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This is a poem by Brams (again). To see my other poems, click these links.

NOTE: Spoilers for Bramblestar's Storm ahead - if you haven't read it, read at your own risk! It contains major spoilers. (Poems about Bramblestar's Storm are fun - this is my second. <33333)

Anywho, enjoy <3 :)

The Stick of the Fallen

When the fire died,

And brambles rose,

The jay's feather

Found a stick.

Scratching six lines,

That cat said:

"This is the

Stick of the Fallen."

The first scratch said:

I died from

Fighting hard, strong.

Killed by a

Dark Forest tom,

After I had

Done my duty.

Mousefur. I am Mousefur.

The second scratch said:

I died after

I saved one.

I left, but

I then returned.

He was Hawkfrost.

He killed me.

Hollyleaf. I am Hollyleaf.

The third scratch said:

I died from

Wounds I sustained

Fighting for ThunderClan.

I survived, but

Then I died -

I wasn't saved.

Foxleap. I am Foxleap.

The fourth scratch said:

I died fighting.

I fought for

The kits of

Sorreltail and Brightheart.

The five survived -

I was satisfied.

Ferncloud. I am Ferncloud.

The fifth scratch said:

I died after

The ferocious battle.

I hid my

Wounds, but it

Cost my life.

My kits survived.

Sorreltail. I am Sorreltail.

The final scratch said:

I died of

The wounds sustained.

I thwarted the

Cat I hated,

But my flame

Was put out.

Firestar. I am Firestar.

The six mark it.

The Stick of

The Fallen Cats.

Today, all apprentices

Learn their names,

As a tribute

To their sacrifice

To save the Clans.

Author's Note

Yey - I love writing poems about Bramblestar's Storm right now <33333

This the end of another poem - I do hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to comment below - constructive criticism is appreciated. Don't be mean please.

Until next time,

--Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure 21:34, October 2, 2014 (UTC)

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