Season 1, Episode 1 of Battle Squads. I hope you enjoy it!

A/N: I'm new to writing fanfics, so if you think that it needs improvement, let me know in a comment (No hate comments). Also, some of the Starclan cats are from the original series, but all living cats are made by me.

Everything was peaceful in the Starclan camp. Warriors chatted about past adventures and battles, while kits played out in the clearing. Suddenly, the foliage above the camp burst into motion as a patrol burst into camp, their fear-scent thick on the air. All the cats sprang up as another group of cats forced their way into the camp. More cats than had ever been seen formed a semicircle around the group of Starclan cats, barring their way out of the camp. One of the cats, a large ginger tabby, stepped forward.

"So this is the all-powerful Starclan, eh?" the cat sneered at the Starclan cats. "We've been watching your precious clans for some time, and we have noticed how, whenever they have problems, they come crawling to you, hoping to receive guidance. So where will they be without you? Without you fools helping the clans, they will easily fall."

One of the Starclan cats stepped forward. "Why are you doing this?" he asked. "We don't even know you." Other cats murmured their agreement.

"You know that you are not the only group of warrior ancestors around!" returned the first cat. "But unlike you, we help the clans that we represent when they need us, not when they come sniveling on the ground to you, begging for your help, only to have you give a vague prophecy. We make sure that our clans know EXACTLY what we mean. Without you and your annoying prophecies, your clans are nothing, and will fall easily to our clans. This is why you are confined to camp. If you try to escape, we will kill you. Yes, we can kill Starclan cats. We are technically equals, but we are easily more powerful." He turned to the rest of the newcomers. "Make sure they stay in their dens, and whatever you do, DO NOT let them make prophecies, as they will just make one that will foretell them destroying us." He left the clearing as his followers herded the Starclan cats into their dens. As soon as they left, speculation broke out around the Starclan cats as some of them started panicking.

"The clans are doomed!" one cat yelled out in panic.

"We just have to trust them to survive without us," a large ginger tom meowed in an attempt to calm the others. "The clans have faced worse threats than this before. They'll survive this."

"You can't trust everyone, Firestar," a large white cat with black paws replied. "Since their warrior ancestors are more powerful than Starclan, I think that the living cats they represent will be more powerful, especially without the help of Starclan."

"If we don't trust the clans to take care of themselves, Blackstar, they are not going to make it," Firestar replied. "We must have faith in them."

"And look where having faith in them got us now." Another cat, a gray tabby, grumbled.

"Don't be such a grump, Jayfeather," replied Firestar.

"All I know that unless we can break out of this place, there won't be any more clans left to have faith in."

"That's why we should try to get out of here to warn the clans."

"How will we get out of here with those fox-hearts guarding the exit?" asked Blackstar.

"We'll think of something," promised Firestar. "We just need to believe that the clans can handle themselves until we can get out of here."

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