Trigger Warning: "There Is No 'Try'" includes suicide (Chapter 3), LGBTQ+ topics(throughout Dawnkit's chapters), and some discrimination(throughout the book). If you are not comfortable with these topics, please stop reading.

Part 1 of the Survive The Night, Find The Light series


FlameClan was the first Clan to be recreated after the fall of the original Clans: ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan. Soon after, SnowClan, StormClan, LakeClan, and NightClan were born. When a young kit recieves a message saying that 'the night is lurking, a friend but a foe', can she fix it in time, or will she give into her temptations around her?

Prologue (3rd Person POV)

TALLSTAR STARED INTO THE POOL THAT LET THEM SEE INTO the living Clans. "Are you sure we should do this? It could go terribly.". "Ye of little faith, eh' Tallstar?" Yellowfang rasped as she tottered to the pool. "Of course it will work! We wouldn't have planned it if it wouldn't work!" "It has to work!" "I don't know, Yellowfang. How will we even know the Kit will choose this path? She could turn and go in to her temptation." Bluestar mewed anxiously, unlike her normal, sure self. " I think Yellowfang is right.," Firestar mewed proudly. "I think you're both right. This is the path we have set the Kit on. It is her choice whether she follows it or not."

Chapter One (Lillyleap's POV)

I GORANED IN PAIN AS LEAFYBREEZE, OUR MEDICINE CAT TOLD ME TO PUSH. "You can do it, Lillyleap. Just push." My other kits had already came, a dark tom with light brown stripes, a jet-black she with white spots and a white tip of her tail, and a grey tom. "I'm TRYING!" I yowl as a tiny pink kit with white paws squirms out, along with an all-silver she with a pure white underbelly. "There is no 'try'." My mate, Blackgorse growls. "There is 'do' or 'didn't do', but no 'try'." While he was speaking, the final kit was born. A pale yellow she with sunset orange splotches. "Oh, why is everything spinning? I don't feel so good..." The last thing I remember was a blurred Leafybreeze anxiously meowing to me "Okay, Lillyleap. Calm yourself. You're losing to much-- WAIT! Lillyleap, stay with me, sister, stay here, and awake."

Chapter Two (Dawnkit's POV)

I SHIVERED AS THE COLD BREEZE RUFFLED my fluffy fur. I looked back at the nursery, then looked to my sisters, Petalkit and Silverkit. We stared out at the full moon and the sad line of FlameClan cats trickling out of the camp and to the Gathering. Petalkit looked to me and signed with her paws "What is Sister doing?" I look over to Silverkit and find her deeply in conversation with somecat we can't see. I looked back to my earless sister and signed, "She's in conversation with StarClan again. I bet you it's with that tom-kit Dandelionkit, Squirrelflight's dead kit again. I think somebody has a crush." Petalkit giggled and nodded until she saw Sandypelt breaking away from his position in the line, near Hearthstar, coming upon us. "Hearthstar wants you to come to the Gathering." His gaze scanned us, but looked at Silverkit, hopped me, and shifted to Petalkit. "I don't know why she wants YOU to come," he glared directly back at me, "but she does." "Come on now, we aren't going to let you hold us up." he gruffly growled and stalked off. I don't care, I told myself. I don't care he's Blackgorse's brother, I don't care he blamed me for the death of Lillyleap, and I don't care he thought it was my fault that Blackgorse killed himself. I can't change his mind. He believes what he believes. But, I did. I did care he felt this way. It hurt. But, when you only have a purpose, you stick to it. My purpose was to translate for Petalkit. So that's what I did. I'd just push down my emotions, and say everything was fine.

Chapter Three (Petalkit's POV)

I SCREECHED AS I WATCHED, COVERED IN BLOOD, AS MY FATHER, Blackgorse, clawed his own belly and threw himself off the cliff. He had dragged me out, clawed my ears off, literally, and done this to himself. I stared down the high gorge in horror as I saw his bloody body fall down and thud along the rocks. I dropped onto my belly and yowled in pain and grief, terrified when I found I couldn't hear myself. I yowled, too weak, small, and hurting to go back to camp. I yowled and yowled all day until my yowls faded into weak mews, and then, only small squeaks as I shivered through the night. I woke to be in the jaws of a lean NightClan warrior, who, along with some other NightClan warriors, were slowly making their way to what I assumed was their camp. I saw one open their jaws to speak, but I hear nothing before I slipped back into sleep.

Chapter Four (Silverkit's POV)

I LAUGHED AS I DANCED AROUND UNDERNEATH THE WILLOWS ON THE PATH to the Gathering place. Dandelionkit floated in the air, his pale yellow fur glimmering in the starlight. He giggled and dove down to play with me and mewed, "This is fun! Do you do this all the time?" "There aren't many willows on FlameClan land; this is StormClan land." I replied. "We climb up rocks for fun, when we're lucky enough to have fun." "All the warriors are so serious, and grumpy. They never want to have any fun, and it's boring!" I whined. "I don't remember there even being a FlameClan or StormClan before I died- Oh right! The Clans were reborn! Your StormClan is my RiverClan!" Dandelionkit exclaimed in understanding. I giggled again and butted him in the shoulder, "Yeah you mouse-brain! Doesn't StarClan see all?" "Yeah, but-" "Well then you should remember the names of the Clans you watch over, right?" "Yeah, I guess I should." He murmured, his starry cheeks flushed. "It's okay friend. I forget stuff, too." I mewed. "Hey, tell me what is the Old version of FlameClan?" "My Clan, actually." "ThunderClan." "Nice!" I meow. "Doesn't that mean we are Clanmates?" "Actually, we were Clanmates. I'm now a resident of StarClan." "Aww, I kinda liked being Clanmates for a few seconds." I look to Dawnkit, who giggles at my words. I stick out my tongue teasingly and turn back do Dandelion, about to say something when somecat growls, "Be quiet. We're here."

Chapter Five (Lillyleap's Final POV)

I STARED DOWN AT MY KITS LOVINGLY, THOUGH MY HEART WAS WRENCHING WITH PAIN. They were so young to be left without a mother. So sweet. So innocent. Then Blackgorse had to do that to himself, rendering his kits fatherless, one deaf, and all traumatized. And poor Dawnkit. She gets the brute of it. At least all her suffering will change her life for the better. And she has her sisters. Petal has her thoughts, Silver has StarClan, but Dawnkit, she has her littermates. They walked into the Gathering place so- so, full of life. Like all their troubles had just washed away, and they were just kits at a new place. I hate how I have done this to them. Let them grieve over me. But I couldn't go back. I couldn't even try to explain to them. But Blackgorse was right; There is no Try, and if I can't do this without Trying, then I- I just can't. I whisper "goodbye" to my kits for the first and last time, and turn around to close my eyes as starry tears blink from them.

Chapter Six (Dawnkit's POV)

I LOOKED AROUND AT THE NEW PLACE AMAZINGLY. It was so big! Cats were chatting with other cats, and the leaders were up on their trees, and some apprentices were sparring. Too old and too many stories, I thought about the cluster of elders. Too busy! I'd frown at the bustling group of apprentices. I wonder what she's doing... I glanced wonderingly at a tall, solemn apprentice sitting off to herself. I looked around for my sisters, but Petalkit was stunning some warriors, and Silverkit was consulting some medicine cats. Well, I guess I'll go see about that cat. I trotted over to the dark-brown apprentice and friendily mewed "Hello. I'm Dawnkit. You?" The she-cat stared at me blankly before shaking herself and mewing "I'm Mudpaw. One question, though." "What?" "Why is a kit at a Gathering?" "Honestly, I'm not sure. I was just requested by Hearthstar. Actually, I don't think I was invited in the first place. I'm probably just here to translate for my sister." I mewed. "But it's fine. I'm fine. Getting overlooked and perceived that my feelings are pointless and that I only serve one purpose is fine for me." At least, I think it is... right? "...Wow, that's deep for a kit, Dawnkit. You must've really gone through a lot." she mewed intriguedly. "So, tell me about yourself, Mudpaw. You seem like a quiet cat." "Meh. I don't really have a story." Mudpaw mewed plainly. "Whaddya mean?" "Well, fine, I'll tell you (but u hafta read da next chapter suckas)

Chapter Six.One (Mudpaw's Spinoff Story/Third Person POV)

MUDKIT STARED OFF OVER IN THE SHADOWCLAN CAMP, NOT FAZED BY THE SCREECHING CLAN. She glanced back at her mother, Dawnshine, who was sobbing as she dragged Mudkit out of the camp. Dawnshine wasn't even NightClan; she had come here to make more kits with Mud's father and started a war in that process. Mudkit would look back at the screeching fight and saw her father, bounding toward her with paws outstretched until a LakeClan warrior, who she would later find out was her kin, leaped forward and ripped his throat and stomach out in front of her. His blood gurgled in his throat and he gasped for air as Mudkit's mother let out a wailing "Shadowstreaker!!!" Mudkit just... sat there, paralyzed, not with pain or fear, but... thoughts. She blinked slowly, the blood spattered across her face, and, in an unrealistic way, leaped out at the LakeClan cat and latched onto his throat. She clawed repeatedly with her little curled claws, so fast yowling enragedly, repeating the same action until her tiny little kit claws reached flesh, she whipped around and slit the tom's jugular and carotid on both sides, cutting the blood flow and killing him. The battle had stopped, they were all watching her, this kit, murdering a warrior. Mudkit dropped down, panting, her kit fur fluffed out like a spiky little ball, looking up as everybody stared at her, she yowled "Whatcha looking at?! I avenged my father, simple as that." What the young kit didn't know was that she had just taken the last life of Duskstar, the noble leader of LakeClan, her grandfather. Mudkit would later take up an apprenticeship in LakeClan, using her strength to make LakeClan the strongest Clan in the area in which they lived.

Chapter Seven (Silverpaw's POV)

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