Hello, you may know me! My name is Hope! This is a poem by me!

This is set by the ocean. A cat called Songpaw is an outcast. She was exiled from her clan for a murder she didn't commit.

The Waves Cover

The Waves

The waves.

They wash against the shore.

Their crashing sounds help soothe my pain.

They blamed me for something I didn't do.

They assumed that I was to blame.

I was loyal.

I was kind.

I never committed such a crime.


As the tide rises and my pain does too.

What did I ever do to you?

My best friend's death is still unknown.

I really just want to go home.

But I can't now.

Because sadly

memory doesn't fade away like sea foam.


My fallen faith.

My hope is gone.

Hopefully, one day, they might realise their mistakes.

Despair and gloom

is what I see.

But, I know she is always with me.

The bird of my song.

The best of friends.


I wish she was here.

With me.


Nights are long.

Dark and cold.

I want you.

My best friend.

It wasn't your time.

It wasn't the end.

But, someone killed you.

I hope you know.

Somewhere out there.

That I didn't murder you.


Help me!


The flame is burning.

Then it is out.

No hope for my future.

I am still in doubt.

As the waves come crashing down.

My faith does too.

I will always remember you.



and on my own.

SongClan will be born.

They will one day be sorry for their mistakes.

Cause the waves have guided me through my fate.

Now I realise I am not alone.

They will guide me through my mistakes.

I want to be home.

They don't punish me for my anger.

They don't punish me for my pain.

I pad out to the coast.

To my friend

The waves.

Okay, that is it! I hope you enjoyed The Waves. I will be starting another poem very soon. Thank you!

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