Here are the allegiances in the Silent Call!


Leader-       Snowstar-White she-cat with bluebell blue eyes

Apprentice: Mattpaw

Deputy-      Rayclaw-Orange tabby tom with faded black stripes and amber eyes

Medicine Cat      Wispyflower-Gray she-cat with mint-green eyes

Warriors-       Nightheart-Tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice: Angelpaw

Tarfur-Brown tom with darker brown stripes and bold, green eyes

Airclaw-Ginger tom with amber eyes

Nightshadow-Black tom with tiny white splotches and green eyes

Apprentices       Mattpaw-Jet black tom with teal faded into pale green eyes

Angelpaw-Pure white she-cat with kind blue eyes

Nursery       Cherrykit-Ginger she-kit with amber eyes


Leader       Brevinstar-Brown tom with yellow eyes

Deputy       Hayleypelt-Gray calico she-cat with amber eyes

Cats and Animals Outside the Clans

Moon-White she-cat with beautiful blue eyes

Flower-Gray she-cat with amber eyes

Mud-Brown tom with amber eyes

Shadow-Black tom with amber eyes

Tooth-White tom with red eyes

Chicken-Brown she-cat with green eyes

Sun-Golden she-cat with yellow eyes

Death-Gray she-cat with many scars and blue eyes

Killer-Dark gray tom with scars and amber eyes

Berry-Cream she-cat with green eyes

Scorch-Ginger tom with blue eyes

Whirlpool-Blue-gray tom with green eyes

Axe(Alpha)-Black and white tom with red-amber eyes

Sunset-Pretty golden she-cat with heather colored eyes

Starlight-Gray-brown she-cat with green eyes

Sky-Silver-blue she-cat with sky-blue eyes

Ginger-Ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Pine-Dark brown tom with dark green eyes

Willow-Light brown she-kit with green eyes

Birch-Ginger tom with green eyes

Robin-Gray-brown she-kit with pink eyes

Oak-Brown tom with green eyes

Holly-Black she-cat with light green eyes

Autumn-Ginger she-kit with brown eyes

Citrus-Ginger tom with amber eyes

Salty-White she-kit with brown eyes

Snowy-White she-cat with amber eyes

Alani-Ginger tom with brown eyes

Thorn-Brown tom with hazel eyes

Teller-Blind gray tom with blue eyes

Hawk-Fluffy brown and black tom with amber eyes

Emerald-Tortoiseshell she-kit with green eyes

Destiny-Deaf white she-cat with blue eyes

Oracle-Deaf gray she-kit with blue eyes

Starseer-Blind white she-kit with blue eyes

Hunter-Fluffy brown and black tom with green eyes

Ruby-Sleek tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes

Frostflurry-White she-cat with gray spots and blue eyes

Amberkit-Brown she-cat with blue eyes

Gorsekit-Brown tom with green eyes

Meadowshine-Gray-black she-cat with green eyes

Brackenthorn-Brown tom with blue eyes


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