The Twelve Gates

"It scares me. I think of it as having Twelve choices, all of which are binding if I am to select one. I don't know if I can handle that."


Shadowflame has always been different. She was automatically an outcast; unable to be deciphered by her Clanmates. She was, after all, a former rogue, accepted only for her superb hunting skills.

Her mind has always been too complex to be understood by even herself, and Shadowflame has come to fear that. When she dreams, all she sees is a dark abyss, with Twelve white Gates, each with a golden padlock attached.

Will the inability to not understand these visions save Shadowflame and her Clan, or will it slowly tear her apart?

WARNING: This story has a demographic of older audiences. There will be mature themes, light cussing and extreme blood and gore. If you do not desire to read any of that, please do not read past this. Thank you.


                                             This is a work in progress.

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