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The Snowy Moon

Nighty's First Fanfiction

Author's Note

this was remade 2 times.

please enjoy i can't go on for much longer.


"All cats old enough to run the moor gather around the sky-tree for a Clan Meeting!" Rabbitstar yowled to the sky, and silently watch as the cats padded from the dens everywhere, joining together for the meeting.

Under the sunlight was a black she-cat like a raven, but with flecks like stars glimmering on her fur, clinging to a dappled black and white tom. They grappled on eachother to the meeting, dust mixed in on their pelts, while a small she-cat, the runt of the litter, watching over them.

"Is every cat here?" The brown tom asked once more across the clearing. A bright ginger she-cat rushed out from behind a bush, scrambling in. "I'M HERE I'M HERE SO SORRY I'M LATE I'M HERE!" She screeched, flinging herself into the clearing in a cloud of dust and grass. Her pelt was matted and tangled, stuffed with burrs that spread from her head to her tail tip.

Rabbitstar sighed flicking his tail for silence. "Kits, you have reached the ages of 6 moons old, and are ready to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior names, you will be known as Nightpaw, Lightpaw, Blackpaw, and Gingerpaw."

The apprentices scrambled about into a sitting position, Nightpaw with her tail on Lightpaw's head, and Blackpaw scooting away from the dusty Gingerpaw in a mix of fear and uncomfort.

"Your mentors will be Dapplefur, Sunclaw, Mistywhisper, and Thunderstrike." Rabbitstar sighed, and turned to stare at the four warriors that stepped up. "Dapplefur, Sunclaw, Thunderstrike, you are ready to take on apprentices. You have all recieved excellent training from me, Shadowflight, and Speckledash, and you all have shown yourselves to be noble and witty. You will be the mentors of these apprentices, and I expect you to pass on all you know to them." The cats in the crowd mumbled, and cheered eagerly.

"Thank you, Rabbitstar." Dapplefur dipped her head, and Rabbitstar nodded to acknowledge her manners to her leader. Certainly she would be the deputy to Brindlepelt, and would lead WindClan to greatness long after himself. I just hope she can teach Nightpaw to be a warrior like her. He believed in her fully.

"Clan dismissed!" Rabbitstar screeched once Dapplefur had padded to touch noses with Nightpaw, and watched the cats pad off to return to their duties they had set on pause. He was proud of WindClan, and how he had raised it to be stronger then it ever was. He purred to himself, then the though hit him.

His dream, his dream of the prophecy Tallstar had told him. He thought long and hard, and settled his yellow gaze onto Nightpaw, who was meowing excitedly to her sister. She stood out against moors like this, but was stealthy as a shadow. He pondered the ideas he had.

Then he gasped out loud, and the few cats who heard him pricked their ears in his direction, then returned to normal once they dismissed it as just a rabbit squeak. Maybe Nightpaw is the cat in the prophecy... She can't be. But he pieced the pieces together quicker and quicker.

He would just have to wait and see, yes.

He would just have to wait and see...


"You can't do this to me, i'm just an apprentice!" A shorthair's cry echoed around teh RiverClan camp, with disapproving glares burning into his silver fur like fire. Upon a large rock a bulky figure sat upon the cold hard stone, a sandy pelt with mixes of gray fluffed up, with violent amber eyes settled down upon the young tom.

"You have betrayed RiverClan, leaving dismay around the poor family of Splashpaw. Your crimes are not to be taken lightly." The leader snapped at the cowering cat below him, glancing with a frost look of sympathy at a sobbing she-cat with her tail curled around a small figure, barely older then the gray and silver shorthair being shouted at.

"But I didn't do it, I swear Salmonstar!" The apprentice screamed at Salmonstar, tears welling up in his crystal blue eyes. "I was framed, framed by Shellgrowl!" He screeched, staring with a look of deep hatred at the bulky tom who lay in the shade of a crooked tree.

"How dare a young apprentice frame a loyal warrior like Shellgrowl, even as Shellgrowl is his father!" Salmonstar yowled at the cowering apprentice, his legs bunched up as if he was to leap to kill the fowl tom."You have murdered Splashpaw, and you will pay for it! I hereby banish you, Jaypaw, into exile! This meeting is over and you shall leave!" Salmonstar hissed with venom in his voice, as he watched the sobbing rouge run off into the forest near WindClan territory..

Chapter 1

"Nightpaw, Nightpaw wake up!" Gingerpaw hissed into her sibling's ear, and Nightpaw twitched slowly in her nest. Gingerpaw rolled her leafy green eyes impatiently, and prodded Nightpaw even more. Nightpaw growled deeply, and flicked her tail which lay in the shade of the dark corner.

"Shut up, Gingerpaw.." Nightpaw mumbled, and blinked her eyes as they adjusted to the dimly lit den in which they slept. She yawned, smelling a strong and fresh scent of rabbit drifting in from the camp entrance. From the den she could already hear the kit's happy squeals to have prey to eat. Or play with.

"Wakeupwakeupwakeup! You and Lightpaw are on the sunhigh patrol! And it leaves now!" Gingerpaw shoved Nightpaw onto her paws, and crept out of the den slowly to go get some prey. She had the early training today, moor hunting training. Nightpaw thought to herself, and followed her sister, paws striking the ground and pelt un-groomed.

Dapplefur turned to Nightpaw, and instantly her face lit up as she met the young apprentice's eyes. "Ah, see, this is not a day for training clearly. Sunhigh patrol ruins it very much, yes." She stood up and stepped closer to Nightpaw. Sunclaw rolled his eyes.

"You might as well be her mother, Dapplefur." His tail gave a sharp flick as he stared at the nursery where Lightpaw was sorting out prey for the queens, an agitated expression drawn in detail on his cold face. Sunclaw did not like cats being late for patrols or training, not at all.

Dapplefur rolled her eyes at Sunclaw, and nodded to Nightpaw. "You're just jealous because your apprentice is playing with the kits." She purred in amusement. Nightpaw snickered, but was shushed by Sunclaw's withering glare. Lightpaw peeked out of the nursery, and bounded quickly over to his impatient mentor.

The group padded from the sunlit camp into the expansive moors, peeking over tall grass to glimpse a rabbit or smelling the air to scent a bird. "Alright, clearly together we won't get anywhere. Me and Lightpaw will hunt around the camp, you and Nightpaw go by the borders." Dapplefur ordered to Sunclaw, and the patrol split up.

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