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Honeypaw, Robinpaw, Fangpaw and Gustpaw are growing up in unfortunate times; The Land of the Forgotten has found a way to enter the world of the living. With the Clans poised against each other, these unlikely heros must find a way to save all of the Clans from destruction.



Leader: Shimmerstar, silver she-cat with icy blue eyes

Deputy: Badgerscar, large black tom with one white stripe and yellow eyes, long scar on flank

Medicine Cat: Fawnwillow, small gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentice: Lionpaw, thick-furred ginger she-cat with blue eyes

Warriors: Cloudpuff, thick-furred white tom with green eyes

Apprentice: Honeypaw, small yellow she-cat with amber eyes

Lavendershade, gray she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice: Ashpaw, gray tom with deep blue eyes

Stormslash, dark gray tom with a white slash on his chest and blue eyes

Larkwish, black she-cat with green eyes

Clearstream, pale gray she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentice: Nutpaw, small tan tom with a white belly, paws and muzzle and green eyes

Eaglespine, pale ginger tom with green eyes

Apprentice: Goldenpaw, golden she-cat with green eyes and a white belly and muzzle

Rosevine, reddish gray she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice: Foxpaw, thick-furred red tom with a bushy tail and green eyes

Willowtail, very pale gray she-cat with yellow eyes

Birchwing, white tom with amber eyes

Pincheye, tan tom with blue eyes, blind in one eye

Apprentice: Frogpaw, small dark brown tom with green eyes and a tan belly

Queens: Petalvine, white she-cat with green eyes and brown spots, mother to Eaglespine's kit (Beechkit, dark brown she-kit with black stripes and amber eyes, paralyzed in her hindquarters)

Shineice, white and silver she-cat with blue eyes, mother to Badgerscar's kits (Hopkit, tan she-kit with blue eyes, Wigglekit, brown tom with a white belly and paws and green eyes

Mossylight, gray she-cat with amber eyes, expecting Cloudpuff's kits

Elders: Shallowpool, old gray she-cat with blue eyes

Weedfur, rusty brown tom with green eyes

Needleprint, black she-cat with green eyes

Downtoe, white tom with yellow eyes


Leader: Lichenstar, black she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Seednook, brown tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Gorsehollow, tan tom with yellow eyes

Mediator: Bluenut, long-furred blue she-cat with deep blue eyes

Warriors: Brightleap, pale gray she-cat with amber eyes

Nightgale, black tom with amber eyes

Lakepounce, gray she-cat with blue eyes

Horseeye, brown tom with a bushy tail and blue eyes

Apprentice: Galepaw, small white she-cat with green eyes

Rainydusk, gray she-cat with amber eyes and a white tipped tail

Lilywind, pale gray she-cat with white paws and belly

Shreddedmurk, very dark gray tom with blue eyes

Apprentice: Gustpaw, gray she-cat with amber eyes and black paws

Queens: Petalshine, gray she-cat with white paws and green eyes, expecting Shreddedmurk's kits

Elders: Swimfrog, gray she-cat with dull gray eyes


Leader: Larkstar, black she-cat with white splotches and blue eyes

Deputy: Leafburr, gray and white tom with green eyes

Medicine Cats: Yellowfur, old gray she-cat with yellow eyes

Vinemare, black tom with small paws and green eyes

Warriors: Deernut, brown she-cat with white splotches and yellow eyes

Apprentice: Curlpaw, whit she-cat with curly fur and amber eyes

Bluepuddle, grayish blue she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice: Harepaw, small gray tom with a white belly and green eyes

Bubblesneeze, small white tom with a brown tail and amber eyes

Wolfleap, large gray tom with piercing blue eyes

Mousemeadow, small brown tom with a white chest and green eyes

Lightstream, pale gray she-cat with blue eyes and a white belly, paws, and muzzle

Queens: Sandwhisker, pale ginger she-cat with blue eyes, expecting Wolfleap's kits

Elders: Owlwing, scraggly brown tom with bright amber eyes


Leader: Dustystar, pale brown tom with green eyes and white paws

Deputy: Lakewing, pale gray she-cat with amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Gorsereed, pale yellow tom with green eyes

Warriors: Tailnook, black and gray tom with a long tail and green eyes

Foggywhisker, pale gray tom with blue eyes

Alderleaf, very pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Kinktail, black she-cat with blue eyes

Scaleflower, gray and white she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice: Deerpaw, brown tom with white speckles and green eyes

Barktongue, brown tom with amber eyes

Apprentice: Robinpaw, brown she-cat with reddish chest fur and green eyes

Harenut, brown tom with a white belly and green eyes

Screechlog, black tom with blue eyes

Queens: Windywave, gray she-cat with blue eyes, mother to Foggywhisker's kits (Lakekit, gray she-kit, Yarrowkit, black she-kit

Elders: Dappleshore, dappled gray and brown she-cat with amber eyes

Wadepool, black tom with blind green eyes


Leader: Meadowstar, pale yellow she-cat with amber eyes

Deputy; Hollowsun, yellow tom with green eyes and a white belly

Medicine Cat: Harenook, tan tom with blue eyes

Apprentice: Wellpaw, silver tom with green eyes

Warriors: Softflake, thick-furred white she-cat with green eyes, scar on flank

Hawktooth, brown and white patched tom with amber eyes

Bushroot, dark brown tom with green eyes

Apprentice: Tailpaw, gray she-cat with blue eyes and a long tail

Darkfur, black tom with blue eyes

Apprentice: Fangpaw, small cream tom with amber eyes

Stoneclaw, dark tan tom with green eyes

Whiskerhare, very light tan she-cat with blue eyes

Queens: Heatherstream, brown she-cat with yellow eyes, expecting Hawktooth's kits

Elders: Dawnloud, white she-cat with milky blue eyes, deaf

Poppynut, dark brown she-cat with blue eyes

Antdust, dusty brown tom with amber eyes


Fawnwillow dropped down into a hunting crouch, slithering forward. A frond of fern blocked her sight, and she ducked her head to avoid brushing it. She sized up the distance between her and her prey. She could jump it now. Just as she pounced, a brown tom leaped at it from the side. The mouse skittered away. Fawnwilow turned towards the brown tom. "I was about to catch that mouse, if you hadn't scared it away, Muddybank. What is it now?"

Muddybank chuckled. "I see you keep your temper just as harsh as usual, Fawnwillow." Fawnwilow grunted. "Get to the point. Why are you visiting me? Is the Clan in trouble?" Muddybank chuckled again. "Okay, fine. I'll tell you why I'm here." Suddenly Muddybank's voice grew solemn. "The fire you snuffed long ago has resparked, and it wishes to burn you all. Seven suns will pass and go, of burns and blood, and enter the land of stars."

Then he turned cheerful again. "Well, there are other mice in our hunting grounds. Good luck!" Muddybank bounded off into the forest. Fawnwilow shook her head. She'd hoped that Muddybank wanted to talk about her apprentice, but the solemn prophecy was not unwelcome. Well, at least i know there's going to be trouble. We can never be too prepared.

 Fawnwilow urged herself to wake up. When it didn't work, she closed her eyes. When she opened them, she was at the gathering island, looking up at the Great Oak. Shimmerstar was yowling. "I am proud to announce that ThunderClan has two new apprentices!" Then she shook her head. "No, that isn't right." She noticed Fawnwillow. Fawnwillow yowled up to Shimmerstar. " I didn't know you practiced for gatherings in your sleep." Shimmerstar leaped down to Fawnwillow. "What is it, Fawnwillow?"

Fawnwillow took a breath. "You're not going to like this. There was a prophecy. Muddybank came and told me this: The fire you snuffed long ago has resparked, and it wishes to burn you all. Seven suns will pass and go, of burns and blood, and enter the land of stars. What do you think it means?" Shimmerstar grunted. "The fire we snuffed long ago... Could it mean Firestar? But he wouldn't want to burn us all... I'm not sure. Could they be any more vague?" Fawnwilow huffed. "Well, I don't think it means we only have seven days to figure it out. But still, we haven't had a prophecy in moons. Whatever it means, we do need to act fast."

As Fawnwillow woke, she heard murmuring around her. The other medicine cats had already woken, and they sounded worried. She stood up and shook out her matted gray tabby fur. "From what i can tell, we all had the same dream?" Harenook looked up from the worried cluster of cats. "Yes. Soilcloud visited me, Deermarsh to Gorsereed, and so on." Wellpaw looked over from his chatter with Lionpaw. "And I have no idea what they're talking about!" he chirped. "I didn't get visited, and neither did Lionpaw. Why are the apprentices left out of everything?"

Harenook gave Wellpaw a meaningful glance. Fawnwillow almost purred with amusement. It was obvious that they had this argument frequently. Vinemare was on the edge of the pool, kneading the ground impatiently. Fawnwillow padded over to him. She prodded him in the side. "Spit it out, Vinemare. I can tell you have something to say. Just say it." Vinemare gave her a worried glance, but walked over to the cluster of cats, his ruffled black pelt pricking up on his spine. He looked back at Fawnwillow, and after a reassuring nod, cleared his throat. "I think we shouldn't tell our leaders about this just yet. Last time we did that, SkyClan closed it's borders, WindClan attacked the ThunderClan camp, and RiverClan became suspicious about everything."

Yellowfur nodded. "He's right. I don't want to go through that again." Yellowfur croaked. The old she-cat sat down. "But we can't just ignore it." Wellpaw tipped his silver head. "But we have to do something!" He exclaimed. "What if this time it has a worse outcome? The last one just said that a bunch of rogues would come and make their own Clan. But as far as I can tell, this one is much more sinister." Harenook's face was scrunched up in anger at his apprentice, but Wellpaw kept going. "We can't just ignore thi-" Wellpaw was cut off by a growl. "Wellpaw, this is not the time for you to rant about how old cats never do anything right," Harenook meowed. Wellpaw lowered his head glumly.

Fawnwillow coughed loudly. "He's kind of right. We do have to give this some further thought." Gorsereed, who had been silently scuffing his paws on the ground by the edge of the pool, looked up. "We can be sure of one thing; danger is near. StarClan doesn't send prophecies for nothing."

Chapter 1

Honeypaw bounced around the clearing, almost knocking into Downtoe with excitement. "Whoa, what are you doing? You nearly knocked me off my paws there, Honeypaw." Honeypaw shuffled her paws. "Sorry, Downtoe. I was just waiting for Cloudpuff. He said we could do battle training today with Foxpaw and Ashpaw!" Downtoe snorted. "With their mentors, I assume? I hope Cloudpuff doesn't think he can handle you all. He would be squashed in a heartbeat with all of your energy!" "Of course I'm taking Rosevine and Lavendershade. Do you think I'm mouse-brained, Downtoe?" Honeypaw turned to see Cloudpuff padding up beside her. "Can we go now?" Honeypaw begged. Cloudpuff shook his head. "We have to wait for Rosevine to get back from border patrol. We can't go without her, can we now?" Honeypaw shook her head glumly. "Will she be back soon?" She asked. Cloudpuff shrugged, and walked away to sit with Mossylight.

Honeypaw bounded over to the apprentices den. Brushing past the ferns. she pushed into the den. She spotted Ashpaw's gray pelt in his nest on the far side of the den, and padded carefully over to it, careful not to disturb Frogapw's nest. Honeypaw jabbed Ashpaw in the side with her paw. Ashpaw woke with a jolt. "Wazza... What is it? Is Treepaw okay?" Honeypaw felt a pang of sadness. Ashpaw was always worried about Treepaw, his brother. Then again, no one can really blame him. “No, silly, Treepaw is fine. We have battle training, remember?” Ashpaw relaxed visibly. “Right. I was having the worst dream. WindClan was attacking, and I saw the big tan tom attacking Treepaw…” Ashpaw shuddered. “Then he went to the nursery.” He stood up and shook himself off. “Well, it was only a dream. Is Rosevine back from her border patrol?” Honeypaw shook her head. “She’ll be back soon. I just thought we could practice before they get there, so we can launch a surprise attack for them.” Ashpaw’s eyes sparkled. “Now that's what I call real-life training. Yup, lets go!”

Honeypaw bounded into the clearing, Ashpaw at her heels. Honeypaw skidded to a halt, causing Ashpaw to bump into her. “Wait. We need to find Foxpaw! We can’t launch an attack without Foxpaw.” Ashpaw stopped. “Yeah. Should we ask Shimmerstar where he is? Shimmerstar knows everything.” “I don’t know everything, Ashpaw. Just most things that happen in the Clan.”A calm voice sounded behind them. They turned to see Shimmerstar padding up from behind. Honeypaw started kneading the ground with her paws. “Where’s Foxpaw? We’re going to battle training with him.” Shimmerstar tipped her head. “I think he’s collecting herbs for Fawnwillow by the Sky Oak.” Honeypaw huffed. “Doesn’t Fawnwillow have Lionpaw to collect herbs? And is she really so busy she couldn’t just do it herself?” Then she realized who she was talking to. “I mean, I respect her decisions, but…” Shimmerstar purred. “I know what you mean. I think she wanted to train Lionpaw in hunting, but she wanted to collect borage for when Mossylight has her kits.”

Ashpaw glanced impatiently at Honeypaw. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go to the Sky Oak!” Honeypaw nodded, and Ashpaw darted away. Honeypaw bounded after him. They soon reached the Sky Oak. The sharp scent of borage filled Honeypaw’s nose. She spotted Foxpaw’s tail twitching on the other side of the tree, covered in leaf scraps. Ashpaw appeared beside her, and she pointed to Foxpaw with her tail. Ashpaw’s eyes opened wide with realization, and he came about the other side of the tree. I padded to the part I knew would be behind him. Once she saw Ashpaw in position on the other side of the borage patch, hidden in the ferns, she flicked her tail, disrupting the ferns slightly. Ashpaw did the same, and we both sprang on the unsuspecting Foxpaw. He yowled in surprise, then started batting at Ashpaw. Honeypaw put her paw down on his to stop him from slicing Ashpaw’s nose open.

“It’s just us, Foxpaw. We were planning a surprise attack on our mentors at the battle training session today. We just wanted to let you know.” Foxpaw started bouncing on his toes. “When do we launch the attack?” Ashpaw and Honeypaw shared a glance. Ashpaw was the one who answered. “As soon as they get to the training clearing.” Foxpaw’s eyes glimmered, then fell. “But I have to give the borage to Fawnwillow ,and she’ll claw my ears off if I don’t bring it today.” Honeypaw hung her head, then perked up. “I’m fast, so I can drop them off at the training clearing and catch up with you.” Ashpaw shook his head. “We should stick together.” “But if we split up, our scent trail would be harder to follow.” Foxpaw argued. Ashpaw tipped his head, then nodded. “Okay… but make sure nobody sees you. If this is going to be a surprise attack, we need to stay low and not be seen.”

Honeypaw nodded, and, wincing at the sour taste of the borage, hared away. Reaching the clearing, Honeypaw heard Fawnwillow’s brisk mew. “No, Lionpaw, you have to put all of your weight on your paws, not your shoulders. You look like a frog!” Honeypaw veered away from the noise, and placed the bundle of borage beside a tree. Honeypaw heard Fawnwillow getting closer. Casting a quick glance towards the camp, Honeypaw bounded away, back to Ashpaw and Foxpaw by the Sky Oak. She was barely panting by the time she reached them.

Ashpaw nodded. “Should we go now?” Foxpaw nodded, and Honeypaw followed. They bounded through the forest, occasionally stopping to take a break. As they reached a small ash tree, Ashpaw looked up. “It’s almost sunhigh. Rosevine’s patrol must be back by now.” Honeypaw stopped. “Wait. We’re all good at tree climbing, right?” Ashpaw and Foxpaw both nodded. “And we can all safely jump from tree to tree?” Another set of nods. “We can go through trees from here, and surprise them from above!” Foxpaw jumped with excitement. “So we get to practice our fighting and our tree climbing!” Honeypaw nodded.

Ashpaw leaped easily into the ash tree, landing on a lower branch. Foxpaw leaped up, but missed, and held on with his front paws. Ashpaw hopped down to help him, and he hauled Foxpaw up onto the branch by his scruff, straining with the effort. Honeypaw sized up the jump. After a couple heartbeats, Honeypaw padded over to the tree trunk and started climbing. It's too high. I'd just fall down. Scooting up the tree, Honeypaw noticed that both Foxpaw and Ashpaw were holding back laughter. "What?" Foxpaw burst out laughing, and Ashpaw followed. "You look like a yellow squirrel!" Foxpaw meowed. Honeypaw started to laugh, but slipped on the trunk. Ashpaw grabbed her scruff just as she lost her grip.

Clawing at the trunk, Honeypaw, with Ashpaw's help, hauled herself onto the lowest branch. Shaking out her fur self-consciously, Honeypaw leaped higher in the tree. After everyone was safely on a branch that intertwined with the branches of the elm next to them, Honeypaw jumped into the next tree. After a while, they came to the training clearing. Cloudpuff, Rosevine and Lavendershade were already there. "I thought they had come here," meowed Cloudpuff confusedly. Honeypaw edged out on a long branch so she was over Rosevine. Ashpaw and Foxpaw lined up beside her. Honeypaw flicked the tip of her tail, and all of them threw themselves down on the cats below.

Rosevine squeaked as Honeypaw descended on her, squashing her to the ground. Cloudpuff and Lavendershade ended up in a tangle of legs and tails, with Foxpaw and Ashpaw standing proudly on top of the pile. Cloudpuff groaned. "We surrender to you, O mighty cats. Do with us what you will." Foxpaw yowled. "We claim this hollow for our own. We won it fairly in battle, and it is ours now." Rosevine looked up. "I'd hardly call squashing innocent, unsuspecting warriors to the ground a fair battle," She pointed out. Lavendershade huffed. "I guess we did teach them that trick, Rosevine."

Honeypaw purred. "Yup, and now you face our revenge, for making us do the elders ticks." Honeypaw hopped off of Rosevine. "So, did we do well in training today?" Rosevine stood up and shook the dust out of her reddish fur. "Yes, I'd say that you did very well. You squashed me as flat as a leaf! But it wouldn't work in open ground. There are no trees in WindClan territory. What would you do there?" Foxpaw bounced up and down, causing Lavendershade to grunt in pain."I would scratch the smug little faces off of those WindClan fox-hearts!" He yowled. Lavendershade huffed. "Foxpaw, would you please get off of me? A cat needs to breath, and you don't want to kill your own mother." Foxpaw stepped off guiltily, and Ashpaw hopped off of Cloudpuff, who sighed in relief.

Honeypaw was vaguely aware of Cloudpuff talking, but was focused on the sound of a cat in the woods. It was prowling in the shadows at the edge of the clearing. When Honeypaw opened her mouth to sniff the air, it was like it wasn't there, but she could see it. She shook her head. I must have been imagining things. Cloudpuff's voice broke into her thoughts. "Honeypaw, are you listening to me?" Honeypaw started, and hung her head. "Sorry, Cloudpuff. I thought I smelled something." Cloudpuff frowned. "Okay. Pay attention this time. Instead of jumping out of a tree, you will work in pairs. One will attack from the front while the other jumps on them from the back...." But Honeypaw couldn't keep her mind on her training. Who was that cat?

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