Greetings. I am Thistlestar, leader of ThunderClan. I will tell of my life and the rage inside me. I will tell you of how I watched my family die around me and how my daughter, my pride and joy, Emberwing, fell too. The snow fell lightly around the frost-covered earth. My apprentice, Emberpaw (who was also my daughter) and I were walking from a day of hunting. "Dad?" Emberpaw said weakly. That's when I knew something was wrong. "I feel weak, dad," Emberpaw said very weakly. Suddenly she fell at my paws. She felt very hot. "Dad, I don't think I can make it. Can you give me one last wish before I go?" "What is it?" I asked. "A warrior name, Dad!" "Of course. I name you Emberwing. Emberwing weakly mewed,"Thank you, Father." (Emberwing died.)

"NO!" Rage pulsed through me, a dark aura encircled me, then everything died around me, plants and fresh-kill. I later returned to my Clan, carrying Emberwing by her scruff, ready to tell my Clan of her death and the father she wanted to give her what she wanted most.

I can't stop remembering her. Why did I have to lose her, and everyone else I loved? I feel as if I have done something to StarClan for them to take so much from me. I'm on my last life now. If only we could be in StarClan together again.

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