The Tribe Of Falling Stones

The Tribe Of Falling Stones

Healer: Pool Of Stars - Gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes, formerly a loner named Star

Herb-Gatherers (Cats who collect herbs for the healer):

Birch Where Sparrows Sing (Birch): Light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Dew That Makes Grass Sparkle (Dew): Light gray tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes and one white paw

Prey-Hunters (Cats who provide the Tribe with food):

Petal That Clings To Flower (Petal): White she-cat with dark gray patches

Blossom Of Fresh Flower (Blossom): Tortoiseshell she-cat with a white chest and green eyes

Flame That Burns Through Trees (Flame): Bright ginger tabby tom with green eyes

Thorn That Cuts Through Leaves (Thorn): Brown tabby tom with amber eyes and a white paw.

Meadow-Guards (Cats who protect the meadow where they live from invaders):

Snow That Drifts In Wind (Drift): White she-cat with amber eyes

Berry That Stains Stones Red (Berry): White tom with black paws and amber eyes

Fang Of Angry Wolf (Fang): Black tom with a white paw and gray eyes

Fern That Grows Near Stream (Fern): Dark brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

To-Be's (Cats in training to be Meadow-Guards and Prey-Hunters):

Holly Where Rabbits Hide (Holly): White she-cat with black paws and green eyes; training to be a Prey-Hunter

Apple That Drops From Tree (Apple): Dark ginger she-cat with a stumpy tail; training to be a Meadow-Guard

Elders (Former Prey-Hunters and Meadow-Guards, now retired):

Steel: Gray tom with lighter paws, formerly a rogue

Primrose: Light brown tabby she-cat, retired early due to broken spine; formerly a kittypet

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