"Come here you mangy fish-eaters!" Thistleclaw hissed. He'd caught two Riverclan warriors tresspassing on his border, the nerve of them! He chased them, claws out. The Riverclan warriors were scared, Thistleclaw enjoyed the fear scent reeling off them. "Come back here!"

"R-relax Thistleclaw" one of the RiverClan warriors stammered. "W-we were j-just l-leaving. It was an a-a-acident!"

"Accident, my tail! You're trying to take over my territory!"

Thistleclaw continued the chase. One Riverclan warrior was exhausted, and they stopped to breathe. Thistlelcaw seized his chance, and jumped, teeth bared and claws outstretched. The Riverclan warrior shrieked in surprised and they rolled over and clawed at each other. Thistleclaw smiled evily as he raked the cat's spine and enjoyed listening to its howl. The cat clawed Thistleclaw back, leaving a gash along his muzzle. Tasting the blood, Thistleclaw literally went bezerk. He clawed at the Riverclan warrior like mad, ripping out chunks of fur and leaving blood. Thistleclaw smiled again at the pain he was causing, then suddenly, he stopped. A severe pain was stabbing at his throat. He gasped and fell to the ground. A pool of blood was forming underneath him. He looked up. The second Riverclan warrior had killed him to save his Clanmate. Thistlelcaw closed his eyes.

His spirit rose, and soon Thistleclaw found himself on StarClan's hunting grounds, where he was greeted by Snowfur, his mate. "Welcome to StarClan, my love." she purred. "Although you have made mistakes in your life, we are willing to take you." She beckoned him forward.

"Are you crazy? Do you really think I'd want to be in StarClan? They're soft! They believe the warrior code is law! StarClan are weak! The Dark Forest is my true home."

With that, he turned his back on a shocked Snowfur and walked in to his new home.

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