Redtail – small tortoiseshell tom with distinctive ginger tail

apprentice, Dustpaw

Medicine Cat: Spottedleaf – beautiful dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a dappled coat


Lionheart – magnificent golden tabby tom with thick fur like a lion’s mane

apprentice, Graypaw

Tigerclaw – big dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws

apprentice, Ravenpaw

Whitestorm – big white tom

apprentice, Sandpaw

Darkstripe – sleek black and gray tabby tom

Longtail – pale tabby tom with dark black stripes

Runningwind – swift tabby tom

Willowpelt –very pale gray she-cat with unusual blue eyes

Mousefur – small dusky brown she-cat


Dustpaw – dark brown tabby tom

Graypaw – long-haired gray tom

Ravenpaw – small, skinny black tom with a white tipped tail and white dash on his chest

Sandpaw – pale ginger she-cat


Frostfur – beautiful white she-cat with blue eyes

Brindleface – pretty tabby

Goldenflower – pale ginger queen

Speckletail – pale tabby, oldest nursery queen


Halftail – big dark brown tabby tom with part of his tail missing

Smallear – gray tom with very small ears

Patchpelt – small black and white tom

One-eye – pale gray she-cat, virtually blind and deaf

Dappletail – once-pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with a lovely dappled coat

Rosetail – tabby she-cat with a pinkish orange tail


Leader: Brokenstar – long-haired dark brown tabby tom

Deputy: Blackfoot – large white tom with huge jet-black paws

Medicine Cat: Yellowfang – old dark-gray she-cat with a broad, flattened face

apprentice, Runningnose – small gray and white tom


Stumpytail – brown tabby tom with a short, stumpy tail

apprentice, Brownpaw

Boulder – silver tabby tom

Clawface – battle-scarred brown tom

apprentice, Littlepaw

Nightpelt – black tom

Russetfur – dark ginger she-cat

Flintfang – gray tom with thickly furred paws

apprentice, Badgerpaw

Wolfstep –dark gray tom with a lighter belly and chest and a torn ear

Fernshade – tortoiseshell she-cat

Tallpoppy – long-legged, light brown tabby she-cat

apprentice, Whitepaw

Newtspeck – black and ginger tabby she-cat

apprentice, Wetpaw


Brownpaw – mottled brown tom

Wetpaw – gray tabby tom

Littlepaw – very small brown tabby tom with light blue eyes

Badgerpaw – fluffly black and white tom with a striped face like a badger

Whitepaw – black tom with a white chest and paws


Brightflower – orange tabby she-cat with a broad face

Darkflower – black she-cat

Dawncloud – small pale ginger tabby she-cat


Ashfur – thin gray tom

Cinderfur – dark gray tom


Leader: Tallstar – black and white tom with a very long tail

Deputy: Deadfoot – black tom with a twisted paw

Medicine Cat: Barkface – short-tailed brown tom


Mudclaw – mottled dark brown tom

apprentice, Webpaw

Tornear – tabby tom

apprentice, Runningpaw

Onewhisker – young brown tabby tom

Wrenflight – brown she-cat

Pigeonnose – dark gray tom with white patches


Webpaw – thickset tabby tom

Runningpaw – very dark gray she-cat


Ashfoot – gray queen

Morningflower – tortoiseshell queen


Leader: Crookedstar – a huge light-coloured tabby tom with a twisted jaw

Deputy: Oakheart – a reddish brown tabby tom

Medicine Cat: Mudfur – long-haired light brown tom


Leopardfur – unusually spotted golden tabby she-cat

Blackclaw – smoky black tom

apprentice, Heavypaw

Stonefur – gray tom with battle-scarred ears

apprentice, Shadepaw

Loudbelly – dark brown tom

apprentice, Silverpaw

Silverstream – a slender silver tabby

Whiteclaw – dark tom with one white paw

Mosspelt – tortoiseshell she-cat


Heavypaw – thickset tabby tom

Shadepaw – very dark gray she-cat

Silverpaw – silver tom


Mistyfoot – dark gray she-cat


Graypool – thin gray she-cat with patchy fur and a scarred muzzle

cats outside of the clans

Mischief – young black she-cat (rogue)

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