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Dovepaw raced alongside her mentor, Lionblaze and Jayfeather as the three ran towards the tunnels. The rest of their Clan was fighting for their lives against the forces and followers of the Dark Forest. The three were the only cats who could stop the evil cats. Jayfeather wanted to go to the tunnels for some weird 'medicine cat' reason.

They were almost at the tunnels when Dovepaw heard a familiar panting. She skidded on the ground

"It's Ivypaw! She escaped!" Jayfeather yowled a warning but it was to late.

A horde of cats appeared and surrounded the three cats. Lionblaze tried to count them all; Ivypaw, Brokenstar, Ashfur, Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Breezepelt, Tigerheart, and so many more! Ivypaw stepped forewords with Breezepelt close behind her, brushing along her fur.

"Eww! Ivypaw, tell Breezepelt to go AWAY!!! He's a DORK!!!! You CANNOT like him!! You're NOT ALLOWED!!!" Dovepaw yowled. Lionblaze sighed and Jayfeather smacked himself.

"I love him." said Ivypaw then she snarled "You have no right to tell me what to do! You hate me! I'm always left behind! You can't see what pain I'm in! I want to be with you but you just push me away!"

While the 2 sister were arguing Lionblaze and Jayfeather had chased away all of the intruders but Breezepelt, Tigerheart and Ivypaw. Suddenly the ground rumbled and a cat burst out of the tunnels. They could barely make out its fur color because it was so dusty but they could see it was black.

The she-cats green eyes flashed and she snarled "Which one of you mangy cats know where my brothers are?"

Jayfeather stepped forewords. "Hollyleaf?" he asked The she-cat snarled but sheathed her claw.

Lionblaze leaped up to his sister "We missed you! This is Dovepaw. She's the third-"

Jayfeather shook his head frantically but Hollyleaf was smart enough to guess what happened

"You replaced me?" she meowed sadly. then she turned on Dovepaw and her sister and yowled. she must have thought Ivypaw was Dovepaw because she leaped at the young apprentice and killed her.

"Ivypaw!" Dovepaw screamed.

Hollyleaf turned on Dovepaw. "So you're the traitor!" and she sprang at Dovepaw. Dovepaw got in a defensive position but Tigerheart launched himself at Hollyleaf. They fought and Dovepaw was frightened but finally Hollyleaf fell down, dead and Tigerheart fell too.

Dovepaw ran to her friend but he was only wounded. She cried in relief and she and the others went back to the camp to celebrate their victory. They failed to see the 2 cats in the gloom. One was silver and small and one was black and big. They snarled in the direction of the retreating cats and turned and padded away.

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