Me and my sister Shine froze as our mother had killed the fox, but the fox was also killing her with the wound the fox had made. We were only half a moon old, Shine asks "Fern what are we going to do?" "Create a group" I barley whisper. "But the fox killed Bubbles" Shine says in a tiny voice. I know I have to take charge but I don`t know what to do, so I say "we will still create a group to make Bubbles proud and it will be called the Sisters."

Chapter 1

My sister was giving birth to 6 kits I was going frantic. Without the father here I knew I had to be calm to reassure Shine that the rule of no grown toms allowed to stay is necessary, we had the herbs and the food. We were going to be all right. Shine gave birth to 1 tom and 5 she-cats. We named the tom Pine and the she-cats Sun, Sunset, Sunrise, Snow, and Silver. Before long all of them was awake and wild. Pine was taught to hunt at the age of 2 moons Shine argued but trusted me enough to bring him out at such a young age. Pine had learned how to hunt and to fight before he was 5 moons old. Sun, Sunrise, and Sunset learned to fight while Snow and Silver learned to hunt. I leaped to a higher ledge then the one that we store prey on and under. "The Claw Moons are coming up" my voice boomed around the clearing, Silver called out "what are the Claw Moons?" "They are full moons that look like claws have struck them in the middle, and the first claw moon the toms that know how to hunt and fight get ready to leave, the second they stay inside at eat and sleep, the third they leave" I answered. "Oh and if not all claw moons come in a row the tom stays" I say remembering. "But that means Pine" leaves Sun whispers. I know they weren`t very fond of Pine but they cared about him." We are the sisters we don`t allow full grown toms, Shine left your father to stay here and I helped raise you and you will help raise other kits, that is the tradition Silver I am sorry" I say to them quietly."The first Claw Moon is tonight Pine get ready to leave load a beech leaf onto your back and load some herbs onto it" I say and then I saw Pine was shrinking down below.

The second Claw Moon came and Pine sat in camp and ate a feast then went into the Claw Moon den to sleep, Shine was guarding him, I had taken Sun, Sunset, Sunrise, Snow, and Silver out to hunt early in the morning then battle training in the afternoon. The the third Claw Moon came and we loaded the beech leaf onto his back. Then as he left I started singing "Good Luck On Your Journey Live The Land You See" then the others started joining in we sang it until he was out of sight. Snow, Silver, and Sunset all started crying very very hard. I took Snow the bulky and muscular one, Shine took Sunset the large one, and finally Sun and Sunrise talked Silver into trying to walk while leaning on their shoulders. I never thought they would take it so hard. "Time for sleeping then tomorrow Shine will take all of you out for hunting" I say softly. They went to bed I could not fall asleep so I went for a walk. Suddenly I saw a tom, I growled at him "get out of here now." "Where do I go" he asked loudly, "keep your voice down and I don`t really know where for you to go" I admit quietly. Then why are you trying to kick me off the this land he asked, I have kits here and what is you name? I responded. "Foxy, nice meeting you." "Mine is Fern." "Wanna walk together" Foxy asks me and I answer "yes". First we go by the river and swim for a bit, and I hold him underwater until he claws me. That's the signal to let him live. After that we play fight until the moon is fully up. Then he walks me home silently.

Once I get back I fall asleep immediately and sleep until the sun is up . Shine is worried about me so Sun stays with me until I wake up and we do battle training. The others bring back almost enough food to feed us all those who didn't catch prey didn't eat Sun and I shared two tiny voles. At night again I couldn't sleep I had to go find him again. I realized something on the way there I was in love. I went back home immediately. But I was already pregnant with 10 kits, my belly was gigantic. Bubbles came to me in a dream and said one kit will be a tom he will be a reckless send him away at two moons old, and by the way your dead Sisters will follow you everywhere and be called the ghosts. I woke up immediately and yelled I am kitting. They all come out and see my belly, Shine jumps into motion and yells at the kits get a stick, and she gets the herbs.

Chapter 2 !Robinwing! Here is the link to the BROTHERS

I name them Tempest, Mist, Dawn, Water, Leaf, Star, Flower, Moon, Feather, and the tom is named Scar. We get to training immediately with Scar. None of the sister expect Shine understand why we train Scar so early. 2 moons struck and we sent Scar away everyone didn't mine. After he was gone I explained about the Ghosts and Bubbles. The others got it.


I train Mist and Dawn herbs and the others teach Tempest, Water, Leaf, Star, Flower, Moon, and Feather.

This will no longer be continued because I have started a 20 season Countdown, including cats from all the clans. Here is the link to it

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