Hello readers. This is my first fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it. I will be doing more books in this series. Here is a preview of my story so far: (Note: if you have read anything with these characters, storyline, or clans hen imagine they are in an alternate universe. This is another alternate universe.) In the cold moons of leaf-bare there was a mother of one kit named dead. One day the mother thought she wouldn't survive the cold if she had to care for another so she abandoned her son. Hungry and cold, he was taken in by a group of cats. He was there renamed Fire. He grew to be a strong fighter and hunter. But it was now his time to face the wilderness and fulfill his destiny.

Chapter 1

"Thank you. For all, you have given me. I will never forget your generosity." Fire said to the group of cats. He faced Rose. "I would never have survived being a kit without you." He turned to Lightning. "And you will always be like a brother to me." "And Apple, thank you for teaching me the ways of fighting and hunting. And thank you all for taking me in when I was a kit." Vole and Leaf, Rose, and Sand's new kits popped in. "Fire is leaving?" Vole asked. "Yes, little one." Fire responded. "I don't want Fire to leave." Leaf cried. "I am sorry, but I feel like something is waiting for me out there and I want to find out what that is." Fire explained. After he had said his farewells he turned and left towards the river. 

After walking for a day and nightfall was upon him he found a cave to sleep in. He found a mouse in the cave and with a swift bite to the neck, had food. "This is my first prey in the wild." He thought. He ate it and curled up on the floor. It felt cold. "I should have collected moss." He thought.  

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