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Okay, I'm gonna make the prolouge for this because I'm bored XD -Leafwhisker 23:10, January 3, 2010 (UTC)

Part One


The Cats of Choice

Blizzardclaw looked from the banks of StarClan then at his three friends. "We must choose soon, do you all have your cats?"

"I do." a silverly grey she-cat replied, the former leader of IvyClan. "Leafstorm, she will go."

"Good, I choose Burnclaw from FlameClan." Blizzardclaw turned to Riverfur, former deputy of FrostClan. "Who will you choose?"

"Berrywing." he replied and Blizzardclaw glanced at Silversky and nodded, "Yes, she is a good choice." he turned to Redflight, former elder of SunClan. "Your choice?"

"Streakheart." he replied and Blizzardclaw nodded. "Though young he will do good. We will send prophecies to all our cats, but what about it, we mainly are sending them to their deaths, why?"

"To find new territory, this name band of cats wish to have territory or they will kill us, we must find it."

"Yes, I suppose you are right." Bizzardclaw meowed and Silversky looked at them. "Well, we must send the prophecies then." Riverfur nodded in agreement, "We must."

Chapter One


Leafstorm was running through the forest when Silersky looked at her. "Silversky." Leafstorm mumbled and dipped her head. "Leafstorm, I have a prophecy for you, Drought will make four cats from each clan find new territory that will bring new hope, but Lightning will stand in your way." Leafstorm blinked, surely she didn't did her! She woked up and saw all thewarriors staring at her. "Leafstorm, you okay?" Silverstripe asked and Leafstorm nodded, still unsure.

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