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The soulmate


Presentclan is a clan lost in the shadows of darkness and blood. Xepher is a young warrior ready to serve his clan, but when he refuses to kill a prisoner, he is marked as a traitor. Now Xepher and Time must discover the way to endure the hardships of being an outcasts and they must find the source of Presentclan’s evil.


The show is rated PG-13 because it contains blood, gore, throat ripping, and deaths


The prisoner: Xepher is a young warrior of present clan. A clan plagued by war and fear. When the leader Lori brings a prisoner to the camp and orders her execution. Xepher is torn between his clan loyalty and what in his mind is right.

The Outcasts: Xepher and Time have escaped form the horrors of Presentclan. But if Xepher wants to survive his new life as a traitor he must trust Time or let himself be killed

Broken Peace: Now a full member of the outcasts. Xepher must face the hardships of his new home and the hardships of love. Meanwhile Time struggles to control a deadly part of her that rises form within.

In Peril The sudden shift in the ranks has brought both joy and hatred into the Outcasts. The fragile peace is about to shatter and with five kits come a newborn war

New life With Time gone, Xepher must adjust to his new life. But the tensions are rising outside and inside the Outcasts. Xepher doubts if he can control the situation. But when the war begins the Darkest hour has truly begun.

The darkest warrior The war has come Outcasts vs  Clancats. Xepher is split between his families. But when he meets the true source of evil the root of the war .His decision may destroy or save the clan and the outcasts





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