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These songs are, yes, made by me. Whenever I feel emotional, a song forms in my head and I just make up lyrics and a tune for it. Here is a collection of love songs I created. Featuring my Warriors persona and other main OCs.


The name of the feeling you get when you develop a crush ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Entering a Mirage

I made a Wings of Fire fanfiction of this that I am really proud of with this title. It means a lot to me because I made it a story about a group of friends and a certain love story that I always wished I would have. So I am making a song for it.

If you Dare

Here is another love song I made this summer. I guess I would sing it to my future crush, maybe? I have none now, lol.

Life on the Line

This is a song that flowed through my mind in 5th grade and in you notice a certain signature in my collection, you will see one with a quote from the song.

If you hate me

Ehhhhhhh self-explanatory =)

King of Hearts

Came up with it last night. It's....nice.

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