Everyone gasped.No one could believe what Bramblestar just said.

                         "First of all,what the heck is a security camera?" Tawnypelt called from the cluster of cats.

                          "Well,Tawnypelt,it will tell ThunderClan if anyone has crossed the scent line.It is more effective than border patrols.The Gathering is at an end!"Bramblestar leaped out of the tree and bounded away with ThunderClan.

                    The next night,the leaders of ShadowClan,RiverClan,and,WindClan met at the island.

                    "What will happen to ThunderClan if they don't do border patrols?"Blackstar asked,

                     "This just can't be happening!"


                                            Meanwhile,Bramblestar was supervising his warriors putting the security cameras at each border."Are you sure about this?"His mate and deputy Squirrelflight padded up to him.

                                             "Of course I'm sure.What did you think?"Bramblestar snapped."This will make ThunderClan invincible!"Just then,Brakenfur and Brightheart came back.

      "Camera established at the WindClan border!"Brakenfur called,and,Brightheart said"At the ShadowClan border!"

         "Good.You two could go and lead a hunting patrol."Bramblestar walked away to camp.

         After connnecting the wires to the computer in his den, Bramblestar left for the Gathering.

        After the other leaders were discussing stuff such as prey and the latest deaths, Bramblestar said something that ThunderClan wanted him to say.

        "Security Cameras aren't what I would've thought they were.I have decided to take out the cameras and...

Replace them with clones."

        "Oh great StarClan!"said Tawnypelt.


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