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Authurs note

Well this is a Special for TPOF i will start on it later Yes it is indeed a spoofy story thing this si my first spoof so bear with me Halloween themed

Scary gathering

Hollypaw: Hey Maplepaw!

Maplepaw clicks his tongue

Maplepaw: What?!

Hollypaw stayed silent and Maplepaw looked on annoyed

Hollypaww: BOO

Maplepaw: *screams and runs*

Hollypaw: Hah Scaredy cat!

Fogheart sneaks up on her

Fogheart: BOO

Hollypaw: *Screams and runs/Follows Maplepaw*

Fogheart laughs and tries to find another cat to scare

Birdstar comes up to Fogheart with a studded collar and claws

Fogheart: *Screams and faints*

Birdstar: -.-; Guess im not wearing it

Eclipse: Uh no Birdstar i Zink he got scared

Birdstar: :D Oh then its good

Darkstar: Can we get the best costume contest started?

Birdstar: Yep

Windstar comes up to them wearing a zombie mask

Darkstar: *Screams and hides behind Crookedstar*

Crookedstar: :| Darkstar....It's just Windstar

Darkstar comes out from behind Crookedstar looking defined

Darkstar: I knew that.....I was just going to see if any one else was scared

Windstar (Disbelievingly):Uh...huh

Birdstar holds out a bag

Birdstar: Macadamia cookies anyone?

Everyones eyes twitch

Everyone: GIMME >:O

Birdstar: *Screams under the fur*

Eclipse: Zis is weird...

Waterwing: Does anything scare you?

Eclipse: No

Waterwing puts on a scary Dragon mask

Eclipse has a blank expression

Waterwing: Don't you like Halloween?

Eclipse: I dont believe in it

Waterwing: ....

Waveheart comes out of no where


Waveheart shuns Eclipse

Eclipse: *Runs but does not scream*

Birdstar called under the fighting macadamia lover cats

Birdstar: The winner for the best costume is WINDSTAR

Windstar: Yay :D

Birdstar: And the most brave cat the only one that stayed sane through this whole thing....ICECLAW

Iceclaw: I'm bored

Birdstar: Iceclaw and Windstar your prizes are-

Cats do drum-roll


Windstar and Iceclaw: Yay!

Windstar glomps all the cookies

Iceclaw: ...

Iceclaw mauls Windstar

Birdstar: THe gathering has ended

Birdstar drags Iceclaw away in a straight jacket

Windstar: I win :3

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